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Brazil Internationally
Paulo Freire
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NBB Standings
 1. Flamengo 11-2 
 2. Franca 11-3 
 3. Mogi 11-3 
 4. Paulistano 11-3 
 5. Bauru 10-4 
 6. Pinheiros 9-6 
 7. Caxias do Sul 8-6 
 8. Vitoria 8-8 
 9. Minas 7-6 
 10. B.Cearense 5-8 
 11. Vasco Da G. 4-10 
 12. Joinville 4-10 
 13. Botafogo F.R. 2-12 
 14. Campo Mourao 2-12 
 15. L.Sorocaba 2-12 
 16. Brasilia 0-0 
 17. Macae 0-0 
Full Standings
Liga Ouro Standings
 1. Blumenau 0-0 
 2. Brasilia 0-0 
 3. Brusque 0-0 
 4. Cerrado 0-0 
 5. Corinthians 0-0 
 6. Londrina 0-0 
 7. Macae 0-0 
 8. Sao Jose 0-0 
 9. UniFacisa 0-0 
Paulista Standings
 1. Franca 12-2 
 2. Paulistano 12-2 
 3. Mogi 11-3 
 4. Pinheiros 7-7 
 5. Bauru 6-8 
 6. L.Sorocaba 4-10 
 7. America 3-11 
 8. Osasco B. 1-13 
Carioca Standings
 1. Vasco Da G. 8-0 
 2. Macae 6-2 
 3. Botafogo 3-5 
 4. Jequia 3-5 
 5. UFRJ 0-8 
Liga Sudamericana Standings
Group E
 1 Estudiantes C. 2-1 
 2 Pinheiros 2-1 
 3 Olimpia 1-2 
 4 Flamengo 1-2 
Group F
 1 Guaros 3-0 
 2 Aguada 1-2 
 3 Cimarrones 1-2 
 4 Quilmes MP 1-2 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
 Marquinhos VIEIRA
  Avg: 17.7
 1. Vieira, Flamengo17.7 
 2. Cook, L.Sorocaba17.1 
 3. Stallworth, Mogi17.1 
 4. dos-Santos, Caxias d.16.7 
 5. Holloway, Pinheiros16.6 
 6. Batista, Flamengo15.3 
 7. Stocks, Joinville15.0 
 8. Okorie, Vitoria14.4 
 9. Jackson, Vasco D.14.2 
 10. Hettsheimer, Bauru14.1 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 8.4
 1. Klassmann, B.Cea.8.4 
 2. de-Souza, Caxias d.7.9 
 3. Batista, Flamengo7.8 
 4. Ansaloni, Pinheiros7.8 
 5. Silveira, Mogi7.6 
 6. Giovannoni, Vasco D.7.4 
 7. de-Souza, Franca7.4 
 8. Rodriguez, Flame.7.1 
 9. Teichmann, Minas6.9 
 10. Fiorotto, B.Cea.6.7 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 7.4
 1. Corazza, Paulistano7.4 
 2. Torres, Minas7.1 
 3. Garcia, Bauru5.6 
 4. Meindl, Franca5.0 
 5. Taylor, Mogi4.9 
 6. Andre, Botafogo.4.7 
 7. Dos-Santos, Vasco D.4.6 
 8. Dawkins, Vitoria4.1 
 9. Stocks, Joinville4.0 
 10. Jackson, Vasco D.3.9 
Steals Per Game
 Deonta STOCKS
  Avg: 3.5
 1. Stocks, Joinville3.5 
 2. dos-Santos, Caxias d.2.1 
 3. Froehlich, Joinville2.0 
 4. Curnell, Mogi1.8 
 5. Bresolin, Vitoria1.7 
 6. Dawkins, Vitoria1.7 
 7. Holloway, Pinheiros1.7 
 8. Teichmann, Minas1.6 
 9. Taylor, Mogi1.6 
 10. Brown, Campo M.1.5 
Blocks Per Game
 Guilherme TEICHMANN
  Avg: 1.5
 1. Teichmann, Minas1.5 
 2. Mathias, Campo M.1.1 
 3. Coimbra, Botafogo.1.0 
 4. Sena, Mogi0.9 
 5. Dias-Silva, Pauli.0.8 
 6. Ferreira, Minas0.8 
 7. Curnell, Mogi0.8 
 8. Gruber, Franca0.7 
 9. Rhett, Flamengo0.7 
 10. Kurtz, Vitoria0.7 


Next Round Schedule

Round 15 (Regular Season)

Vasco Da G. Jan.27 Flamengo 88%
Joinville Jan.26 Caxias do Su 60%
Paulistano 72% Jan.25 Pinheiros
Vitoria 85% Jan.25 L.Sorocaba
B.Cearense Jan.25 Mogi 71%
Botafogo F.R Jan.24 Minas 72%
B.Cearense 79% Jan.23 L.Sorocaba
Vitoria Jan.23 Mogi 51%
Paulistano 56% Jan.22 Franca
Vasco Da G. Jan.22 Minas 52%
Campo Mourao Jan.22 Bauru 88%
First Round Schedule
Brusque 56% Mar.1 Brasilia
Brusque 58% Mar.1 Cerrado
UniFacisa 57% Feb.28 Sao Jose
Brusque 58% Feb.27 Cerrado
Blumenau 59% Feb.27 Brasilia
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Overview of NBB Round 1 of 1/8 Finals - Apr 8, 2017

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Campo Mourao - Vitoria 63-85

