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Play-Off bracket1
Group A
1. Brazil 3-0
2. P.Rico 2-1
3. US V.Isl 1-2
4. Canada 0-3
Group B
1. Argenti. 2-1
2. Uruguay 2-1
3. USA 1-2
4. Panama 1-2

Final Standings
1. Brazil
2. P.Rico
3. Uruguay
4. Argenti.
5. USA
6. Panama
7. Canada
8. US V.Isl
Group A
1. Brazil 3-0
2. Canada 2-1
3. Jamaica 1-2
4. Mexico 0-3
Group B
1. USA 3-0
2. Cuba 2-1
3. Colombia 1-2
4. Argenti. 0-3
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Brazil won Panamerican Games 2007(Photo: rio2007)

Brazilian National Team 2007


da Rosa




4 Marcelinho Machado (200-F/G-75) of B.C. Zalgiris Kaunas (LTU)
5 Nezinho dos Santos (186-G-81) of Universo/BRB Brasilia
6 Murilo da Rosa (207-C-83) of Franca Sao Paulo
7 Marcus Dos Reis (211-F)
8 Marcelo Marcelinho Huertas (191-G-83) of DKV Joventut Badalona (ESP)
9 Valtinho Silva (187-G-77) of Unit/Uberlandia
12 Caio Silveira Torres (211-C-87) of MMT Estudiantes Madrid (ESP)
10 Alex Garcia (191-G-80) of Universo/BRB Brasilia
11 Guilherme Teichmann (204-F-83) of Winner/Limeira
13 J.P. Batista (206-F/C-81) of Lietuvos Rytas Vilnius (LTU)
14 Marcus Vinicius (207-F-84) of Tulsa 66ers (USA)
15 Paulo Prestes (208-C-88) of Clinicas Rincon Axarquia (ESP)
Head Coach: Aluisio Xavier Ferreira
Coach Assistants: Flavio Davis , Jorge Guerra

  Day 5: Brazil wins gold also in men tournament - Jul. 29, 2007 
Brazil can celebrate double gold in basketball as they won both men and women tournaments. In the final game of men tournament Brazil dfid not have any problems with Puerto Rico, getting 21-points victory (86-65). Host team with great support of local fans controlled the entire game. They took early lead 17-5 and at the end of first quarter, they were already 17 points ahead. They kept the lead and even increased it in the last quarter. Puerto Rican team seemed to give up on trying to catch with Brazilian players. Brazil was lead by Joao Paulo Batista (20), Marcelinho Machado (17) and Marcus Vinicius (14). The best for Puerto Rico were Angelo Reyes (14) and Joel Martin Jones (12).

Brazil won everything they could in both men and women tournament.
Puerto Rico achieved probably all they wanted. The most important game for them was the semifinal victory over Argentina after which they advanced to the finals.
In the bronze medal game Uruguay upset Argentina in overtime 99-93. Uruguay was in a raising mode after they won the game against Panama, while Argentina was on aloosing track after they were defeated first by USA and then lost in the semis to Puerto Rico. It was also a sweat revenge for 2-points loss in the group eliminations. This time the game looked similar to the first one, where Argentina took the lead and tried to maintain it thru the whole game. But Uruguay stayed always very close. The breaking point was the end of third quarter, when Uruguay speed up and came as close as just 1 point before the beginning of last period. Argentina managed to increase their lead slightly and just 2 minutes before the end of the game they had a comfortable 6-points lead. Then the real horror started. Many fouls, changes and desperate game from both teams. And here what happened: 3 seconds before the end of the game Argentina was still 3 points ahead. They focused on not allowing Uruguay players to hit 3-pointer. Uruguay captain Nociolas Mazzarino was fouled and got free throws. It would be unrealistic for Uruguay to steal the ball from Argentina and hit another shot in just 3 seconds. Uruguay coach Alberto Espasaddin immediately put on the court power forward Sebastian Izaguirre to increase the chances to rebound the ball. The option was to get 1 point, then miss another shot, rebound the ball and get the basket. Nice theory, which makes sense, but practically never works. But not tonight. It was exactly what happened. Mazzarino hits one shot, misses another, Izaguirre rebounds the ball and ties the game with easy 2-pointer. Argentina was devastated. And usually in such cases the overtime belongs to the team, which tied the game in last seconds. So that period belong to Urguya, which allowed Argentina to score first basket, but then took lead and only increased it till the overtime was over, ending the game 99-93. The top scorers for Uruguay were Fernando Martinez (24), Esteban Batista (16 and impressive 17 rebounds), and Leandro Garcia Morales (15). Argentina was lead by Diego Logrippo (24) and Facundo Sucatzky (14).
In the meaningless 5th position game, USA edged Panama 77-74. The top players for USA were Derrick Low (16), Shane Foster and Dewayne White, both with 14. On the loosing side Danilo Pinnock and Dionisio Gomez scored 17 points each.
The biggest upset of this year edition is performance of North American teams. USA was rulled out from the medal fight when they lost two first games. Then despite they improved their game (against lower ranked teams), it was way too late to be ranked higher.

