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Brazil Internationally
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NBB Standings
 1. Universo/BRB 21-5 
 2. Flamengo 20-6 
 3. Pitagoras/Minas 18-8 
 4. Vivo/Franca 17-9 
 5. Ciser/Joinville 15-11 
 6. Pinheiros/Sky 14-12 
 7. S.Jose/Vinac 13-13 
 8. GRSA/Bauru 12-14 
 9. Amigao/Assis 11-15 
 10. Palmeiras/Lupo 10-16 
 11. Paulistano 10-16 
 12. CETAF 8-18 
 13. Londrina 8-18 
 14. Saldanha 6-20
Points Per Game
 1 Marcelinho, Flam.26.4 
 2 Boracini, Paulis.23.2 
 3 Shamell, Pinheiro22.5 
 4 Stevens, Cetaf21.1 
 5 Fernando, Lond.21.0 
Rebounds Per Game
 1 Olivinha, Pinh.10.4 
 2 Murilo, Minas9.4 
 3 Drudi, Minas8.6 
 4 Deivisson, Palm.8.4 
 5 Guilherme, Univ.7.7 
Assists Per Game
 1 Sucatzky, Minas9.0 
 2 Fulvio, St.Jose7.7 
 3 Fernando, Paulis.5.8 
 4 Larry, Bauru5.7 
 5 Valtinho, Univ.5.0 
Steals Per Game
 1 Marcelinho, Flam.2.5 
 2 Duda, Flam.2.3 
 3 Parker, Assis2.0 
Blocks Per Game
 1 Morro, Pinh.1.5 
 2 Estevam, Univ.1.3 
 3 Teichmann, Flam.1.1 

Marcelo Machado is NBB
All Star Game MVP

Season 2009-10
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports
Brazilians Abroad

Universo/BRB are new NBB Champions
2010 (Photo:basketbrasil)
Brazilian men teams in Euro cups 2009-2010
 Liga Americas:

Rafael Mineiro wins NBB
All-Star Game Slam Dunk
Contest (Photo:liganacionaldebasquete)

Universo/BRB Brasilia 2009-10
Aluisio Xavier Ferreira Aluisio Xavier Ferreira Ferreira
Guilherme Giovannoni
Valtinho Silva
Alexandre Garcia
Welington dos Santos
dos Santos
Arthur Luiz Belchior
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
12 Giovannoni Guilherme 202 (6'8'') F 80 ITA-BRA
9 Silva Valtinho 187 (6'2'') G 77 BRA
10 Garcia Alexandre 191 (6'3'') G 80 BRA
23 dos Santos Welington 186 (6'1'') G 81 BRA
4 Belchior Arthur Luiz 200 (6'7'') G/F 82 BRA
31 Cipriano Marcio 201 (6'7'') C 79 BRA
41 Rodrigues Rafael Mineiro 213 (7'0'') C 87 BRA
7 Ferreira Jose Estevam 211 (6'11'') C 78 BRA
15 Martins Eneias Matos 202 (6'8'') C 84 BRA
53 Camboim Tchielo 195 (6'5'') F 91 BRA
13 Clemente Brasilia 200 (6'7'') C 72 BRA
17 dos Santos Frederico 195 (6'5'') F 80 BRA
33 Alves Rodrigo 200 (6'7'') F 87 BRA
Head Coach: Aluisio Xavier Ferreira All-Brazilian League Awards 2009-10 - Apr 14, 2010

All-Brazilian League 1st Team 2010
Fulvio de Assis
de Assis
Marcelinho Machado
Alexandre Garcia
Guilherme Giovannoni
Murilo da Rosa
da Rosa

Player of the Year:
Marcelinho Machado (199-F/G-75) of Flamengo Petrobras
Guard of the Year: Fulvio de Assis (187-G-81) of A.E. Sao Jose
Forward of the Year: Guilherme Giovannoni (202-F-80) of Universo/BRB
Center of the Year: Murilo da Rosa (210-C/F-83) of Pitagoras/Minas
Import Player of the Year: Tony Stockman (186-G-81) of Franca
Newcomer of the Year: Paulinho Boracini (183-G-84) of Paulistano
Most Improved Domestic Player of the Year: Eddy Carvalho (194-F-87) of Bauru
Domestic Player of the Year: Marcelinho Machado of Flamengo
Defensive Player of the Year: Olivinha Rodriguez (202-F-83) of Pinheiros
Coach of the Year: Aluisio Xavier Ferreira of Brasilia/Universo

