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Play-Off bracket1

CAC Games Final Standings
 1. P.Rico
 2. Dominican R.
 3. Jamaica
 4. US Virg.Isl
 5. Mexico
 6. Guatemala
 7. Trinid/T.
 8. Saint Vinc.
CAC Games Standings
Group A
 1. P.Rico 3-0 
 2. US Virg.Isl 2-1 
 3. Trinid/T. 1-2 
 4. Saint Vinc. 0-3 
Group B
 1. Dominican R. 3-0 
 2. Jamaica 2-1 
 3. Mexico 1-2 
 4. Guatemala 0-3 

Starting Five in BOLD letters
Pamela Rosado
Jazmine Sepulveda
Michelle Pacheco
Angiely Morales
Esmary Vargas-Sanchez
4 Stephanie Rosado 189-F-89 IPFW USA
5 Pamela Rosado 161-G-86 Morovis M. Puerto Rico
6 Jazmine Sepulveda 177-G-85 Odra Brzeg Poland
7 Carla Escalera 177-F/G-84 Carolina G. Puerto Rico
8 Juanita Rivera 187-C-71 Morovis M. Puerto Rico
9 Michelle Pacheco 175-G/F-88 Manhattan USA
10 Tanaira Tapia 183-C-83 Juncos V. Puerto Rico
11 Sandra Garcia 189-F-90 Wake Forest USA
12 Angiely Morales 178-G-87 UPR-Bayamon Puerto Rico
13 Lindsay Gonzalez 164-G-82 Aguas B.T. Puerto Rico
14 Marie Placido 181-F-87 Mayaguez I. Puerto Rico
15 Esmary Vargas-Sanchez 193-C-81 MUKS Poznan Poland

Omar Gonzalez Head Coach Quebradillas Puerto Rico
Raymond Cintron Assistant Caguas Puerto Rico
Glenda Negron Assistant

Puerto Rico wins the Gold in Mayaguez - Jul 24, 2010

Big Final: Dominican Republic - Puerto Rico 69-81
Puerto Rico outplayed Dominican Republic 69-81 winning the Gold medal at the CAC Games in Mayaguez. The host of this event ended it with the perfect 5-0 record. Stephanie Rosado (189-F-89) stepped up in the Big Final with 19 points and 10 rebounds. Jazmine Sepulveda (177-G-85, agency: Merit Sports, college: S.Florida) also demonstrated great performance and helped her team with 16 pts and 7 boards. Pamela Rosado (161-G-86) added 14 pts. In the loosing squad, Carmen Guzman (175-G-85, agency: Merit Sports, college: UAB) shined with 21 points and 7 rebs. Sugeiry Monsac (186-F/C-81) had 12 points and 9 boards. Their Dominican Republic won the Silver medal in Mayaguez.
Third quarter was the crucial one in this meeting. Before that, Dominican Republic made 16-12 in the first ten minutes. Puerto Rico replied with 21-30 in the second frame for 5-point lead at the half time. Stephanie Rosado and her teammates exploded offensively after the breather scoring 25 points in Q3, while at the same time they stopped Dominicans to 16. It means that Puerto Rico jumped to plus 14 and there was ten minutes remaining in the game. Question about the winner was already resolved and last quarter was just the formality.

Dominican Republic: Carmen Guzman 21+7 boards, Sugeiry Monsac 12+9 boards
Puerto Rico: Stephanie Rosado 19+10 boards, Jazmine Sepulveda 16+7 boards, Pamela Rosado 14

Third place: U.S. Virgins Islands - Jamaica 58-69
Jamaica was better than ISV in the battle for third place in Mayaguez. It means that the Bronze medal belongs to Jamaica, while ISV ended as No.4 at this event. Vanessa Gidden (193-C/F-85, college: Hofstra) was the leading scorer in victory with 24 points. She grabbed 6 rebounds beside that. Simone Edwards (194-C-73, college: Iowa) is another player who had very important role in this victory. She spent 33 minutes on the court registering double-double of 20 points and 13 rebounds. On the other side, ISV got 17 points, 16 rebounds and 5 assists from Natalie Day. Victoria Hamilton (182-G-91) had 11 pts and 7 boards.
Jamaica made 9-12 lead in the first ten minutes and in the next quarter jumped to 17-29. ISV was in trouble and was not able to reply. Actually, they made 21-19 after the breather, but that was not enough. Vanessa Gidden and her teammates were strong enough to fend off any attempt made by the ISV. Both teams were good offensively in the last period, which belonged to Jamaica 20-21. At the end, it was a 58-69 win and totally deserved Bronze medal for Jamaica.

