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Mexico Internationally
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# Team Games Won Lost Total Points
1Hermosillo383083632:3345 (+287)
2Obregon3825133774:3694 (+80)
3Tijuana3721163289:3278 (+11)
4Guaymas3819193413:3402 (+11)
5Los Mochis3819193306:3399 (-93)
6Guasave3818203483:3454 (+29)
7Mazatlan3818203482:3585 (-103)
8Navolato3816223378:3401 (-23)
9Culiacan3813253314:3427 (-113)
10Durango3710273431:3517 (-86)
Points Per Game
  Avg: 25.5
 1. Franklin, Guasave25.5 
 2. Forte, Los Mochis25.4 
 3. Yeager, Guasave25.1 
 4. Rice-Jr, Obregon24.5 
 5. Glover, Obregon21.6 
 6. Crawford, Culiacan21.6 
 7. Samarco, Durango21.3 
 8. Spurlock, Hermosillo21.2 
 9. Ledbetter, Mazat.20.9 
 10. Tucker, Mazatlan20.5 
Rebounds Per Game
 Cameron FORTE
  Los Mochis
  Avg: 12.2
 1. Forte, Los Mochis12.2 
 2. Glover, Obregon10.3 
 3. Ammons, Navolato10.2 
 4. Gibson, Tijuana9.2 
 5. Wilson, Hermosillo9.2 
 6. West, Guaymas8.9 
 7. Puckett, Culiacan8.8 
 8. White, Mazatlan8.7 
 9. Little, Hermosillo8.6 
 10. Rice-Jr, Obregon8.3 
Assists Per Game
 Glen RICE JR.
  Avg: 6
 1. Rice-Jr, Obregon6.0 
 2. Crawford, Durango5.9 
 3. Monreal, Hermosillo5.7 
 4. Ledbetter, Mazat.5.6 
 5. Mitchell, Navolato5.5 
 6. Capers, Obregon5.4 
 7. Murphy, Los Mochis5.4 
 8. Yeager, Guasave5.1 
 9. Howard, Mazatlan5.0 
 10. Perez, Hermosillo5.0 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 3.1
 1. Ledbetter, Mazat.3.1 
 2. Early, Los Mochis2.3 
 3. Rice-Jr, Obregon2.3 
 4. Capers, Obregon2.0 
 5. Murphy, Los Mochis1.8 
 6. Crawford, Durango1.6 
 7. Monreal, Hermosillo1.5 
 8. Henry, Hermosillo1.5 
 9. Reyes, Guaymas1.4 
 10. Casillas, Mazatlan1.4 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2
 1. Heyward, Guaymas2.0 
 2. West, Guaymas1.4 
 3. Pittman, Guasave1.2 
 4. Ammons, Navolato1.2 
 5. Keller, Guasave1.1 
 6. Lathan, Tijuana1.0 
 7. Maxwell, Culiacan1.0 
 8. White, Mazatlan0.9 
 9. Puckett, Culiacan0.9 
 10. Smith, Durango0.9 
Season 2017
List of Players
List of Imports

North overcomes South in CIBACOPA All Star Game, Jeffery Early MVP (Photo: EB Action Photo)
Player of the week

     Myke Henry
    Mexican men teams in Latin cups 2016-2017
     Liga Americas:

    Halcones de Ciudad Obregon clinch CIBACOPA title (Photo:

    Halcones de Ciudad Obregon 2017
    Eduardo Opezzo Eduardo Opezzo Opezzo
    Joseph Hutchingson
    Kevin Capers
    Landon Atterberry
    Glen Rice Jr.
    Rice Jr.
    Raul Delgado
    # Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
    25  Hutchingson Joseph 196 (6'5'') G/F 87 USA Mexico
    17  Capers Kevin 188 (6'2'') G 93 USA
    1  Atterberry Landon 198 (6'6'') F 93 USA
    41  Rice Jr. Glen 198 (6'6'') G/F 91 USA
    16  Delgado Raul 188 (6'2'') PG 91 Mexico
    0  Glover Michael 203 (6'8'') F/C 87 USA
    22  Leon Nick 181 (5'11'') PG 88 Puerto Rico
    11  Quintero Omar 182 (6'0'') PG 81 Spain Mexico
    13  Valenzuela Marco 185 (6'1'') G 81 Mexico
    4  Carrillo Hugo 205 (6'9'') C/F 83 Mexico
    21  Alvarado Idris 196 (6'5'') F 91 Mexico
    12  Guzman Luis 190 (6'3'') G 87 USA Dominican Republic
    8  Aleman Alfonso 185 (6'1'') F 85 Mexico
    9  Haro Carlos 0 (0'0'') 93 Mexico
    7  Leon Ivan 175 (5'9'') PG 97 Mexico
    Head Coach: Eduardo Opezzo All-Mexican CIBACOPA Awards 2017 - Jul 12, 2017 All-Mexican CIBACOPA 1st Team 2017
    Nick Murphy
    Glen Rice Jr.
    Rice Jr.
    Myke Henry
    Sammy Yeager
    Michael Glover

    Finals MVP: Glen Rice Jr. (198-G/F-91) of Obregon
    Player of the Year: Glen Rice Jr. (198-G/F-91) of Obregon
    Guard of the Year: Glen Rice Jr. (198-G/F-91) of Obregon
    Forward of the Year: Sammy Yeager (193-F-89) of Guasave
    Center of the Year: Michael Glover (203-F/C-87) of Obregon
    Domestic Player of the Year: Gary Mondragon (91) of Guasave
    Import Player of the Year: Glen Rice Jr. (198-G/F-91) of Obregon
    Coach of the Year: Eduardo Opezzo of Obregon

    1st Team
    G: Nick Murphy (193-G-88) of Los Mochis
    G/F: Glen Rice Jr. (198-G/F-91) of Obregon
    F: Myke Henry (198-F-92) of Hermosillo
    F: Sammy Yeager (193-F-89) of Guasave
    F/C: Michael Glover (203-F/C-87) of Obregon

    2nd Team
    G/F: Marcus Morrison (198-G/F-84) of Tijuana
    F: Landon Atterberry (198-F-93) of Obregon
    F/G: Cliff Tucker (198-F/G-89) of Mazatlan
    F: Terrance Motley (201-F-91) of Los Mochis
    F: Travis Franklin (200-F-88) of Guasave

    Honorable Mention
    Jeremiah Wilson (205-PF-88) of Hermosillo
    Joseph Hutchingson (196-G/F-87) of Obregon
    Karim Scott (196-G/F-88) of Tijuana
    Cameron Forte (201-F-93) of Los Mochis
    Rashad Woods (197-G/F-86) of Guaymas
    Paul Marigney (192-G-82) of Guaymas
    Gary Mondragon (91) of Guasave
    Mychal Ammons (198-F-92) of Navolato
    Dwayne Mitchell (196-G/F-82) of Navolato
    Benjamin Puckett (205-C-83) of Culiacan
    Jordon Crawford (168-PG) of Durango
    Martin Samarco (190-G-85) of Durango

    All-Domestic Players Team
    G: Daniel Giron (175-G-89) of Guaymas
    : Gary Mondragon (91) of Guasave
    : Manuel Hernandez of Los Mochis
    G/F: Kareem Rodriguez (192-G/F) of Tijuana
    F: Jorge Camacho (203-F-89) of Hermosillo

    All-Imports Team
    G: Nick Murphy (193-G-88) of Los Mochis
    G/F: Glen Rice Jr. (198-G/F-91) of Obregon
    F: Myke Henry (198-F-92) of Hermosillo
    F: Sammy Yeager (193-F-89) of Guasave
    F/C: Michael Glover (203-F/C-87) of Obregon

