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Play-Off bracket1
Group A
Feb.17-19 (BRA)
1.Ben Hur 3-0
2.Univ./RBR 2-1
3.D.San Jose 1-2
4.Aguada 0-3
Group B
Feb.21-23 (ARG)
1.ADC-COC 3-0
2.Boca Jun. 2-1
3.Libertad 1-2
4.Regatas 0-3
Group C
Feb.15-17 (URU)
1.Marinos 2-1
2.Uberlandia  2-1
3.PaysanduBB 1-2
4.Ancud 1-2
Group D
Feb.21-23 (VEN)
1. Guaros 2-0
2. Libertad 1-1
3.Univ./Ajax 0-2

Ben Hur won Liga Sudamericana Championships 2006 (Photo: FIBAAmerica)
Ben Hur Rafaela 2005-06








Osborne Jason 203 (6'8'') F 74 USA


Stanton Ramzee 193 (6'4'') F 80 USA


Garcia Diego 186 (6'1'') G 79 ARG


Gutierrez Leonardo 200 (6'7'') F 78 ARG


Legaria Raymundo 178 (5'10'') G 80 ARG


Ederra Daniel       ARG


Machuca Jonathan 184 (6'1'') G 89 ARG


Lockett Phillip       ARG


Saad Fabian Elias 187 (6'2'') G 83 ARG


Storani Walter 200 (6'7'') F/C 70 ARG


Revellino Ignacio       ARG


Sacavino Guillermo 201 (6'7'') F 86 ARG


Ravellino Ignacio       ARG
Head Coach: Lamas Julio Cesar

  A tied Final, 1-1 after two games! - Apr 21, 2006 - by Eurobasket News
RIBEIRAO PRETO (Liga Sudamericana) - A time-out team-talk from head coach Aluisio Xavier Ferreira inspired Brazilian outfit COC Ribeirao Preto to claw back a 20-point deficit to level the Liga Sudamericana final 1-1.
Lula, who is also coach of Brazil's national side, guided his troops to a 79-76 victory over Argentinian giants Ben Hur Rafaela.
"We can not play like this - this is the moment!" Lula was heard to cry during a time-out.
The game turned in the hosts' favour in the final quarter thanks to the performances of Alex, Nezinho and Paulao, and also poor shooting from the visitors.
Ben Hur Rafaela won Game 1, 96-81, and now have two home matches in Rafaela next week in which to clinch the five-game series.
Should a fifth game be needed, the action will switch back to Brazil on May 3. Courtesy of PA SPORT.

  The Semifinals. - Mar 27, 2006 - by Eurobasket News
The South American Basketball Confederation announced the schedule for the Liga Sudamericana Semifinal round.
Game1, on March 29:
Uberlandia (BRA) will take on Ben Hur (ARG), 20:00
Libertad (ARG) takes on Ribeirao Preto (BRA), 21:10
Game 2, on April 5:
Ben Hur (ARG) - U/Uberlandia (BRA), 21:00
ADC COC (BRA) - Libertad de S. (ARG), 21:00
Game 3, on April 6:
Ben Hur (ARG) - U/Uberlandia (BRA), 21:00.
ADC COC (BRA) - Libertad de S. (ARG), 21:00.


  Liga S. 2006 - Quarter Finals: Uberlandia (BRA) advances to semifinales over Guaros (VEN) 87-79 - Mar 17, 2006 - by Francisco Vega
Unitri Uberlandia (Brazil) used all their experience as current champions of Liga Suramericana to defeat a stubborn and fighter Guaros de Lara (Venezuela) 87-79 at Domo Bolivariano of Barquisimeto, Venezuela. The brazilians advanced to the semifinals and maintained their options to defend the title. They'll clash against Ben Hur (Argentina) in the next round.
Three-point shots were the name of the game. Uberlandia scored them and Guaros didn't at all. The visitors started their show in the first quarter thanks to 'Marcelinho' Machado (200-F/G-75) and 'Helio' Lima (188-G-81), while Guaros tried to attack inside with Pablo Machado (207-C-77) and Corey Benjamin (201-F-78). The first quarted ended 26-16 for Uberlandia.
A lot of contact between members of both teams, a few fights and controversial decisions by the referees also became present in the second partial. Antwon Hall (193-G-74), Hernan Salcedo (198-F-80) and Kervis Ramirez (190-G-78) tried to join Benjamin in the attack while Diego Guevara (184-G-77) got himself into trouble with personal fouls and continued failed shots from the three-point line. Uberlandia prolongued their romance with the basket and reached half time ahead 44-38.
Alexander Blackwell (205-F/C-70) and 'Valtinho' da Silva (186-G-77) also started their own three-point machine guns and Guaros saw the darkness come to hunt them, despites Hall and Benjamin ultimately found success in their long distance attempts. The third partial finished 66-54 and the last 10 minutes, though with tension in the center, did not change anything into the final outcome.
For Uberlandia, 'Marcelinho' Machado (200-F/G-75) scored 28 points, 'Valtinho' da Silva (186-G-77) added 21, Alexander Blackwell (205-F/C-70) netted 19 and 'Helio' Lima (188-G-81) finished up with 10
For Guaros, Corey Benjamin (201-F-78) scored 24 points, Antwon Hall (193-G-74) added 21 points and Diego Guevara (184-G-77), Pablo Machado (207-C-77) and Carl Herrera (206-C-66) scored 8 points each.


