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Argentina Internationally
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LigaA Standings
 1. San Martin C. 30-10 
 2. Estudiantes C. 29-15 
 3. Regatas C. 25-16 
 4. Instituto 25-19 
 5. Olimpico LB 24-19 
 6. Quimsa 22-22 
 7. Libertad S. 20-20 
 8. La Union 19-24 
 9. Atenas 15-25 
 10. Echague 7-34 
 1. San Lorenzo 28-12 
 2. Ferrocarril 27-15 
 3. Weber Bahia 22-15 
 4. GECR Indalo 22-21 
 5. Argentino 22-21 
 6. Obras Basket 21-22 
 7. Quilmes MP 18-22 
 8. Penarol 16-28 
 9. Hispano Am. 14-29 
 10. Boca Jrs 13-30 
Full Standings
TNA Standings
Center North
 1. Union SF 24-11 
 2. San Isidro 21-14 
 3. Barrio Parque 19-16 
 4. BHY Tiro Federal 14-21 
 5. Independiente BBC 12-23 
 6. SP Las Parejas 8-27 
Center South
 1. Parque Sur 19-15 
 2. Ciclista 19-15 
 3. Temperley 16-17 
 4. Platense 14-16 
 5. Rocamora 13-19 
 6. Gimnasia LP 12-20 
 7. La Union 9-25 
 1. Hindu 28-7 
 2. Comunicaciones 26-9 
 3. Villa Angela 24-12 
 4. Salta Basket 18-17 
 5. Villa San Martin 12-23 
 6. Obera TC 12-23 
 7. Mitre Tuc. 10-25 
 1. Estudiantes O. 21-10 
 2. Alianza Viedma 21-12 
 3. Huracan 19-13 
 4. Olimpo BB 18-13 
 5. Atenas Carmen 18-16 
 6. Petr.Argentino 11-19 
Full Standings
TFB Standings
 1. Chivilcoy Racing 16-7 
 2. Belgrano SN 15-6 
 3. Sarmiento 12-10 
 4. Villa Mitre BB 12-10 
 5. Sportivo E. 10-11 
 6. U.Mar del Plata 8-14 
 7. Atletico Pilar 8-14 
 8. Argentino PRG 7-15 
 1. Atletico Tostado 18-8 
 2. Ameghino 17-5 
 3. Deportivo Norte A. 15-7 
 4. Union Sunch. 14-9 
 5. Independ. Oliva 10-12 
 6. Central SJ 8-14 
 7. San Justino 8-15 
 8. Olimpico Ceres 8-15 
 9. H.San Javier 7-11 
 1. Gualeguay 15-7 
 2. C.Entrerriano 15-7 
 3. Union Goya 12-10 
 4. Regatas U. 12-11 
 5. Ferrocarril C. 10-13 
 6. Capuchinos 9-12 
 7. Atletico Tala 9-12 
 8. Saladas 9-13 
 9. Penarol 8-14 
 1. Ramos Mejia 17-6 
 2. H.San Justo 16-10 
 3. River Plate 14-7 
 4. P.Echague 13-9 
 5. Union Vecinal 11-10 
 6. RC Avellaneda 10-13 
 7. Lanus 9-9 
 8. Villa Mitre CF 8-15 
 9. Estudiantil 6-16 
 10. Estudiantes LP 3-19 
 1. Talleres TV 20-1 
 2. San Martin LR 16-5 
 3. Amancay LR 13-7 
 4. N.Avellaneda Tuc. 12-9 