Canada had probably the worst performance ever losing everything they could till the last game against Ivory Coast 69-60 where they avoided last place in the tournament. It's the only country among all Panamerican Games participants, which does not have it's own pro or even semi-pro league. So it's not a surprise that Canadian basketball is taken out of basketball map. Basketball Canada was not even able to organize this year edition of World Championships U19, probably the last hope of bringing any serious basketball events to the country. What a shame...

  Day 4: Brazil will face Puerto Rico in the final - Jul. 28, 2007 
We already know the finalsists of the Panamerican Games 2007. Host Brazil will face Puerto Rico in a grand final tomorrow evening.
In the semifinals Brazil had easy game against Uruguay 85-73, while Puerto Rico upset Argentina 89-80. Brazil was lead by duo Valter Silva (22 points) and Murilo Da Rosa (20). The top player for Uruguay was again their captain Nicolas Mazzarino (181-G-75, agency: Players Group), who had 19 points. In the other semifinal game where Puerto Rico shocked Argentina, the winning team tokok the lead at the very beginning and kept it for the rest of the game. Despite Argentina tried to storm Puerto Rican basket in the last minutes, it was way too late to reverse the result. Puerto Rican top scorers were their captain Jose Juan Barea (181-G-84, agency: KMG Sports Management, college: Northeastern) (25 points and 9 assists), Carmelo Lee (200-F-77, agency: Paris Global Sports, college: Long Beach St.) (15), Alejandro Carmona (194-G/F-83, agency: Edge Sports) (13) and Angelo Reyes (12 points and 12 assists). Ramon Gonzalez was the top player in Argentina with 23 points and 10 rebounds.

Brazilians look like the main favorite in the final game as they will be heavily supported by local fans. However Puerto Rico can be really unpredictable...

Argentina lost last two games and very badly needs to secure bronze against Uruguay. Argentina is still higher ranked and seems having a better team. However they last two loses, especially the one against weak U.S. team do not leave too high expectations.
In the 5-8 places qualifications Canada keep loosing everything they can, while this time they were edged by 1 point (68-67) by Panama. Panama will face USA in the 5th place game. USA beat Virgin Islands 84-68. Despite Americans lost to Panama in the Preliminaries, they are on the raising mode and are considered favorites in the 5th place game. Everything can happen in the game between Virgin Islands and Canada. Canada has nothing to lose after they were not able to win any game so far, including Preliminary Round loss to Virgin Islands.

