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El Salvador Internationally
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Liga Superior Standings
 1. ABA 14-3 
 2. Halcones 13-3 
 3. San Marcos 12-5 
 4. Marquense 12-5 
 5. Thunder 8-9 
 6. ExSAL ST 7-9 
 7. Izalco 6-9 
 8. Nejapa 6-11 
 9. Biomedical 4-14 
 10. Delgado 0-14 
Liga MB Clausura Standings
 1. Halcones 21-3 
 2. Santa Tecla 20-4 
 3. Quezaltepeque 18-6 
 4. Isidro Metapan 16-8 
 5. Canarios 14-9 
 6. Brujos Izalco 14-10 
 7. Santa Ana 13-11 
 8. El Rapido 12-11 
 9. Cojute 11-13 
 10. Arcense 8-16 
 11. Giants 3-21 
 12. Santiagueno 3-21 
 13. 11 Lobos 2-21 
Liga Centroamericana Standings
 1. Correcaminos 5-0 
 2. Santa Tecla 4-1 
 3. San Pedro T. 3-2 
 4. Costa Caribe 2-3 
 5. Banco Atlantida 1-4 
 6. Halcones 0-5 
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 36.2
 1. Jackson, Halcones36.2 
 2. Barner, ABA31.3 
 3. Hughes, Izalco31.1 
 4. Valle, Halcones21.6 
 5. Zometa, ABA19.6 
 6. Crespin, Izalco19.4 
 7. Gomez, San Marcos18.4 
 8. Amaya, Nejapa16.7 
 9. Garcia, ExSAL S.13.8 
 10. Aleman, Nejapa13.7 
Rebounds Per Game
 Jamier HUGHES
  Avg: 19.9
 1. Hughes, Izalco19.9 
 2. Barner, ABA16.5 
 3. Jackson, Halcones15.3 
 4. Aleman, Nejapa9.8 
 5. Amaya, Nejapa8.5 
 6. Aguilera, Thunder8.1 
 7. Garcia, ExSAL S.7.8 
 8. Martinez, San M.7.7 
 9. Garcia, Halcones7.1 
 10. Valle, Halcones7.0 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6.1
 1. Barrera, Marquense6.1 
 2. Jackson, Halcones4.3 
 3. Rodriguez, San M.4.1 
 4. Diaz, San Marcos4.0 
 5. Lopez, Thunder3.8 
 6. Melendez, ExSAL S.3.5 
 7. Mejia Gonzal., Nej.3.4 
 8. Morales, Biomedical3.3 
 9. Amaya, Nejapa3.3 
 10. Barner, ABA3.2 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3.1
 1. Jackson, Halcones3.1 
 2. Barner, ABA2.7 
 3. Garcia, ExSAL S.2.7 
 4. Valle, Halcones2.7 
 5. Aleman, Nejapa2.5 
 6. Diaz, San Marcos2.5 
 7. Barrera, Marquense2.4 
 8. Mejia Gonzal., Nej.2.2 
 9. Gomez, San Marcos2.0 
 10. Martinez, San M.2.0 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Aleman, Nejapa2.5 
 2. Barner, ABA2.0 
 3. Jackson, Halcones1.6 
 4. Recinos, San M.1.6 
 5. Garcia, ExSAL S.1.4 
 6. Sorto, Marquense1.1 
 7. Gutierrez, Marqu.0.9 
 8. Gutierrez, Marqu.0.8 
 9. Cantor, San Marcos0.8 
 10. Rodriguez, Nejapa0.8 


Recap of Liga Superior Round 2 of Quarter-Finals - Nov 14, 2017

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Alex Barner
ABA - ExSAL ST 71-63

ABA outgunned ExSAL to advance into the semifinal stage. ABA forced 20 ExSAL ST turnovers. Strangely ExSAL ST outrebounded ABA 49-30 including a 17-6 advantage in offensive rebounds. The best player for the winners was American forward Alex Barner (193, college: Cent.Methodist) who scored 39 points (!!!) and 9 rebounds. Cesar Canizales (-81) chipped in 13 points and 7 rebounds (on 6-of-7 shooting from the field). ABA's coach used a ten-player rotation which allowed the starters a little rest for the next games. American forward Gregoryshon Magee (206, college: S.Alabama) produced a double-double by scoring 28 points and 16 rebounds (on 13-of-16 shooting from the field) and forward Carlos Garcia (193-95) added 16 points and 6 rebounds respectively for the guests.
Top scorers:
ExSAL ST: G.Magee 28+16reb, C.Garcia 16+6reb+3ast, R.Hercules 7+2reb+4ast, W.Melendez 4+7reb+2ast, B.Marroquin 4+12reb, W.Sanchez 2+1reb+1ast
ABA: A.Barner 39+9reb+2ast, C.Canizales 13+7reb+2ast, J.Estrada 6+3reb+3ast, G.Loucel 6+3reb+2ast, C.Mendez 4+5reb+3ast, I.Martinez 3+2reb
gschID: 590855