 5. Olimpia Catam. 7-13 
 6. Union Oran 7-15 
 7. Hindu BBC 5-16 
 8. Rio Grande 0-14 
 1. Perfora 17-5 
 2. Rivadavia M. 16-6 
 3. C.Espanol P. 16-7 
 4. Independ.N. 7-14 
 5. M.Junin 6-15 
 6. Anzorena 2-20 
Full Standings
Liga Sudamericana Stage Two Standings
Group E
 1. Weber Bahia 3-0 
 2. Olimpico LB 2-1 
 3. Brasilia 1-2 
 4. Guaros 0-3 
Group F
 1. Mogi 3-0 
 2. Hebraica 2-1 
 3. Paulistano 1-2 
 4. GECR Indalo 0-3 
Stage One Standings
Liga Americas Stage Two Standings
Group E
 1. Fuerza Regia 3-0 
 2. Guaros 2-1 
 3. La Union 1-2 
 4. Soles 0-3 
Group F
 1. Ponce 2-1 
 2. Weber Bahia 2-1 
 3. Hebraica 1-2 
 4. San Lorenzo 1-2 
Stage One Standings
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 22.2
 1. Tucker, Estudian.22.2 
 2. Green, Instituto20.3 
 3. Quinteros, Regat.19.3 
 4. Solano, Echague19.2 
 5. Sims, Regatas C.18.0 
 6. Baxley, Atenas17.7 
 7. Harper, Quimsa17.0 
 8. Vildoza, Quilm.16.6 
 9. Horner, Obras B.16.4 
 10. Mickeal, Atenas16.4 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 12
 1. Williams, Olimpico.12.0 
 2. Crawford, Argen.10.4 
 3. Clancy, Instituto9.9 
 4. Johnson, Weber B.9.8 
 5. Wood, San M.8.8 
 6. Lampropoulos, Boca J.8.6 
 7. Justiz, Estudian.8.4 
 8. Francis, La Union8.4 
 9. Johnson, Atenas8.4 
 10. Caracter, Echague8.3 
Assists Per Game
 Franco BALBI
  Avg: 6.1
 1. Balbi, Ferrocarril6.1 
 2. Barral, Obras B.6.1 
 3. Stanic, Olimpico.6.0 
 4. Aguirre, San L.5.5 
 5. Konsztadt, La Union5.3 
 6. Cantero, San M.5.1 
 7. De-l., GECR I.4.6 
 8. Figueroa, Penarol4.6 
 9. Hopson, Quimsa4.5 
 10. Ciorciari, Instituto4.4 
Steals Per Game
 Gelvis SOLANO
  Avg: 2
 1. Solano, Echague2.0 
 2. Basualdo, Quilm.2.0 
 3. Garcia, San M.2.0 
 4. De-l., GECR I.1.8 
 5. Johnson, Weber B.1.8 
 6. Elsener, Quimsa1.7 
 7. Massey, Libertad.1.6 
 8. Vildoza, Quilm.1.5 
 9. Flor, Quilmes MP1.5 
 10. Tucker, Estudian.1.5 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 3.1
 1. Williams, Olimpico.3.1 
 2. Justiz, Estudian.2.0 
 3. Richard, Obras B.1.7 
 4. Crawford, Argen.1.6 
 5. Battle, Quimsa1.4 
 6. Calfani, San L.1.3 
 7. Clancy, Instituto1.2 
 8. Meyinsse, San L.1.1 
 9. Acuna, Penarol1.0 
 10. Spurlock, Quimsa1.0 

