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Mexico Internationally
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LNBP Standings
 1. Fuerza Regia 32-4 
 2. Soles 23-13 
 3. Garzas 22-14 
 4. Toros 22-14 
 5. Panteras 19-17 
 6. Barreteros 17-19 
 7. Indios 15-21 
 8. Santos 14-22 
 9. Abejas 10-26 
 10. Correcaminos 6-30 
Season 2016-2017
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports
Points Per Game
 Kennedy JONES
  Avg: 29.5
 1. Jones, Correcam.29.5 
 2. Samarco, Santos26.7 
 3. Keenan, Soles24.0 
 4. Guzman, Abejas23.6 
 5. James, Toros18.9 
 6. Jones, Barreteros18.5 
 7. Romero, Panteras18.3 
 8. Weston, Santos18.2 
 9. Smith, Santos17.6 
 10. Laudermill, Correcam.17.2 
Rebounds Per Game
 Grandy GLAZE
  Avg: 12.3
 1. Glaze, Correcam.12.3 
 2. Weston, Santos10.9 
 3. Mattis, Abejas8.4 
 4. Akindele, Fuerza R.8.3 
 5. Romero, Panteras8.0 
 6. Mbodji, Indios7.9 
 7. Keenan, Soles7.6 
 8. Williams, Barreteros7.6 
 9. Mata, Toros7.4 
 10. Chism, Garzas7.3 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 7
 1. Perez-K., Soles7.0 
 2. Abreu, Panteras6.4 
 3. Manjarres, Garzas5.7 
 4. Bennett, Indios5.6 
 5. Samarco, Garzas5.1 
 6. Rivera, Fuerza R.4.8 
 7. Soto, Soles4.5 
 8. Nelson, Toros4.5 
 9. Rabb, Santos4.1 
 10. Meza, Soles4.0 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Bennett, Indios1.7 
 2. Abreu, Panteras1.7 
 3. Jones, Correcam.1.6 
 4. Martinez, Soles1.5 
 5. Manjarres, Garzas1.5 
 6. Samarco, Santos1.4 
 7. Anderson, Fuerza R.1.4 
 8. Marigney, Barre.1.3 
 9. Jones, Barreteros1.2 
 10. Martinez, Soles1.2 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.3
 1. Mattis, Abejas1.3 
 2. Weston, Santos1.2 
 3. Mbodji, Indios0.9 
 4. Rougeau, Toros0.9 
 5. Goodridge, Indios0.8 
 6. Chism, Garzas0.8 
 7. Williams, Barreteros0.8 
 8. Gutierrez, Panteras0.7 
 9. Orozco, Garzas0.7 
 10. Akindele, Fuerza R.0.7 
Player of the week

     Brandon Provost

    Mexico rally past Imports in LNBP All-Star Game (Photo: Facebook)

    Fuerza Regia celebrate LNBP title (Photo: LNBP)

    Fuerza Regia Monterrey 2016-17
    Paco Olmos Paco Olmos Olmos
    Andy Panko
    P.J. Reyes
    Juan Anderson
    Ricardo Sanchez
    Carlos Rivera
    # Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
     Panko Andy 203 (6'8'') F 77 USA
     Reyes P.J. 196 (6'5'') G/F 86 USA
     Anderson Juan 198 (6'6'') F 93 USA Mexico
     Sanchez Ricardo 212 (7'0'') C/F 87 Puerto Rico
     Rivera Carlos 187 (6'2'') PG 83 Puerto Rico
     Akindele Jeleel 216 (7'1'') C 83 Nigeria
     Guerrero Cezar 185 (6'1'') G 92 Mexico
     Hernandez Hector 205 (6'9'') PF 85 Mexico
     Parada Adam 213 (7'0'') C 81 Mexico
    21  Fuller Aaron 198 (6'6'') F 89 USA Mexico
    10  Giron Gabriel 190 (6'3'') G 88 Panama Mexico
    Head Coach: Paco Olmos All-Mexican LNBP Awards 2017 - Apr 11, 2017 All-Mexican LNBP 1st Team 2017
    Carl Jones
    Martin Samarco
    Andy Panko
    Sammy Yeager
    Justin Keenan