    Halcones de Ciudad Obregon clinch CIBACOPA title - Jul 11, 2017

    Hermosillo - Obregon 100-111

    Obregon celebrated CIBACOPA title. They edged Hermosillo on the road in Game 5 of the title series to earn the trophy. Rayos de Hermosillo trailed 48-45 at halftime, rallying from a 32-18 deficit at the end of first quarter to trim the gap. Halcones de Ciudad Obregon shot 60.3 percent from the field. Halcones de Ciudad Obregon had a 28-15 advantage in offensive rebounds. They shot the lights out from three sinking 12 long-distance shots on high 52.2 percentage. Halcones de Ciudad Obregon looked well-organized offensively handing out 25 assists. The best player for the winners was American swingman Glen Rice-Jr (198-91, college: Georgia Tech) who had a triple-double by scoring 29 points, 18 rebounds and 17 assists. His fellow American import guard Kevin Capers (188-93, college: Florida Southern) chipped in 18 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists. American Jeremiah Wilson (205-88, college: Tarleton St.) produced a double-double by scoring 28 points and 14 rebounds and the former international point guard Steve Monreal (180-86, college: CS Monterey) added 15 points and 11 assists respectively for the hosts. Both teams had five players each who scored in double figures.
    Top scorers:
    Hermosillo: J.Wilson 28+14reb+1ast, M.Henry 18+5reb+3ast, E.Little 15+9reb+3ast, S.Monreal 15+2reb+11ast, A.Bell 12+7reb+1ast, J.Camacho 10+2reb+2ast
    Obregon: G.Rice Jr. 29+18reb+17ast, J.Hutchingson 26+2reb+1ast, R.Delgado 18+1reb+1ast, K.Capers 18+8reb+6ast, H.Carrillo 10+2reb, L.Atterberry 10+6reb
    gschID: 549826

    North overcomes South in CIBACOPA All Star Game, Jeffery Early MVP - May 14, 2017

    North overcame South 128-115 in All Star Game. North led 65-55 at the halftime and then increased to 90-79 with 10 minutes to go. Jeffery Jeff Early (190-G-88, college: S.Illinois) takes the night to be named MVP of the All-Star Game 2017. Steve Monreal (180-PG-86, college: CS Monterey) won three-point contest. Manny Hernandez (190-G/F, college: Lynchburg) took home the championship of the dunk contest of the All-Star Game 2017.

    Mexican CIBACOPA All-Star Game 2017 Rosters - May 13, 2017

    North All-Star Team

    Daniel Giron

    Rashad Woods

    Dominic Cheek

    Glen Rice Jr.
    Rice Jr.

    Landon Atterberry

    Daniel Giron (175-G-89) of Guaymas
    Rashad Woods (197-G/F-86) of Guaymas
    Jose Zesati (205-C-94) of Tijuana
    Dominic Cheek (198-G-91) of Tijuana
    Glen Rice Jr. (198-G/F-91) of Halcones
    Landon Atterberry (198-F-93) of Halcones
    Ivan Leon (97) of Halcones
    Manuel Hernandez of Pioneros
    Terrance Motley (201-F-91) of Pioneros
    Emmanuel Little (196-F-85) of Hermosillo
    Steve Monreal (180-PG-86) of Hermosillo
    Jorge Camacho (203-F-89) of Hermosillo

    Head Coach:
    Gene Crossof Hermosillo
    Coach Assistant: Eduardo Opezzoof Halcones

    South All-Star Team

    Sammy Yeager

    Travis Franklin

    Jordon Crawford

    Jesus Gonzalez

    Shane Edwards

    Sammy Yeager (193-F-89) of Guasave
    Travis Franklin (200-F-88) of Guasave
    Jordon Crawford (168-PG) of ADurango
    Irwin Avalos of Durango
    Benjamin Puckett (205-C-83) of Culican
    Adrian Jesus Villalobos (183-PG) of Culiacan
    William Flores of Culiacan
    Jesus Gonzalez (195-F-86) of Culiacan
    Shane Edwards (201-F-87) of Mazatlan
    Jorge Alfredo Casillas (196-G/F-90) of Mazaltan
    Eder Zuniga (190-SG-87) of Mazaltan
    Dwayne Mitchell (196-G/F-82) of Navolato

    Head Coach: Mario Andriolo of Culican
    Coach Assistant: Eric Weissling of Mazaltan

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