  Day 3: Semifinals already known, Uruguay makes it in the last game - Jul. 27, 2007 
There was only one question in day 3 as 3 out of 4 semifinal teams were already known. The only interesting game was between Uruguay and Panama, where the winner gets the chance to play for the medal. Uruguay team won the game 76-68 and will face Brazil in the semis. The other pair is Argentina - Puerto Rico. Shame that no North American team made it to the semifinals.
In Group A there was fight for the top position (and better chances in the semis) between Puerto Rico and host Brazil. The game was very tough and Brazilians managed to get small victory by 3 points (97-94). Marcelo Machado was the top scorer for the winners with 25 points. He was helped by Marcus Vinicius (19) and Joao Paulo Batista (14). Puerto Rico's top player was again point guard Jose Juan Barea, who had 18 points and 10 assists. Canada lost so far everything they could as they were today defeated by Virgin Islands 74-67. Virgin Islands was lead by Carl Krauser and Cuthbert Victor with 20 and 18 points respectively. Jermaine Anderson (17) and Rans Brempong (11) were was best Canadian players.
The toughest game of the day took place in Group B. The winner of game between Uruguay and Panama would make it to the finals. Uruguayan team was better, despite Panamanian players were equal opponent for first half of the game. Uruguay managed to get bigger lead in the third quarter and carry it till the end. The hero of the evening was Uruguay captain Nicolas Mazzarino (181-G-75, agency: Players Group) (27), who was helped by Esteban Batista (20) and Martin Osimani (11). Four Panamanian players got double figures, while Jose Lloreda was the highest scorer with 18 points.

In other game in Group B, leader Argentina made a very nice gesture to depressed U.S. team, allowing them to get finally their first victory. The game was practically for nothing as Argentina already won the group, while USA ended at the last position. Just for the record: Argentina was lead by Roman Gonzalez, who had 21 points and 7 rebounds, while best U.S. player was Dewayne White with 22 points and 7 rebounds.

Day 3 Results:

Group A:
U.S. Virgin Islands - Canada 74-67
Brazil - Puerto Rico 97-94

Group B:
Argentina - USA 71-74
Uruguay - Panama 76-68

  Round 2: Puerto Rico, Argentina and host Brazil still undefeated - Jul. 26, 2007 
There are only 3 teams still undefeated: Puerto Rico, Argentina and host team Brazil.
In Group A there is a clear split into two top teams which already advanced to the semifinals: Brazil and Puerto Rico, and two bottom ones (Canada and U.S. Virgin Islands). This time Brazil got easy game against Canada crushing them by ...35 points. Murilo da Rosa (207-C-83) lead host team with 24 points and 7 rebounds, while Marcus Vinicius and Joao Batista helped with 14 and 12 points respectively. Only a son of former Canadian international (Leo) Andy Rautind scored double figures for Canada getting 16 points. Puerto Rico beat U.S. Virgin Islands 62-57 in much closer game. Alejandro Carmona lead Puerto Rico with 23 points and Peter John Ramos helped with double-double of 11 points and 10 rebounds. Angelo Reyes netted just 9 points, but grabbed 12 rebounds for the winners. Cuthbert Victor was the top player at losing side with 13 points and the same number of rebounds. After tomorrow's game there will be only one undefeated team when Brazil faces Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands would take 3rd place battle against Canada.
In Group B USA lost their second game, this time to Panama and they are at the bottom of their group. Argentina is the only undefeated team in Group B after they edged Uruguay 71-69. Diego Garcia (16) and Luis Cequeira (13) were top players for Argentina and Uruguay's top scorer was Leandro Garcia with 21 points. It seems that Latin teams broke the bareer of USA and now Panama show real class to future NBA stars, beating them easily 75-67. Panama was lead by Danilo Pinnock (23), Jair Peralta and Dionisio Gomez (11 points each), while the best for U.S. were Roy Hibbert (19) and Drew Neitzel (15). Tomorrow day in Group B should not be a big surprise. USA will face much stronger Argentina in the game for ...nothing. Argentina already won the group and USA will play for 5-8 places anyway. However the game between Panama and Uruguay will be a real treat. The winner will take a second place in the group and make it to the semifinals.