  Liga S. 2006 - Quarter Finals: Libertad (ARG) eliminates Marinos (VEN) 76-68 - Mar 17, 2006 - by Francisco Vega
Libertad de Sunchales (Argentina) woke up from a previous defeat and with the inspiration of Mariano Ceruti (194-F-79) defeated Marinos de Anzoategui (Venezuela) 76-68 at "Luis Ramos" Gymnasium of Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, a victory that gives them the ticket to Liga Suramericana's Semifinals, where they'll face Riberao Preto (Brazil).
The key to the triumph was a very effective first quarter (24-12), where the locals didn't have a clean chance to take the lead. Ceruti and Diego Cavaco (198-F-79) made the points from the distance while Roberto Lopez (199-F/C-76) did a killer job inside the paint.
Though Hector Romero (202-F-80) had a good start in the second partial, he wasn't able to lift the team by himself, despites succeeding in toughening the defensive line and attacking likewhise. Sebastian Ginobili (190-G-72) took charge of the situation for the visitors and Jeff Aubry (206-C-76) also contributed near the basket to maintain Libertad ahead (39-28).
The third partial was more of the same. Libertad controled the situation with Lopez and Aubry while Elvis Montero (192-G-78) attempted to help Marinos with his perimeter abilities. Ceruti answered back and the quarter ended 64-49. The winners could only score 12 points in the final 10 minutes, because Anzoategui pressed the possession over the whole court, but they were unable to score as effectively as the would have wanted to, killing their own chances.
Mariano Ceruti (194-F-79) ended with 24 points, Diego Cavaco (198-F-79) added 11 and Jorge Benitez (203-C-73) finished up with 10. For Marinos, Hector Romero (202-F-80) netted 22 points, Elvis Montero (192-G-78) supported him with 15 and Johnell Smith (186-G-80) could only score 10.

  Liga S. 2006 - Quarter Finals: Guaros (VEN) forced decisive match against Uberlandia (BRA) 89-82 - Mar 16, 2006 - by Francisco Vega


Guaros de Lara (VEN) played a very good second half to surpass Unitri Uberlandia (BRA) intentions of clinching a spot to the semifinals of Liga Suramericana de Clubes. The venezuelan side  won 89-82 and will now have a third and definitive chance of going to the next round by playing at home, Domo Bolivariano of Barquisimeto, Venezuela.
The brazilians started off well and were the main stars during the first couple of quarters, by shooting very well from the three-point stance and grabbing practically every rebound inside, since they have a very tall squad. 'Valtinho' da Silva (186-G-77) and 'Marcelinho' Machado (200-F/G-75) became dangerous enemies for the locals with their clean shots and 'Estevam' Ferreira (210-C-78) was doing whatever he coud to keep Pablo Machado (207-C-77) out of the picture.
Uberlandia took the first quarter 28-18 and went to the locker rooms after the first half buzzard still ahead 44-37, despites the fact that Guaros had a solid Corey Benjamin (201-F-78) doing the offensive work and scoring from everywhere. Kervis Ramirez (190-G-78) and Hernan Salcedo (198-F-80), coming off the bench, also made a huge difference in intensity and defensive strategy that would ultimately pay off.
Diego Guevara (184-G-77) appeared in the third partial and with 12 points in those 10 minutes joined Benjamin and Antwon Hall (193-G-74) as the main producers of Lara's reaction. Carl Herrera (206-C-66) heated things up by playing physical and psycological games against the tall guys of the visiting side, who quickly lost their temper. A technical foul over to Lucas Tischer (208-C-83) and another one to 'Marcelinho' Machado (200-F/G-75) gave Guaros the lead (47-45), one that they would never let go again.
Benjamin, Hall and Guevara became huge in the last 10 minutes, to which they entered ahead 68-64. Uberlandia didn't find a way and now will have to play a third game away if the wanna keep their run to another Liga Suramericana title.
For Guaros, Corey Benjamin (201-F-78) netted 26 points, Diego Guevara (184-G-77) added 18 and Antwon Hall (193-G-74) ended up with 15. For Uberlandia, 'Valtinho' da Silva (186-G-77) scored 21 points, 'Marcelinho' Machado (200-F/G-75) supported him with 20 and Alexander Blackwell (205-F/C-70) finished up with 15.


