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El Salvador Internationally
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Liga Superior Standings
 1. Izalco 16-2 
 2. Marquense 16-2 
 3. San Marcos 14-4 
 4. Thunder 10-8 
 5. ExSAL ST 9-9 
 6. ABA 8-10 
 7. ADB 6-11 
 8. Chalchuapa 5-13 
 9. Biomedical 4-14 
 10. Ausoles 2-14 
Liga MB Clausura Standings
 1. 11 Lobos 0-0 
 2. Arcense 0-0 
 3. Brujos Izalco 0-0 
 4. Canarios 0-0 
 5. Cojute 0-0 
 6. El Rapido 0-0 
 7. Giants 0-0 
 8. Halcones 0-0 
 9. Isidro Metapan 0-0 
 10. Quezaltepeque 0-0 
 11. Santa Ana 0-0 
 12. Santa Tecla 0-0 
 13. Santiagueno 0-0 
Liga Centroamericana Standings
 1. Correcaminos 5-0 
 2. Santa Tecla 4-1 
 3. San Pedro T. 3-2 
 4. Costa Caribe 2-3 
 5. Banco Atlantida 1-4 
 6. Halcones 0-5 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
 Marcus THOMAS
  Avg: 45.5
 1. Thomas, Izalco45.5 
 2. Landaverde, ADB31.6 
 3. Ferrin, Thunder30.5 
 4. Pineda, Biomedical22.2 
 5. Zometa, ABA21.6 
 6. Gomez, San Marcos19.7 
 7. Crespin, Izalco19.5 
 8. Baltrons, Ausoles19.1 
 9. Roque, ABA17.3 
 10. Artiga, Marquense17.2 
Rebounds Per Game
 Marcus THOMAS
  Avg: 16.9
 1. Thomas, Izalco16.9 
 2. Cordero, Biomedical11.6 
 3. Ferrin, Thunder10.4 
 4. Bonilla, Biomedical9.8 
 5. Artiga, Marquense9.7 
 6. Martinez, San M.8.6 
 7. Aguilera, Thunder7.9 
 8. Rivas, ExSAL S.7.8 
 9. Baltrons, Ausoles7.5 
 10. Pacas, ADB7.4 
Assists Per Game
 Marcus THOMAS
  Avg: 9.9
 1. Thomas, Izalco9.9 
 2. Melendez, ExSAL S.5.4 
 3. Vasquez, ABA5.2 
 4. Canizales, ADB4.6 
 5. Barrera, Marquense4.3 
 6. Diaz, San Marcos4.2 
 7. Roque, ABA4.0 
 8. de-Leon, Thunder4.0 
 9. Morales, Biomedical3.8 
 10. Ferrin, Thunder3.6 
Steals Per Game
 Roger DIAZ
  San Marcos
  Avg: 3.6
 1. Diaz, San Marcos3.6 
 2. Thomas, Izalco2.8 
 3. Barrera, Marquense2.7 
 4. Vasquez, ABA2.5 
 5. Paiz, Chalchuapa2.2 
 6. Martinez, San M.2.1 
 7. Landaverde, ADB2.1 
 8. Melendez, ExSAL S.2.0 
 9. Escobar, San M.2.0 
 10. Canizales, ADB1.9 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.1
 1. Cordero, Biomedical2.1 
 2. Ferrin, Thunder1.7 
 3. Artiga, Marquense1.5 
 4. Rivas, ExSAL S.1.3 
 5. Galdamez, Izalco1.0 
 6. Cantor, San Marcos0.9 
 7. Gutierrez, Marqu.0.9 
 8. Recinos, San M.0.8 
 9. Sosa, San Marcos0.8 
 10. Marroquin, ExSAL S.0.8 