U.S. Virgin Islands: Natalie Day (183-G/F-90) 17+16+5 as, Victoria Hamilton 11+7 boards
Jamaica: Vanessa Gidden 24+6 boards, Simone Edwards 20+13 boards

Fifth place: Guatemala - Mexico 49-79
Mexico ended the CAC Games with victory. It was the crucial meeting for the fifth place in Mayaguez and Mexico destroyed Guatemala 49-79. Naturally, Guatemala finished as No.6. Abril Garcia (189-F/C-80, college: ORU) was totally the best player in victory. She spent almost 33 minutes on the court collecting 26 points and 12 rebounds. Alexis Castro (184-G/F-86, agency: 22ft, college: Vermont) also was good as she helped Mexico with 13 points and 9 boars. Annel Tapia (170-G-86) and Taine Ramirez (173-G-78) added 9 points each. In Guatemala, Blanca Amado (179-G/F-79) delivered 17 points. Alma Lopez (165-G-86) had 16 points and 6 assists.
Mexico made 12-15 lead in the first ten minutes. They continued in the same manner in Q2 finishing it with 12-19. It means that Mexico held nice 10-point lead at the half time. Abril Garcia and her teammates devastated Guatemala in third quarter 9-24 and question about the winner was resolved. Anyway, Mexico didnt slow down for rest of the way and finished last ten minutes with 8-14 for the final 49-79 victory.

Guatemala: Blanca Amado 17, Alma Lopez 16+6 as
Mexico: Abril Garcia 26+12 boards, Alexis Castro 13+9 boards, Annel Tapia 9, Taine Ramirez 9

Seventh place: Trinidad and Tobago - Saint Vincent 88-26
Trinidad and Tobago devastated Saint Vincent to avoid the last place in Mayaguez. Thanks to this victory T&T finished as No.7 at this event. Saint Vincent ended as the only winless team. Chrisan Petrovanie (193-C-89) came up with 22 points and 15 rebounds for T&T. Sharmion Selman (184-F-82) was the second scorer in this victory with 15 points. Jowan Ortega (173-G-85) added 14 pts and 5 boards. On the other side, Saint Vincent had only one player with double-digits in scoring. It was Sheldeen Joseph (162-G-92) with 10 pts (9 rebs).
Trinidad and Tobago was a way better team from the start. In the first ten minutes Chrisan Petrovanie and her teammates created huge 23-7 lead. At that time it was clear that Saint Vincent will not have a chance in this one. T&T finished the second frame with 21-10 for plus 27 at the halftime. Nothing has changed after that. T&T dominated in all segments making 23-9 in Q3. Later they increased lead even more to the final 88-26 blowout.

Trinidad and Tobago: Chrisan Petrovanie 22+15 boards, Sharmion Selman 15, Jowan Ortega 14+5 boards
Saint Vincent: Sheldeen Joseph 10+9 boards

Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico to meet in the Finals - Jul 23, 2010


Puerto Rico - Jamaica 63-44
Puerto Rico advanced to Big Final and will fight against Dominican Republic for the Gold. The host of CAC Games was better than Jamaica in the Semis registering comfortable 63-44 win. Jamaica failed to reach the last stage, but they will have a chance to fight for third place. Their rival will be U.S. Virgin Islands. Jazmine Sepulveda (177-G-85, agency: Merit Sports, college: S.Florida) top-scored for the winners with 15 points and she grabbed 7 rebounds beside that. Pamela Rosado (161-G-86) and Sandra Gracia helped with 13 points each. In the loosing squad, Vanessa Gidden (193-C/F-85, college: Hofstra) collected 12 points and 8 boards. Simone Edwards (194-C-73, college: Iowa) had 11 pts and 9 rebs.
First quarter was pretty leveled, but still it was Puerto Rico who ended it with 12-11. Nothing has changed in Q2 as neither of teams was able to make a bigger lead. It was basket after basket game and Puerto Rico kept plus one until the half time. In the low scoring third quarter Jamaica made 9-10, so teams entered to the final ten minutes tied. Than in the last quarter there was only one team playing on the court and it was Puerto Rico. Jazmine Sepulveda and her teammates destroyed Jamaica with 28-9 for the final 63-44 victory and the Big Final in Mayaguez.