  Liga S. 2006 - Quarter Finals: Marinos (VEN) tied things up against Libertad (ARG) 81-69 - Mar 16, 2006 - by Francisco Vega
Marinos de Anzoategui (Venezuela) avoided elimination with a sweet victory at "Luis Ramos" Gymnasium of Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, over Libertad Sunchales (Argentina), with a final score of 81-69. Now, both teams will play another match tonight in venezuelan soil, to get the ticket to the semifinals round of Liga Suramericana de Clubes 2006.
The game had a leveled beginning, with both teams answering each other's attempts effectively. Libertad played inside the paint, trying to give Jeff Aubry (206-C-76) and Roberto Lopez (199-F/C-76) the ball, though sometimes preferred the long distance shot with Diego Cavaco (198-F-79) and Mariano Ceruti (194-F-79). Marinos had good rebounders in Hector Romero (202-F-80) and Kervin Bracho (204-F/C-78), while Johnell Smith (186-G-80) did the outside shot work, alongside Ernesto Mijares (190-G-76). The first quarter ended 20-20 and the game reached half time with another tie, 37-37.
Things did not change that much in the third partial, but Marinos became a lot more solid in their attacks. Romero and Smith started to shot frequently from outside and though Ryan Carroll (195-G/F-79) started answering back, Marinos entered the last 10 minutes ahead by just one point, 57-56.
The defensive line of Libertad started breaking up, while their offensive players started to shoot without focus from the three-point line, giving Marinos a chance to slowly get ahead and gain an important advantage, one that they would not give back till the end. Carroll became the only weapon of the visitors, but Romero and Smith were just too much.
For Marinos, Hector Romero (202-F-80) scored 21 points, Johnell Smith (186-G-80) added 15 and Kervin Bracho (204-F/C-78) finished up with 10. For Libertad, Ryan Carroll (195-G/F-79) scored 15 and both Mariano Ceruti (194-F-79) and Diego Cavaco (198-F-79) netted 14 points.

  Liga S. 2006 - Quarter Finals: Uberlandia (BRA) outduels Guaros de Lara (VEN) 108-73 - Mar 10, 2006 - by Francisco Vega


Unitri Uberlandia (Brazil) experienced a spectacular second quarter and went on a 32-6 run to assure a comfortable victory 108-73 over Guaros de Lara (Venezuela) in the first match of their Liga Suramericana's Quarter Finals series, played in Minas Gerais, Brazil.
The visitors had arrived with a good stretch going, 7 victories in their last 9 presentations, but they're brightness was only seen during the first quarter, in which they enjoyed a 19-12 lead. From then on, Corey Benjamin (201-F-78) got into foul trouble and their plan was quickly aborted by an inspired local squad, which used a relentless attacking line to literally destroy their opponents both in the paint and from outside.
The brazilians reached half time ahead 55-28, more than enough to be confident and throw away minutes by passing and shooting at the last moment for the rest of the game. "We fell apart in the second quarter after a technical foul, because Benjamin was playing really good as the sidekick of Antwon Hall, then we had a lethal second partial where we lost 32-6", declared assistant coach Ramon Melendez , an experienced trainer born in Puerto Rico.
Guaros will now have to win twice at home next 15th and 16th of March, when they'll receive Uberlandia at Domo Bolivariano of Barquisimeto, Venezuela, the same scenario where they finished unbeaten as leaders and hosts of Group D, over Libertad Sunchales (Argentina) and Universo/Ajax (Brazil).
For the winners, 'Marcelinho' Machado (200-F/G-75) scored 28 points, 'Helio' Lima (188-G-81) added 20 and 'Valtinho' da Silva (186-G-77) finished up with 18 points and 10 assists. For Lara, Antwon Hall (193-G-74) ended up with 21 points, Corey Benjamin (201-F-78) followed with 11 points, Carl Herrera (206-C-66) supported them with 10 and Diego Guevara (184-G-77) could only score 4 points