Day 2 games:
Group A:
Puerto Rico - U.S. Virgin Islands 62-57
Brazil - Canada 98-63
Group B:
Argentina - Uruguay 71-69
USA - Panama 67-75

  PanAmerican Games welcome men's basketball - Jul. 26, 2007 
Group A

Puerto Rico - Canada 82:63
Puerto Rican National team cruised past Canada in the opening game of the PanAmerican Games in Group A. The renowned basketball nation Puerto Rico had a flying start to the competition. They dismantle Canadian team 82:63 to go top in the Group.
Puerto Rico established a narrow 16:15 lead after the first frame. The gap grew deeper in the second when Canadian defence struggled to maintain Jose Juan Barea (181-G-84, agency: KMG Sports Management, college: Northeastern). Purto Rico ensured a 60:45 advantage after three quarters and entered the final frame confidently. Canada had little chances to cut the deficit throughout the final 10 minutes and had to surrender in the first game of the tournament.
Jose Juan Barea nailed 21 points and grabbed 5 boards for Puerto Rico. Joel Gomez added 13 points for the winners. Canada were paced by 13 points from Andy Rautins (196-G-86). Jermaine Anderson (185-G-83) chipped in 12 points in a loss. Puerto Rico outrebounded their opponents 49:33 and limited them to just 32% from the field.
Puerto Rico will next face Virgin Islands today. Canada will try to improve against Brazil later tonight.

Puerto Rico: Jose Juan Barea 21 points, Joel Gomez 13
Canada: Andy Rautins 13, Jermaine Anderson 12

Brazil - Virgin Islands 86:81
Brazil got to a winning start of the PanAmerican basketball tournament. A perfect team effort helped Brazil to edge Virgin Islands 86:81. Brazil dominated the game early on and drove to a 32:21 lead after the opening frame. Virgin Islands cut the deficit to 8 points at halftime 43:51. But Virgin Islands team slowly found their rhythm and came as close as 5 points after three quarters 62:67. However Brazil's offense delivered at the right time to secure a victory.
Murilo da Rosa (207-C-83) and Joao Batista scored 17 points apiece and combined 20 rebounds to lead Brazil. Marcelo Muertas added 16 points for the winners. Virgin Islands replied with game-high 21 points from Frank Elegar (206-C-86). Cuthbert Victor (196-G-83, college: Murray St.) and Kevin Sheppard (182-G-79, agency: Paris Global Sports, college: Jacksonville) produced 12 points apiece in a losing effort.
Brazil had an edge under the rims outrebounding Virgin Islands 35:29. Brazil also converted solid 50% from the field. Both teams committed 17 turnovers.
Brazil will face Canada in today's action. Virgin Islands will take on Purto Rico.

Brazil: Murilo da Rosa 17, Joao Batista 17, Marcelo Muertas 16
Virgin Islands: Frank Elegar 21, Cuthbert Victor 12, Kevin Sheppard 12

Group B

Argentina - Panama 76:71
Argentinean team started their PanAmerican Games campaign with a narrow win over Panama. They needed a specacular fourth frame comeback attempt to succeed in this one. Panama had a better start to the game as they led 19:8 after the opening frame. Argentina managed to cut the deficit a bit in the second quarter and went into the dressing room trailing by 4 points 25:29. Panama surged ahead at the start of the thrid quarter but Argentina withstood the punch and kept it at a striking distance. They tied the scoreline midway through the final stanza and rushed ahead in the late seconds to emerge as winners.
Diego Garcia (184-G-75) led Argentina with 18 points and 4 steals. Javier Bulfoni (192-G-76) added 15 points in a win. Panama responded with 23 points and 18 rebounds from Jaime Lloreda (203-F/C-80, agency: HM Sports Agency, college: LSU). Danilo Pinnock and Jair Peralta (178-G-76, college: Tennessee-Martin) had 11 points each in a defeat.
Panama outrebounded Argentina 43:33 and shot better from the field converting 42% comparing to 38% from Argentinean players. At the same time Panamanian players committed 27 turnovers and struggled to contain Argentinean long range artillery as they knocked down 10 three pointers.
Argentina will next take on the biggest news makers of the first day of competition Uruguay. Panama sees USA later tonight.