Vitoria coasted past Campo Mourao to surge ahead in the eighth-final series. Universo/Vitoria dominated down low during the game scoring 44 of its points in the paint compared to Campo Mourao's 24. They outrebounded Campo Mourao 37-21 including a 33-16 advantage in defensive rebounds. American point guard Kenny Dawkins (175-87, college: Lamar) stepped up and scored 22 points (on 8-of-9 shooting from the field) for the winners and the former international Andre Bresolin (195-87) chipped in 13 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 6 steals. Four Universo/Vitoria players scored in double figures. At the losing side the former international Betinho Nardi-Duarte (195-88) responded with 20 points and American guard Isaac Thornton (190-91, college: Fairmont St.) scored 12 points. The winner was already known earlier in the game, so both coaches allowed to play the bench players saving starting five for next games.
Top scorers:
Campo Mourao: B.Nardi Duarte 20+3reb+1ast, I.Thornton 12+1reb+3ast, G.Brown 9+3reb+2ast, A.Silva 7+2ast, D.Nunes 5+1reb+2ast, V.Oliveira 4+2reb+2ast
Vitoria: K.Dawkins 22+3reb, K.Sheard 18+2reb+2ast, A.Bresolin 13+6reb+5ast, D.Kurtz 10+6reb, A.Silva 9+5reb+3ast, A.Coimbra 6+8reb+1ast
gschID: 543893

B.Cearense - Paulistano 87-84

Basket Cearense held off Paulistano in the opener. SKY/Basquete looked well-organized offensively handing out 22 assists. 27 personal fouls committed by Paulistano helped opponents get some easy free throw opportunities. Worth to mention a great performance of the former international guard Eduardo Machado (193-82) who helped to win the game recording 18 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists. The former international Tiago Lima (201-81) contributed with 9 points and 10 rebounds for the winners. Point guard Arthur Pecos (183-95) answered with a double-double by scoring 13 points, 11 rebounds and 4 assists and point guard George Lucas (195-96) added 13 points and 5 assists in the effort for Paulistano. Four SKY/Basquete and five Paulistano players scored in double figures. Both coaches used bench players in such tough game.
Top scorers:
Paulistano: E.Carvalho 13+1reb, G.Lucas 13+3reb+5ast, A.Pecos 13+11reb+4ast, D.Hure 12+3reb+1ast, R.Carbonari 11+3reb, Y.Dos Santos 7+1ast
B.Cearense: E.Machado 18+5reb+7ast, R.McLemore 15+1reb+3ast, L.Felipe Gruber 12+5reb, L.Klassmann 12+5reb+2ast, T.Lima 9+10reb+1ast, F.Ribeiro 8+5reb
gschID: 543892

Macae - Bauru 70-80

Bauru upset Macae on the road to spur ahead in the series. Macae was plagued by 26 personal fouls down the stretch. International guard Alex Garcia (191-80, agency: Interperformances) stepped up with a double-double by scoring 17 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists for the winners and the former international Jefferson Andrade (207-83) chipped in 23 points and 9 rebounds. At the losing side American point guard Kendall Anthony (173-93, college: Richmond) responded with 24 points and 5 rebounds and guard Guilherme Schneider (193-86) scored 8 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists.
Top scorers:
Macae: K.Anthony 24+5reb+3ast, L.Paulo Dos Santos 13+3reb+1ast, R.Da Silva 9+2reb+2ast, G.Schneider 8+6reb+4ast, E.Camilo 7+3reb+4ast, T.Carneiro 6+2reb+2ast
Bauru: J.Andrade 23+9reb, L.Meindl 18+5reb+2ast, A.Garcia 17+11reb+7ast, G.Pereira 7+2ast, J.Carlos Junior 5+2reb, S.Santos 4+6reb+1ast
gschID: 543891

Vasco Da G. - Pinheiros 74-83

Pinheiros grabbed the lead over Vasco Da Gama following a road win in Game 1. Pinheiros players were unselfish on offense dishing 26 assists. American guard Cordero Bennett (188-88) stepped up and scored 22 points and 8 assists for the winners and center Ralfi Ansaloni (211-87) chipped in 13 points, 13 rebounds and 4 assists. Pinheiros' coach Cesar Guidetti allowed to play the deep bench players saving starting five for next games. At the losing side Gaucho Zilmer (197-86) responded with 28 points and American guard David Jackson (195-82, college: Penn St.) scored 15 points. Both teams had four players each who scored in double figures.
Top scorers:
Vasco Da G.: G.Zilmer 28+4reb+3ast, D.Jackson 15+1reb+2ast, H.Vitor Lima 11+2reb+2ast, W.Dos Santos 10+2reb+5ast, M.Becker 7+8reb+1ast, D.Palacios 3+3ast
Pinheiros: C.Bennett 22+1reb+8ast, G.Teichmann 18+6reb+1ast, R.Ansaloni 13+13reb+4ast, A.Neto 11+2reb+7ast, G.Barbosa 8+4reb+1ast, D.Holloway 6+3reb+3ast
gschID: 543890


Jose Carlos Junior is a newcomer at Vitoria - 11 hours ago
Universo/Vitoria Salvador (NBB) strengthened their roster with addition of 20-year old small forward Jose Carlos Junior (202-98). He played recently at Paschoalotto/Bauru (NBB). The last season Junior played also at Paschoalotto/Bauru (Paulista) where in 40 games he recorded 4.1ppg and 2.7rpg   [read more]

Andrezao Silva signs at L.Sorocaba - 1 day ago
Liga Sorocabana de Basquete (NBB) landed 28-year old power forward Andrezao Silva (198-90) from Campo Mourao. In 11 NBB games he averaged 3.7ppg, 2.3rpg and 1.0apg last season   [read more]

Sao Jose adds Dornelles to their roster - 1 day ago
Sao Jose dos Campos (Liga Ouro) added to their roster experienced 43-year old ex-international small forward Marcio Dornelles (196-75). He just played at Campo Mourao (NBB)the team from Sao Jose. In 13 games he recorded 6.2ppg and 1.5rpg this season   [read more]

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