1st Team:
Fulvio de Assis (187-G-81) of A.E. Sao Jose
Marcelinho Machado (199-F/G-75) of Flamengo Petrobras
Alexandre Garcia (191-G-80) of Universo/BRB
Guilherme Giovannoni (202-F-80) of Universo/BRB
Murilo da Rosa (210-C/F-83) of Pitagoras/Minas

2nd Team: (5 players both imports and domestic players)
Paulinho Boracini of Sao Paulo
Tony Stockman of Sao Paulo
Olivinha Rodriguez (202-F-83) of Pinheiros
William Drudi (206-C/F-81) of Minas
Baby Araujo (211-C-80) of Paulistano

Honorable Mention:
Raulzinho Togni (184-G-92) of Minas
Fernando Mineiro (200-F-80) of Londrina
James Parker (188-G-81) of Assis
Fernando Fischer (190-F-81) of Bauru
Deivisson Costa (211-C-80) of Araraquara
Eduardo Machado (195-G-82) of Flamengo

All-Imports Team:
Larry Taylor (185-G-80) of Bauru
Tony Stockman of Franca
Shamell Stallworth (196-F-80) of Pinheiros
Christopher Jeffries (199-F-80) of Minas
Amiel Vega Morejon (202-F-76) of Saldanha da Gama

All-Defensive Team:
Eduardo Machado of Flamengo
Eddy Carvalho of Bauru
Cicero Gonzaga (202-F/C-86) of Cetaf/Vila Velha
Olivinha Rodriguez of Pinheiros
Adriano Machado (208-C-83) of Londrina

Universo/BRB are new NBB Champions - Jun 6, 2010 

Universo/BRB - Flamengo 76:74
Universo/BRB clinched the NBB crown. The team toppled Flamengo in Anapolis tonight to celebrate the success. The final fifth game of the series turned into a real drama as Universo/BRB snatched a narrow victory at the end. Alexandre Garcia (191-G-80, agency: Interperformances) accounted for two late free throws to seal the winning outcome for the hosts.
The home team stormed into the game. They quickly jumped into the lead earning a 19:6 buffer midway through the opening frame. But Marcelinho Machado (199-F/G-75, agency: Interperformances) helped Flamengo trim the deficit at 7 points 15:22 at the first break. Flamengo increased the tempo in the second period. The defending champions unloaded 27 points in the period and posted a 41:39 lead at the interval. Flamengo kept their opponents at bay throughout the third frame. Eduardo Machado (195-G-82) ensured a 55:50 lead for Flamengo before Universo/BRB got within three 52:55 with ten minutes to go in the game. Universo/BRB however changed the complexion of the game early in the fourth quarter. The hosts spurred ahead to establish a 73:67 advantage late in regulation. Eduardo Machado accounted for three points to drag Flamengo closer. Marcelinho Machado got ejected with the fifth foul but Flamengo did not surrender. Helio Vitor Lima and Fred Santos knotted things up at 74. Alexandre Garcia then got fouled and went perfect from the stripe to put Universo/BRB ahead. Eduardo Machado tried to win the game for Flamengo but his desperate three-pointer missed the mark sealing the victory for the hosts.
Alexandre Garcia fired 23 points to lead the home team. Valtinho Silva (187-G-77, agency: Interperformances) provided 21 points, while Guilherme Giovannoni (202-F-80, agency: Interperformances) added 15 for the champions. Marcelinho Machado and Eduardo Machado responded with 16 points each for Flamengo.

Universo/BRB: Alexandre Garcia 23, Valtinho Silva 21, Guilherme Giovannoni 15
Flamengo: Marcelinho Machado 16, Eduardo Machado 16

NBB All Star Game - Feb 23, 2010 

Team Kanela - Team Pedroca 127:114

Team Kanela celebrated victory in a highly entertaining NBB All Star Game. The clash crowned an intense basketball action over All Star Game weekend in Uberlandia. Thee-Point Shootout and Slam Dunk contests preceded the All Star Game. Thiago Melo of Pinheiros clinched the crown in Three-Point Shootout. Rafael Mineiro overcame Fulvio to claim the Slam Dunk trophy.
The game itself was a roller-coaster action. Team Kanela enjoyed a 40:27 lead after the opening frame. Team Pedroca Tiago Valentin De Lima and Larry Taylor (185-G-80, college: Missouri Western) narrowed the deficit in the second frame. Team Kanela led by just one point at halftime 61:60. Marcelinho Machado (199-F/G-75, agency: Interperformances) took over in the second half. Flamengo leading scorer fired from all distances to ignite Team Kanela. They ran in front and rallied to a confident win at the end.
Marcelinho Machado exploded with game-high 38 points to lead the effort. Olivinha Rodriguez (202-F-83) added 20 points, while Murilo da Rosa (210-C/F-83, agency: Arik Krayn Services) had 11 points for the winners. Alexandre Garcia (191-G-80, agency: Interperformances) responded with 20 points for Team Pedroca. Shamell Stallworth (196-F-80, agency: Interperformances, college: USF) nailed 18 points, while Larry Taylor netted 16 points in defeat.
Marcelinho Machado was named the MVP of the Game.