  Liga S. 2006 - Quarter Finals: Libertad (ARG) wins first game against Marinos (VEN) 97-78 - Mar 9, 2006 - by Francisco Vega
Libertad de Sunchales (Argentina) did not hesitate to defend their home advantage in the first match of Liga Suramericana's Quarter Finals round against Marinos de Anzoategui (Venezuela), a tough team that did not show their usual game level and ultimately lost 97-78. Now, the venezuelan side will have two chances at home next week to avoid elimination.
The locals took the lead from the very beginning and locked up their triumph from the three-point stance and also applying very accurate defense in the paint. Diego Cavaco (198-F-79), Jorge Benitez (203-C-73) and Ryan Carroll (195-G/F-79) became a dangerous society from the distance and Sebastian Ginobili (190-G-72) played a lot better than he did in the first round, played in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Meanwhile, Jeff Aubry (206-C-76) made it impossible for the visitors to get any offensive rebounds at all.
The only guys who made the effort to respond to the superior game of the argentinian side were Johnell Smith (186-G-80) and Hector Romero (202-F-80). For the winners, Diego Cavaco (198-F-79) netted 20 points, Sebastian Ginobili (190-G-72) added 14, Mariano Ceruti (194-F-79) provided 12, Ryan Carroll (195-G/F-79) also scored 12 and Jeff Aubry (206-C-76) supported his side with 12 points and 16 rebounds.
For Marinos, Johnell Smith (186-G-80) shined with 21 points, Hector Romero (202-F-80) added 15, David Cedeno (190-G-83) netted 11 off the bench and Axier Sucre (198-F-78) finished up with 10. Games 2 and 3, if neccesary, will be played on March 15th and 16th.

  Liga S. 2006 - Group D: Guaros (VEN) clinched first place with triumph over Libertad - Feb 25, 2006 - by Francisco Vega


Guaros de Lara (Venezuela), in their first international compromise, confirm their high aspirations by clinching the first place of Group D with a spectacular victory 83-74 over Libertad Sunchales (Argentina), in a game that took place at Domo Bolivariano of Barquisimeto, Venezuela.
It was a brilliant demonstration of collective basketball, since every player in Lara's roster had a special role both offensively and defensively. Rotations didn't change the intensity with which the locals were able to assure first place. In the Quarter Finals, they will face the current champions, Uberlandia (Brazil), while Libertad will have to play against the tough Marinos de Anzoategui (Venezuela).
Two players from the bench, Kervis Ramirez (190-G-78) and Hernan Salcedo (198-F-80), led the winner team's performance on court with courage and determination. Ramirez netted 15 points, to lead the attack alongside starter Antwon Hall (193-G-74), who also scored 15. Salcedo and Pablo Machado (207-C-77) added 12 each, and Diego Guevara (184-G-77) finished up with 9 points. Carl Herrera (206-C-66) came back after being part of the All-Star Game festivities in the NBA. He was a starter and played a very good match, with 7 points.
For the argentinians, Mariano Ceruti (194-F-79) netted 15 points and Ryan Carroll (195-G/F-79) added 12. Jorge Benitez (203-C-73) and Sebastian Ginobili (190-G-72) contributed with 11.

"It was a couple of tough and exciting games but we battled playing like a great team. Everyone of the guys assumed their responsabity, stepped up and got the victory. This was great teams are made of" Antwon Hall
"We knew we had to play very good basketball to defeat the argentinians. We did it as a team and that's why things went well. Playing like this, it will be very hard for us to be beaten. We know Uberlandia is a great team, but they won't be able to disregard us" Kervis Ramirez
"My personality on court is not only about scoring points so the papers can say I'm a good player. It's also about helping the team when their back is against the wall and do whatever is needed in terms of emotion and defense. Now we can't only talk about Liga Suramericana. We also have a series of important games that we gotta win in the league"  Carl Herrera

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