San Marcos - Izalco 81-36

San Marcos eased past Izalco to sweep the series. San Marcos held Izalco to an opponent 23.6 percent shooting from the field compared to 46.5 percent accuracy of the winners. San Marcos forced 27 Izalco turnovers. The best player for the winners was Venezuelan power forward Eliezer Montano (206-91) who scored 23 points and 8 rebounds. Guard Ernesto Rodriguez (170-0) chipped in 17 points and 4 assists. American forward Jamier Hughes (191-92, college: Rosemont) produced 6 points and 16 rebounds and guard Samuel Leon (173-93) added 2 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists respectively for the guests. The winner was already known earlier in the game, so both coaches allowed to play the bench players saving starting five for next games.
Top scorers:
Izalco: J.Crespin 6+5reb, G.Galdamez 6+1reb+1ast, J.Hughes 6+16reb+3ast, V.Maya 5+2reb, H.Vigil 3+1reb, E.Tobar 3+1reb
San Marcos: E.Montano 23+8reb+1ast, E.Rodriguez 17+3reb+4ast, R.Diaz 14+2reb+6ast, K.Martinez 6+1ast, A.Cantor 6+7reb, J.Castillo 4+4reb
gschID: 590854

Halcones - Nejapa 83-69

Halcones paved their way into the semifinal stage following a comfortable victory over Nejapa. Halcones forced 23 Nejapa turnovers. The best player for the winners was American forward Malik Jackson (198-92, college: Beth.-Cookman) who had a double-double by scoring 28 points, 12 rebounds and 8 assists. Luis Valle (190-97) chipped in a double-double by scoring 26 points and 12 rebounds. Halcones' coach used an eleven-player rotation which allowed the starters a little rest for the next games. Cristian Amaya (180-95) produced a double-double by scoring 18 points and 13 rebounds and Felix Aleman (-95) added 12 points, 15 rebounds, 4 assists and 4 steals respectively for the guests.
Top scorers:
Nejapa: C.Amaya 18+13reb+3ast, K.Mejia Gonzalez 16+6reb+3ast, F.Aleman 12+15reb+4ast, W.Pena 8+3reb+1ast, F.Cortez 6+9reb+4ast, O.Rodriguez 4+3reb
Halcones: M.Jackson 28+12reb+8ast, L.Valle 26+12reb+1ast, L.Garay 12+4reb, R.Moran 9+3reb+1ast, R.Garcia 5+9reb+1ast, M.Medina 3+3reb
gschID: 590853

Marquense - Thunder 69-79

Thunder fired past Marquense to secure the semifinal berth. Thunder looked well-organized offensively handing out 26 assists comparing to just 13 passes made by Marquense's players. The best player for the winners was American center Marc Montavious (206-90, college: Georgetown, KY) who had a double-double by scoring 27 points and 18 rebounds. Guard Rene Miranda (182-87) chipped in 16 points. American power forward James Milton (203, college: Stevenson) produced a double-double by scoring 26 points and 18 rebounds and Marlon Mendoza added 16 points respectively for the hosts.
Top scorers:
Marquense: J.Milton 26+18reb+1ast, M.Mendoza 16+3reb, J.Barrera 8+4reb+6ast, K.Gutierrez 6+7reb, R.Flores 5+7reb+4ast, J.Najarro 4+3reb+2ast
Thunder: M.Montavious 27+18reb, R.Miranda 16+4reb+1ast, C.Lopez 15+1reb+2ast, D. Alas 6+2reb+4ast, J.Leon 5+1reb+4ast, C.Rivera 4+5reb+2ast
gschID: 590852


Eduardo Aguilar agreed terms with Brujos Izalco - 2 days ago
Brujos Izalco (Liga MB) strengthened their roster with addition of 32-year old former international point guard Eduardo Aguilar (174-86) from Santa Tecla BC. Aguilar also played that season for Denver-FAS San Salvador where in 29 Liga MB games he recorded 7.8ppg, 4.2rpg, 3.3apg and 1.1spg last season. Among other achievements his team made it to the El Salvador Apertura League Semifinals in 2012 and 2014. Aguilar was a member of El Salvador international program for some years. He was cal...   [read more]

Santa Ana welcomes back Hinestroza Javes - 2 days ago
MC El Brasil Santa Ana (Liga MB) tabbed 28-year old Colombian international forward Michael Hinestroza Javes (208-108kg-90, college: UALR). It is actually his comeback to Santa Ana as he has played here before. Hinestroza Javes has a double citizenship as he also holds Venezuelan passport. He played recently at Portoviejo in Ecuadorian National League. He missed last season and had one year break from professional basketball. Among other achievements Hinestroza Javes' team won Colombian...   [read more]

Nate Barnes
Macae inks Nate Barnes for the Liga Ouro - 3 days ago
Macae Basquete (Liga Ouro) signed 28-year old American point guard Nate Barnes (178-90, college: Alderson-Broaddus, WV). He just played at Denver-FAS San Salvador in Salvadorean Liga MB. Barnes missed last season and had one year break from professional basketball. The list of the past achievements is quite long as among others Barnes won El Salvador Liga Mayor Clausura championship title in 2015. He was also voted All-WVIAC 2nd Team back in 2012 at his college time. Barnes has played al...   [read more]

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