First Round Schedule
Santa Ana 50% Oct.16 El Rapido
Canarios 50% Oct.7 El Rapido
Cojute 50% Oct.7 Isidro Metap
Santiagueno 50% Oct.7 Halcones
11 Lobos 50% Oct.6 Arcense
Santa Tecla 50% Oct.5 Canarios
Giants 50% Oct.4 11 Lobos
Arcense 50% Oct.4 Santa Ana
Brujos Izalc 50% Oct.4 Quezaltepequ
Halcones 50% Oct.3 Santa Tecla
Santa Ana 50% Oct.1 Santiagueno
Quezaltepequ 50% Oct.1 Cojute
Halcones 50% Oct.1 Canarios
Arcense 50% Oct.1 Isidro Metap
El Rapido 50% Oct.1 11 Lobos
Canarios 50% Sep.30 Santa Ana
Isidro Metap 50% Sep.30 El Rapido
Santiagueno 50% Sep.30 Quezaltepequ
11 Lobos 50% Sep.30 Santa Tecla
Cojute 50% Sep.30 Brujos Izalc
Brujos Izalc 50% Sep.29 Giants
Arcense 50% Sep.28 Giants
Santa Tecla 50% Sep.27 Santa Ana
El Rapido 50% Sep.24 Halcones
Santiagueno 50% Sep.24 11 Lobos
Santa Tecla 50% Sep.24 Isidro Metap
Santa Ana 50% Sep.24 Giants
Arcense 50% Sep.23 Brujos Izalc
Giants 50% Sep.23 Cojute
11 Lobos 50% Sep.23 Canarios
Isidro Metap 50% Sep.23 Santiagueno
Quezaltepequ 50% Sep.23 Santa Tecla
Santa Ana 50% Sep.22 Halcones
Quezaltepequ 50% Sep.21 Arcense
Santiagueno 50% Sep.20 Cojute
Isidro Metap 50% Sep.17 Halcones
El Rapido 50% Sep.17 Quezaltepequ
Santiagueno 50% Sep.17 Arcense
Santa Ana 50% Sep.17 Brujos Izalc
Cojute 50% Sep.16 Santa Tecla
Brujos Izalc 50% Sep.16 Santiagueno
Canarios 50% Sep.16 Isidro Metap
Giants 50% Sep.16 Quezaltepequ
Halcones 50% Sep.15 11 Lobos
Cojute 50% Sep.14 Arcense
Santa Tecla 50% Sep.14 Brujos Izalc
Giants 50% Sep.13 Santiagueno
Quezaltepequ 50% Sep.12 Canarios
El Rapido 50% Sep.10 Arcense
Halcones 50% Sep.10 Quezaltepequ
11 Lobos 50% Sep.10 Cojute
Isidro Metap 50% Sep.10 Giants
Canarios 50% Sep.9 Santiagueno
Brujos Izalc 50% Sep.9 El Rapido
Arcense 50% Sep.9 Santa Tecla
11 Lobos 50% Sep.9 Santa Ana
Santa Ana 50% Sep.8 Isidro Metap
Canarios 50% Sep.8 Brujos Izalc
El Rapido 50% Sep.7 Cojute
Santa Tecla 50% Sep.7 Giants
Brujos Izalc 50% Sep.6 Halcones
Quezaltepequ 50% Sep.5 Santa Ana
Santa Tecla 50% Sep.1 Santiagueno
Isidro Metap 50% Sep.1 11 Lobos
Santa Ana 50% Sep.1 Canarios
Halcones 50% Aug.31 Arcense
Giants 50% Aug.30 Halcones
Santiagueno 50% Aug.30 El Rapido
Cojute 50% Aug.30 Canarios
Quezaltepequ 50% Aug.29 Isidro Metap
Brujos Izalc 50% Aug.29 11 Lobos
El Rapido 50% Aug.27 Santa Tecla
Isidro Metap 50% Aug.27 Brujos Izalc
Santiagueno 50% Aug.27 Santa Ana
Canarios 50% Aug.27 Giants
11 Lobos 50% Aug.27 Quezaltepequ
Arcense 50% Aug.26 Canarios
Halcones 50% Aug.26 Cojute
Giants 50% Aug.26 El Rapido
Santiagueno 50% Aug.26 Isidro Metap