Argentina: Diego Garcia 18, Javier Bulfoni 15
Panama: Jaime Lloreda 23+18 boards, Danilo Pinnock 11, Jair Peralta 11

USA - Uruguay 72:81
Uruguay surprised the USA team in the first round of PanAmerican basketball competition. Grabbing the lead midway through the third quarter Uruguay never allowed United States to come within a striking distance and celebrated the first win at the tournament. Esteban Batista (208-F/C-83) topscored for Uruguay with 25 points and 7 rebounds. Nicolas Mazzarino (181-G-75, agency: Players Group) provided another 21 points for Latin American team. Dewayne White and Maarty Leunen (206-F-85) scored 14 points apiece to pace the USA. Scottie Reynolds (183-G-87) added 10 points in a loss.
USA dominated the boards 40:29, but struggled offensively. They committed 22 turnovers and shot 41% from the field, while Uruguay converted 51%.
USA will now face Panama, Uruguay takes on Argentina today.

USA: Dewayne White 14, Maarty Leunen 14, Scottie Reynolds 10
Uruguay: Esteban Batista 25, Nicolas Mazzarino 21.

  Crisis in U.S. men basketball - USA loses to Uruguay in Panamerican Games opener - Jul. 25, 2007 
The biggest surprise of day 1 of Panamerican Games is Uruguay victory over tournament favorite - U.S. team 81-72. It only confirms that the rest of the World already catch up with USA in basketball. The U.S. team does not have professional players. But it's a combination of college top stars, who will end in 2-3 years in the NBA. That was a good solution for many years as U.S. men team was able to dominate Panamerican Games for a long time. It ended few years ago. USA maybe did not decrease the level, but everyone around catch up with them. Basketball - the sport dominated for decades by USA finally become the global one. Just look shortly at the history. Few years ago there was World Club Championships sponsored by McDonalds. There was an event of top clubs (not national teams) from around the World, which played in one place. It was another opportunity for U.S. to prove their World dominance. They sent each time one of the weakest NBA teams, and they managed to win the tournament. But not for long... The gap decreased from year to year and finally NBA team needed overtime to win it. Then ...the tournament stopped and was never played again. Let's look at the U.S. national team. Not too many people remember time when few decades ago USA sent their top college team to international championships and they were able to win everything. Again, not for too long... Then they decided to include also professional players and real Dream Team era started. There is no question that first version of Dream Team (with stars like Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley) won all they wanted showing real class. Not for long... Next versions of Dream Team did not get as much respect as the first one. U.S. national team managed to get the victories, but similarly like in McDonald's Club Championships, the gap was shrinking very fast. Finally they started losing in both Olympic Games and World Championships. So what was the reason? Media tried hardly to prove the point of dominancy of U.S. basketball. They blamed too short preparation time, international rules, etc. But the loses become slowly a very common call for U.S. teams. First they were beaten by strong teams like Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Argentina and ...Puerto Rico. Now even Uruguay (with high respect to their attitude) can add to their records a vistory over U.S. team. Just recently they lost in World Championships U19 to Serbia. So together with their loss to Uruguay, the year started very bad for U.S. men national team. NBA is unquestionably the strongest league in the World and no one should have any doubt about it. But it's more and more common opinion that many Euroleague top teams can play successfully in the NBA. And worth to mention something else: do you remember the last final game of currently ended NBA season, where Spurs beat Cavaliers? 75% of the points for winning team was scored by ...non-U.S. born players (Duncan, Parket, Ginobili). Maybe it's a time for the NBA to look around for some more international help... Of course many of you can tell: let's wait for the Tournament of the Americas in Las Vegas, where pro players will represent U.S. Right, we should definitely look forward to it. But do not be surprised when U.S. team can get another "accident" at that tournament. They have a lot to prove this year.

Panamerican Games Day 1 results:
Canada - Puerto Rico 63-82
Brazil - U.S. Virgin Islands 86-81
Argentina - Panama 76-71
USA - Uruguay 72-81

  Puerto Rico dominates Canada - Jul. 25, 2007 
Puerto Rico - Canada 82-63
Puerto Rico dominates Canada 82-63.
Puerto Rico: Jose Juan Barea (181-G-84, college: Northeastern) led the Pureto Rican team with 21pts, Joel Jones (196-G/F-81, college: Sacramento St.) 13pts, and Ricky Sanchez (212-C-87) 11pts
Canada: Andy Rautins (196-G-86) 13pts
Puerto Rico won the first quarter of the game 16-15 and halftime: 42-30

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