Team Kanela: Marcelinho Machado 38, Olivinha Rodriguez 20, Murilo da Rosa 11
Team Pedroca: Alexandre Garcia 20, Shamell Stallworth 18, Larry Taylor 16

They were slam jamin, and shooting from long distance in Minas Gerais at the NBB allstar weekend Saturday Feb 20.
Thiago Melo (177-G-84) of Pinheiros won the 3 point contest and Ferreira de Souza of Sao Jose won a very long dunk contest.
Saw some interesting dunks with Frantz Teichmann of Flamengo dunking with sun glasses on and then threw them
into the crowd, also Roberto Dias Ferreira of Saldanha da Gama dunked two balls which I havent seen in a while, and
Jamison Rudy van Brewer of Pinheiros attempted a dunk where he taped R $10 to the side of the backboard while trying
to dunk, and yes, it didn't go well.
It was an entertaining event with the winners winning nice trophies and a cash prize.

Fulvio de Assis (187-G-81) (Sao Jose)
Fernando Penna (189-G-83) (Paulistano)
Andre Luiz Brugger (192-G-81) (Joinville)
Marcelinho Machado (199-F/G-75, agency: Interperformances) (Flamengo)
John A. Thomas (198-G/F-82, college: Columbus St.) (Assis)
Rogerio Klafke (201-F-71, agency: Interperformances) (Franca)
Guilherme Alves (191-G/F-83) (Londrina)
Alex Oliveira (194-F-83) (Bauru)
Murilo da Rosa (210-C/F-83, agency: Arik Krayn Services) (Minas)
Olivinha Rodriguez (202-F-83) (Pinheiros)
Deivisson Costa (211-C-80) (Araraquara)
Rafael Mineiro (208-C/F-88) (Sao Jose)
Head Coach:
Aluisio Xavier Ferreira (Universo)
Assistant Coach:
Joao Marcelo Leite (Paulistano)

Larry Taylor (185-G-80, college: Missouri Western) (Bauru)
Valtinho Silva (187-G-77, agency: Interperformances) (Universo)
Facundo Sucatzky (176-G-72) (Minas)
Alexandre Garcia (191-G-80, agency: Interperformances) (Universo)
Shamell Stallworth (196-F-80, agency: Interperformances, college: USF) (Pinheiros)
Tony Stockman (186-G-81, college: Ohio St.) (Franca)
Jefferson Sobral (203-F-80) (Joinville)
Guilherme Giovannoni (202-F-80, agency: Interperformances) (Universo)
Baby Araujo (211-C-80, college: BYU) (Paulistano)
Tiago Valentin de Lima (201-C/F-81) (Joinville)
Shilton dos Santos (198-F/C-82) (Joinville)
Jose Estevam Ferreira (211-C-78) (Universo)
Head Coach:
Alberto Bial (Joinville)
Assistant Coach:
Enio Vecchi (londrina)

3 Points Contest:
Fernando Fischer (190-F-81) (Bauru)
Luisinho da Silva (181-G-78) (Araraquara)
Mark Borders (188-G-82, college: Tampa) (Assis)
Evandro Soro (190-G-80) (Bauru)
Jefferson da Silva (207-C-83) (Flamengo)
Helinho Garcia (186-G-75) (Franca)
Flavio Aurelio Soares (187-G-72) (Joinville)
Guilherme Alves (Londrina)
Luiz Felipe Campos (191-G-80, college: BYU) (Minas)
Betinho Nardi Duarte (195-G/F-88) (Paulistano)
Thiago Melo (177-G-84) (Pinheiros)
Amiel Vega Morejon (202-F-76, college: Merritt JC) (Saldanha)
Matheus Costa (179-G-80) (Sao Jose)
Arthur Luiz Belchior (200-G/F-82) (Universo)
Eric Soares (205-F-86) (Vila Velha)   
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