    Finals MVP: Hector Hernandez (205-PF-85) of Bayamon
    Player of the Year: Justin Keenan (202-F/C-88) of Soles
    Guard of the Year: Carl Jones (180-PG-91) of Barreteros
    Forward of the Year: Andy Panko (203-F-77) of Guaros
    Center of the Year: Justin Keenan (202-F/C-88) of Soles
    Domestic Player of the Year: Martin Samarco (190-G-85) of Durango
    Import Player of the Year: Justin Keenan (202-F/C-88) of Soles
    Coach of the Year: Paco Olmos of Fuerza Regia

    1st Team
    PG: Carl Jones (180-PG-91) of Barreteros
    G: Martin Samarco (190-G-85) of Durango
    F: Andy Panko (203-F-77) of Guaros
    F: Sammy Yeager (193-F-89) of Guasave
    F/C: Justin Keenan (202-F/C-88) of Soles

    2nd Team
    PG: Alexander Perez Kaufmann (191-PG-93) of Soles
    G: Paul Marigney (192-G-82) of Guaymas
    F: B.J. West (211-F-89) of Mayaguez
    PF: Hector Hernandez (205-PF-85) of Bayamon
    C: Jeleel Akindele (216-C-83) of Bayamon

    Honorable Mention
    Tyrone White (201-F-90) of Garzas
    Ismael Romero (203-C-91) of San German
    Carlos Rivera (187-PG-83) of Fuerza Regia
    Luke Martinez (193-G-90) of Soles
    Brody Manjarres of Garzas
    Fernando Benitez (204-F/C-89) of Panteras
    Jorge Camacho (203-F-89) of Hermosillo
    Arim Solares (202-F/C-83) of Indios
    Steffphon Pettigrew (196-F-89) of Penarol
    Grandy Glaze (204-F) of Culiacan
    Lorenzo Mata (205-C-86) of Toros

    All-Domestic Players Team
    PG: Alexander Perez Kaufmann (191-PG-93) of Soles
    G: Martin Samarco (190-G-85) of Durango
    PF: Hector Hernandez (205-PF-85) of Bayamon
    F: Juan Anderson (198-F-93) of Fuerza Regia
    F/C: Arim Solares (202-F/C-83) of Indios

    All-Imports Team
    PG: Carl Jones (180-PG-91) of Barreteros
    G: Paul Marigney (192-G-82) of Guaymas
    F: Andy Panko (203-F-77) of Guaros
    F: Sammy Yeager (193-F-89) of Guasave
    F/C: Justin Keenan (202-F/C-88) of Soles

    Fuerza Regia celebrate LNBP title - Apr 4, 2017

    Fuerza Regia - Soles 82-68

    Furze Regia celebrated LNBP title. They outgunned visiting Soles to conquer the trophy. The best player for the winners was the former international Hector Hernandez (205-85, college: Fresno St., agency: BeoBasket) who scored 18 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists. International forward Juan Anderson (198-93, college: Marquette) chipped in 10 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists. Four Fuerza Regia players scored in double figures. At the other side the best for losing team was point guard Alexander Perez-Kaufmann (191-93, agency: Pro Sports) who recorded 24 points and American power forward Justin Keenan (202-88, college: Ferris St.) added 14 points respectively.
    Top scorers:
    Fuerza Regia: H.Hernandez 18+7reb+4ast, A.Panko 15+3reb+3ast, C.Cortes 13+3reb+5ast, J.Anderson 10+8reb+6ast, A.Parada 8+6reb, A.Zamora 8+3reb
    Soles: A.Perez Kaufmann 24+4reb+3ast, J.Keenan 14+3reb+3ast, L.Martinez 10+4reb+2ast, S.Ibarra Aguirre 5+1ast, C.Perez 4+6reb, O.Richards 4+4reb+1ast
    gschID: 543355