Santa Ana 50% Aug.25 11 Lobos
Quezaltepequ 50% Aug.25 Brujos Izalc
Canarios 50% Aug.24 Santa Tecla
Cojute 50% Aug.23 Santa Ana
Giants 50% Aug.23 Brujos Izalc
Isidro Metap 50% Aug.22 Arcense
11 Lobos 50% Aug.20 Santiagueno
Santa Tecla 50% Aug.20 Halcones
El Rapido 50% Aug.20 Canarios
Isidro Metap 50% Aug.20 Cojute
Arcense 50% Aug.19 11 Lobos
Santa Ana 50% Aug.19 Santa Tecla
Halcones 50% Aug.19 El Rapido
Santiagueno 50% Aug.19 Brujos Izalc
Santa Ana 50% Aug.18 Quezaltepequ
Quezaltepequ 50% Aug.17 Giants
Arcense 50% Aug.16 Cojute
Halcones 50% Aug.15 Santa Ana
Santiagueno 50% Aug.15 Giants
El Rapido 50% Aug.13 Santa Ana
Canarios 50% Aug.13 Halcones
Cojute 50% Aug.13 Quezaltepequ
Isidro Metap 50% Aug.13 Santa Tecla
11 Lobos 50% Aug.13 Giants
11 Lobos 50% Aug.12 El Rapido
Arcense 50% Aug.12 Quezaltepequ
Halcones 50% Aug.12 Brujos Izalc
Santiagueno 50% Aug.12 Canarios
Santiagueno 50% Aug.11 Santa Tecla
Giants 50% Aug.11 Isidro Metap
Santa Ana 50% Aug.11 Arcense
Quezaltepequ 50% Aug.10 Halcones
Brujos Izalc 50% Aug.9 Cojute
Santa Tecla 50% Aug.8 11 Lobos
Cojute 50% Aug.6 Giants
El Rapido 50% Aug.6 Isidro Metap
Canarios 50% Aug.6 11 Lobos
Halcones 50% Aug.6 Santiagueno
Quezaltepequ 50% Aug.5 El Rapido
Brujos Izalc 50% Aug.5 Santa Tecla
Giants 50% Aug.5 Arcense
Isidro Metap 50% Aug.5 Santa Ana
Canarios 50% Aug.4 Quezaltepequ
11 Lobos 50% Aug.4 Halcones
Santa Tecla 50% Aug.4 Cojute
Brujos Izalc 50% Aug.3 Arcense
Halcones 50% Aug.2 Isidro Metap
Giants 50% Aug.2 Canarios
Cojute 50% Aug.1 El Rapido
Santa Tecla 50% Aug.1 Quezaltepequ
Quezaltepequ 50% Jul.30 Santiagueno
El Rapido 50% Jul.30 Brujos Izalc
Cojute 50% Jul.30 Halcones
11 Lobos 50% Jul.30 Isidro Metap
Canarios 50% Jul.30 Arcense
Arcense 50% Jul.29 El Rapido
Giants 50% Jul.29 Santa Ana
Cojute 50% Jul.29 Santiagueno
Isidro Metap 50% Jul.28 Canarios
11 Lobos 50% Jul.28 Brujos Izalc
Quezaltepequ 50% Jul.27 11 Lobos
Halcones 50% Jul.27 Giants
Santa Tecla 50% Jul.27 Arcense
Giants 50% Jul.26 Santa Tecla
Brujos Izalc 50% Jul.26 Santa Ana
El Rapido 50% Jul.25 Santiagueno
Canarios 50% Jul.25 Cojute
El Rapido 50% Jul.23 Giants
Brujos Izalc 50% Jul.23 Canarios
Isidro Metap 50% Jul.23 Quezaltepequ
Santa Ana 50% Jul.23 Cojute
Arcense 50% Jul.23 Halcones
Brujos Izalc 50% Jul.22 Isidro Metap
Cojute 50% Jul.22 11 Lobos
Santa Tecla 50% Jul.22 El Rapido
Arcense 50% Jul.22 Santiagueno
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Salvadorean Liga MB round 23 best performance: Wali Hepburn - Apr 7, 2017