Argentinian men teams in Latin cups 2016-2017
 Liga Americas:


Next Round Schedule

Round 41 (Regular Season)

Instituto 59% Mar.30 Libertad S.
Quilmes MP Mar.30 S.Martin C. 66%
San Lorenzo 75% Mar.30 Quimsa
Estudian.C. Mar.29 GECR Indalo 54%
Atenas 55% Mar.28 Libertad S.
Olimpico LB 73% Mar.28 Penarol
Weber Bahia 52% Mar.27 Argentino
Echague Mar.27 Obras Bsk 77%
Instituto 76% Mar.27 Boca Jrs
Regatas C. Mar.27 S.Martin C. 63%
La Union Mar.27 Ferrocarril 65%
Hispano Am. Mar.26 San Lorenzo 67%
Quimsa 59% Mar.26 Penarol
Next Round Schedule

Round 23 (Regular Season)

Belgrano SN 77% Mar.29 Argentino P
Sarmiento Mar.29 Sportivo E. 55%
Chivilcoy Ra 62% Mar.29 Atletico Pil
Central SJ Mar.29 H.San Justo 65%
Union Sunch 62% Mar.29 San Justino
Ameghino 74% Mar.29 Independ.Oli
Atletico Tos 69% Mar.29 Olimpico Cer
Atletico Tal 71% Mar.29 Penarol
Union Goya 59% Mar.29 Saladas
Ferrocarril 59% Mar.29 Capuchinos
Regatas U. 50% Mar.29 C.Entrerrian
River Plate Mar.29 Ramos Mejia 54%
RC Avellaned Mar.29 H.San Justo 59%
P.Echague Mar.29 Atletico Tos 59%
Villa Mitre Mar.29 Estudiantil 54%
Villa Mitre 62% Mar.29 Union Vecina
U.Mar del Pl 78% Mar.29 Estudian.LP
Talleres TV 71% Mar.29 N.Avellaneda
Union Oran 91% Mar.29 Rio Grande
S.Martin LR 67% Mar.29 Amancay LR
Olim.Catam. 59% Mar.29 Hindu BBC
Anzorena Mar.29 M.Junin 70%
Perfora 65% Mar.29 Independ.N.
Interview with Lorrenzo Wade - May 16, 2015

E-mail Serafim:
Serafim's Articles

Lorrenzo Wade (198-F-85, college: San Diego St.) current player of Atenienses de Manati (Puerto Rico-BSN) gave an interview:

Why you decided to be a pro player.

Basketball was something that caught my attention at a young age. My father Lorenzo Wade Sr. played junior college ball at Compton College and he loved the game. I think playing basketball was in my DNA honestly. From the moment I picked up a ball I knew it was for me.

There are many players without a job fighting for the same spots, how hard is to wait for your ideal offer and not take the first that comes up considering that the next one may not come soon.

It can be difficult at times waiting for the right opportunity. You have to believe in yourself and your worthwhile be realistic and understanding the market. The global economy plays a major role in our business so it's good to pay attention, not only to basketball but the world to get a better grasp on the financial state of the business and your offers before taking or turning anything down

Which was the best game you had in your career so far?

I'm not sure what my best game has been so far in my career

Tell us your strong point and your weakness in your game.

I feel like I can always improve on every aspect of my game and I think that is my strongest asset. Believing that I can always get better. With that said, I can be a little hard on myself sometimes. I'm my own worst critic

Tell about the best teammates you had so far.

I've been fortunate to have really great teammates in my career but I'd have to say that it was a tie between my teammates in the Philippines with Derby Ace and my Teammates here in Puerto Rico with Manati. Both teams are full of genuinely nice people that made me feel as if I was at home

Which coach you want to thank because he made you better player.

I'd have to say my AAU coach Merle Ferguson, my high school coach Larry Johnson, my college coach Steve Fisher, and a friend/coach or mine Dan Tacheny

Role player in a big team or star in a smaller one?

I embrace any role the team needs. Whatever will help us win games is what I want to be.

Which is your favorite basketball shoe? Which one you wear now?

I play in Kobes and only Kobes

What plans you have for the future?

For the near future I want to continue to progressing as a player and win a championship or two. After that I would like to own my own company and spend as much time with my kids and family as possible.

source: BasketballDeal Interviews

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The round was exceptionally exciting as three games ended with a tiny margin. There were many interesting games last round. The round ended with favorites losing the games and games ending by tiny margin. The most exciting game of round 40 in the LigaA took place in Corrientes. This derby game ended with only three-point home defeat of one of their biggest challengers Regatas Corrientes (25-16) to second ranked Ferrocarril (27-15) 95-92 in the game for the second place. Ferrocarril looke...   [read more]

Olimpo adds Summers to their roster, ex CD Valdivia - 20 hours ago
Olimpo de Bahia Blanca (TNA) added to their roster 28-year old American small forward Durrell Summers (193-93kg-89, college: Michigan State). He started the season at CD Valdivia in Chilean Liga Nacional. In 41 games he recorded very impressive stats: 29.7ppg, 8.1rpg, 1.9apg and 1.2spg this season. The last summer Summers played at Frayles de Guasave in Mexican CIBACOPA where in 8 games he averaged remarkable 21.5ppg, 4.6rpg, 2.3apg and 1.0spg. In 2011 he was drafted by Maine Red Claws (D...   [read more]

Dwayne Smith
Dwayne Smith leaves Olimpo - 20 hours ago
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