    Mexico rally past Imports in LNBP All-Star Game - Dec 8, 2016

    Mexico - Imports 110:99

    Mexican players celebrated victory in the traditional LNBP All-Star Game. They outgunned Imports. Juan Anderson (198-F-93, college: Marquette) was named the MVP of the game. Mexico grabbed a 33:26 lead at the first break. They maintained the lead throughout the rest of the game and marched to a well-deserved victory. The game was preceded by the traditional contests. Justin Avalos (190-G-87, college: Western St.) claimed victory in Three-Point Shootout contest. Ismael Romero (203-C-91, agency: Paris Global Sports) celebrated victory in the Slam Dunk Contest.

    Mexican LNBP All-Star Game 2017 Rosters - Dec 9, 2016

    LNBP All-Star Game Mexican Team

    Eder Zuniga

    Martin Samarco

    Gabriel Giron

    Juan Anderson

    Roman Martinez

    Brody Manjarres of Garza
    Eder Zuniga (190-SG-87) of Abejas
    Martin Samarco (190-G-85) of Santos de San Luis
    Gabriel Giron (190-G-88) of Fuerza Regia
    Juan Anderson (198-F-93) of Fuerza Regia MVP
    Julio Martin del Campo of Correcaminos
    Roman Martinez (201-SF-88) of Soles
    Marco Ramos (198-F-87) of Toros
    Hector Hernandez (205-PF-85) of Fuerza Regia
    Fabian Jaimes (198-F-92) of Panteras
    Jorge Camacho (203-F-89) of Indios
    Israel Gutierrez (206-C-93) of Garzas
    Sergio Escobar (195-F-81) of Barreteros
    Jesus Gonzalez (195-F-86) of Santos

    Head Coach: Paco Olmos
    Coach Assistant: Allans Colon

    LNBP All-Star Game Import Team

    Wayne Chism

    Steffphon Pettigrew

    B.J. West

    Carlos Rivera

    Marcus Morrison

    Wayne Chism (206-PF-87) of Garzas
    Steffphon Pettigrew (196-F-89) of Abejas
    B.J. West (211-F-89) of Santos
    Carlos Rivera (187-PG-83) of Fuerza Regia
    Marcus Morrison (198-G/F-84) of Indios
    Kennedy Jones (201-F) of Correcaminos
    Justin Keenan (202-F/C-88) of Soles
    Rene Rougeau (198-F/G-86) of Toros
    Theron Laudermill (202-PF-89) of Correcaminos
    Alex Abreu (180-PG-91) of Panteras
    Paul Marigney (192-G-82) of Barreteros
    Earl Rabb (196-PG-87) of Santos
    Ismael Romero (203-C-91) of Panteras

    Head Coach: Alejandro Martinez of Soles
    Coach Assistant: Jose Martinez Boglio of Toros

    LNBP All-Star Game 3-Point Shootout

    Justin Avalos

    Roman Martinez

    Santiago Garay

    Theron Laudermill

    Tyrone White

    Justin Avalos (190-G-87) of Indios Winner
    Roman Martinez (201-SF-88) of Soles
    Santiago Garay (196-F-92) of Indios
    Theron Laudermill (202-PF-89) of Correcaminos
    Tyrone White (201-F-90) of Garzas

    LNBP All-Star Game Slam Dunk Contest

    Ismael Romero

    Marcus Morrison

    Juan Anderson

    B.J. West

    Edgar Garibay

    Ismael Romero (203-C-91) of Panteras Winner
    Julio Martin del Campo of Correcaminos
    Marcus Morrison (198-G/F-84) of Indios
    Juan Anderson (198-F-93) of Fuerza Regia
    B.J. West (211-F-89) of Santos
    Edgar Garibay (208-F-90) of Garzas
    P.J. Reyes (196-G/F-86) of Fuerza Regia

    by Greg
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