Puerto Rico: Jazmine Sepulveda 15+7 boards, Pamela Rosado 13+5 boards+7 as, Sandra Garcia (189-F-90) 13+5 boards
Jamaica: Vanessa Gidden 12+8 boards, Simone Edwards 11+9 boards

Dominican Republic - U.S. Virgins Islands 92-66
Dominican Republic had an easy job in the Semifinals and will meet Puerto Rico in the battle for Gold. Yohanna Morton (175-G-87) and her teammates blasted ISV 92-66 stretching the winning streak to four and now they hope to end this event with the prefect record. On the other side, ISV will meet Jamaica for third place. Morton was the leading player in victory with 18 points and 5 rebounds. Sugeiry Monsac (186-F/C-81) also was great adding 17 points and 9 boards. Charlenny Frias is another player with 17 points in this victory. ISV got 24 points from Yanique Javois (176-G-85, college: Saint Louis), while Stacey Griffith (185-F/C-89) collected 14 points and 10 boards.
Dominican Republic opened the game with 14-10 lead and outgunned ISV for rest of the time in Q1. They closed this period with 13-7 run for the first double-digit lead. They continued in the same rhythm moving up to plus 17. However, ISV players finally woke up and cut the margin to 11 points until the halftime. Dominican Republic exploded offensively in Q3 scoring 29 points, while they stopped ISV to 20. At that time it was already clear who the winner of this game will be and Dominican Republic had no troubles to keep the comfortable lead.
Friday will be the final day in Mayaguez.

Dominican Republic: Yohanna Morton 18+5 boards, Sugeiry Monsac 17+9 boards, Charlenny Frias 17
U.S. Virgins Islands: Yanique Javois 24, Stacey Griffith 14+10 boards


Mexico - Saint Vincent 143-31
Mexico devastated Saint Vincent in Day Five in Mayaguez. It was the first game in Classification Round for 5th to 8th place. On Friday, Mexico will meet Guatemela in the battle for position number five. Saint Vincent will play against Trinidad and Tobago and will try to avoid the last place at CAC Games. Brisa Silva (168-G-84, college: Oklahoma St.) demonstrated amazing performance in this game. She was simply unstoppable in offense scoring 46 points! Silva also dished out 10 assists beside that. Alexis Castro (184-G/F-86, agency: 22ft, college: Vermont) collected 20 points and 11 rebounds, while Taine Ramirez (173-G-78) added 15 points, 6 boards and 14 assists. In the loosing squad, Sorayah Williams (183-F-84) posted 13 pts.
Mexico was way better team from the beginning. Brisa Silva and her teammates drained 48 points in the first ten minutes, while Saint Vincent was stopped to 9. All after that was just the formality and the only question was how big difference it will be at the end. Mexico made 34-4 in the second quarter and 25-14 in third. They limited Saint Vincent to less than 10 pts in the last frame as well. Actually, Saint Vincent had just 4 pts in these ten minutes, while Mexico nailed 36 for the final 143-31 blowout.

Mexico: Brisa Silva 46+10 as, Alexis Castro 20+11 boards, Taine Ramirez 15+6 boards+14 as
Saint Vincent: Sorayah Williams 13

Trinidad and Tobago - Guatemala 76-81 OT
Guatemala made the first step forward to fifth place in Mayaguez. They outsmarted Trinidad and Tobago 76-81, so they will meet Mexico in the final day. The winner of that game will finish as No.5. Trinidad and Tobago will try to beat Saint Vincent and to avoid the last place at this event. Blanca Amado (179-G/F-79) was the leading player in victory with double-double of 20 points and 10 rebounds. Ligia Del Valle (171-G-87) scored 16 and Cynthia Rivera (177-F-82) added two points less. Sharmion Selman (184-F-82) shined in defeat with 29 points, 11 rebounds and 5 assists. Tiffani Williams (199-C-84, college: N.Carolina A&T) had double-double of 13 points ad 19 rebs, while Leslie-Ann Francois (177-F-82) added 11 pts.
Guatemala took control on Trinidad and Tobago in the first quarter and they created 14-25 lead. Blanca Amado and her teammates were good in the next ten minutes as well, what resulted with 14-point lead at the half time. Trinidad and Tobago was in trouble, but didnt give up. They limited Guatemala to just five points in third quarter cutting the margin to four. Sharmion Selman was unstoppable in offense and she led Trinidad and Tobago with 16-12 in the last frame for 72-72 at the end of regular time. In the extra five minutes Guatemala was better celebrating 76-81 victory.

Trinidad and Tobago: Sharmion Selman 29+11 boards+5 as, Tiffani Williams 13+19 boards, Leslie-Ann Francois 11
Guatemala: Blanca Amado 20+10 boards, Ligia Del Valle 16+5 boards+6 as, Cynthia Rivera 14+5 boards

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