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Wali Hepburn
American Guard Wali Hepburn (193-G-89) put on an extraordinary performance in the last round for Canarios, receiving a Liga MB Player of the Week award for round 23.
The 27-year old player had a double-double of 39 points and 13 rebounds, while his team beat Santa Ana (#14, 3-13) 98-93. Canarios is placed at 6th position in Salvadorean Liga MB. They would have been even better if they hadn't lost a few games earlier this season. Canarios will need more victories to improve their 8-6 record. In the team's last game Hepburn had a remarkable 57.7% from 2-point range. He just recently signed at Canarios, being already a very valuable addition to the team. Former Lock Haven University star has very solid stats this year. Hepburn is in league's top in points (3rd best: 29.0ppg) and averages impressive 2.4bpg,2.1spg and 50.3% FGP.

The second best player in last round's games was 24-year old American Macari Brooks (190-G-92) of Giants. Brooks had a very good evening with a double-double of 30 points and 14 rebounds. It was enough for Giants to edge the higher-ranked Isidro Metapan (#3, 10-4) 92-90. Despite this victory they still are dead at the bottom. 12 lost games are too many comparing to just two victories Giants managed to get this year. Brooks is one of the most experienced players at Giants and has a reputation of one of team's most reliable players.

Third on the list of top players last round was American forward Tobias Dowdell (201-F-90) of Santa Ana (#14). Dowdell scored 22 points and grabbed nineteen rebounds (!!!). Despite Dowdell's great performance Santa Ana lost 93-98 to the higher-ranked Canarios (#6, 8-6). But his team cannot count on just a single player as he also needs help of the other teammates. Santa Ana can only dream about fighting for top spots in the league. They have rather bad season and 3-13 record places them close to the bottom of the standings. Too bad for Dowdell he does not play for a better team. But maybe if he did, his season stats would not be that high. Dowdell has a very solid season. In 12 games in El Salvador he scored 22.7ppg. He also has 9.8rpg, 1.8bpg and FGP: 56.9%.

Other top performing players last week:
4. Jeffery Moss (193-PF-93) of Halcones - 24 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists
5. James Milton (203-C/F) of Giants - 22 points and 16 rebounds
6. Olaniyr Adedoyin) of Denver-FAS - 21 points, 14 rebounds and 2 assists
7. Edwin Mijares (186-G-94) of Isidro Metapan - 30 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists
8. Marc Montavious (206-C-90) of 11 Lobos - 15 points and 12 rebounds
9. Tyrone Butler (193-F/G-88) of Santa Ana - 20 points and 8 rebounds
10. Raymond Miller (204-F/C-88) of Halcones - 13 points, 18 rebounds and 3 assists

The Player of the week is chosen based on efficiency calculation, but also including game result, importance of the game, if played recorded double-double/triple-double, etc.
The efficiency formula is a combination of various formulas used by different basketball organizations/leagues. We got involved many basketball scouts and journalists to assure it's accuracy.
The formula: 1.5*PTS + 3* (REB+AST+ST+BL-TO) - 2*BSAG - 4*PF + 3*PFRV + 4* (2FGPM+3FGPM) + 1.5*FTM - 3* (2FGPA-2FGPM) - 3* (3FGPA-3FGPM) - (FTA-FTM)   

Slim Magee
Slim Magee (ex Orangeville A's) agreed terms with Isidro Metapan - 11 hours ago
AD Isidro Metapan (Liga MB) inked 28-year old American center Slim Magee (211-93kg-89, college: Missouri Southern State). He played most recently at Orangeville A's in Canadian NBL. In 33 NBL Canada games he recorded 6.4ppg, 4.6rpg and 1.3bpg last season. Among other achievements Magee's team won MPBA Regular Season in 2015. He received also MIAA All-Defensive Team award back in 2014 at his college time. Magee has played also professionally in Portugal (Maia_Basket), Spain (Azuqueca) and...   [read more]

Raymond Miller joins Quezaltepeque - 3 days ago
Quezaltepeque Biomedical (Liga MB) agreed terms with 29-year old American power forward Raymond Miller (204-103kg-88, college: CS Fullerton) from Halcones. In 24 Liga MB games in El Salvador he had very impressive stats: 15.8ppg, 15.4rpg (#4 in the league), 2.1apg and 4.2bpg last season. A very spectacular year in his career as he was selected All-El Salvador Liga Mayor Torneo Apertura Center of the Year, named to 1st Team and named to All-Imports Team. Miller played in th...   [read more]
Arlen Alorda (ex Capitalinos) is a newcomer at El Rapido - 12 days ago
El Rapido de La Union (Liga MB) strengthened their roster with addition of 31-year old Cuban power forward Arlen Alorda (198-105kg-86). He played in the summer at Capitalinos in Cuban LSB league. Alorda has played there for the last five years. In 19 LSB games he recorded 6.7ppg and 6.1rpg (#5 in the league). Alorda helped them to make it to the semifinals. Great season indeed as he was voted to All-Cuban LSB Honorable Mention. Among other achievements his team won Cuban L...   [read more]

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