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Puerto Rico Internationally

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Marcos Carlo
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BSN Standings
 1. Aguada 25-11 
 2. Fajardo 23-13 
 3. Quebradillas 20-16 
 4. Ponce 19-17 
 5. Arecibo 19-17 
 6. San German 17-19 
 7. Bayamon 16-20 
 8. Mayaguez 16-20 
 9. Guayama 14-22 
 10. Isabela 11-25 
Puerto Rican men teams in Latin cups 2016-2017
 Liga Americas:
Player of the week

     Davon Jefferson
    Season 2017
    All Games
    List of Players
    List of Imports
    Points Per Game
     Damien WILKINS
      Avg: 20.3
     1. Wilkins, Guayama20.3 
     2. Ebanks, San German20.2 
     3. Holloway, Quebradi.20.0 
     4. Liz, Ponce19.9 
     5. Harris, Ponce19.5 
     6. Costner, Isabela18.4 
     7. Warrick, Ponce17.8 
     8. Huertas, Arecibo17.4 
     9. Rosario, Quebradillas17.2 
     10. Laury, Mayaguez16.8 
    Rebounds Per Game
     Eric DAWSON
      Avg: 9.7
     1. Dawson, Ponce9.7 
     2. Akindele, Bayamon9.5 
     3. Laury, Mayaguez9.2 
     4. Famous, Isabela9.1 
     5. Romero, Bayamon8.9 
     6. James, Fajardo8.8 
     7. Clarke, Arecibo8.5 
     8. Jefferson, Arecibo8.5 
     9. Elonu, Arecibo8.2 
     10. Collier, Mayaguez8.0 
    Assists Per Game
      Avg: 8.2
     1. Holloway, Quebradi.8.2 
     2. Browne, San German7.7 
     3. Arroyo, Fajardo7.3 
     4. Abreu, Aguada6.0 
     5. Fitch, Quebradillas5.8 
     6. Smith, Quebradillas5.5 
     7. Patterson, Aguada5.4 
     8. Soto, Bayamon5.2 
     9. Guzman, Isabela5.2 
     10. Duran, Mayaguez4.6 
    Steals Per Game
     Damien WILKINS
      Avg: 1.7
     1. Wilkins, Guayama1.7 
     2. Liz, Ponce1.6 
     3. Hodge, Arecibo1.6 
     4. Behanan, Arecibo1.4 
     5. Abreu, Aguada1.4 
     6. Browne, San German1.3 
     7. Harris, Ponce1.3 
     8. Holloway, Quebradi.1.3 
     9. Fitch, Quebradillas1.2 
     10. Romero, Bayamon1.2 
    Blocks Per Game
     Shawn JAMES
      Avg: 2.6
     1. James, Fajardo2.6 
     2. Penn, Guayama2.1 
     3. Diaz, Quebradillas2.0 
     4. Elonu, Arecibo1.2 
     5. Orozco, Isabela1.1 
     6. Buckner, Fajardo1.1 
     7. Jefferson, Arecibo1.1 
     8. Lalanne, Arecibo1.1 
     9. Akindele, Bayamon1.0 
     10. Gaston, Aguada1.0 

    Piratas de Quebradillas wins the Puerto Rican BSN 2017 title (

    Piratas de Quebradillas 2017
    Javier Mojica
    Will Daniels
    Tu Holloway
    Alejandro Carmona
    Jorge Bryan Diaz
    # Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
    44  Mojica Javier 190 (6'3'') SG 84 USA Puerto Rico
    14  Daniels Will 202 (6'8'') F 86 USA
    0  Holloway Tu 182 (6'0'') G 89 USA
    12  Carmona Alejandro 194 (6'5'') G/F 83 Puerto Rico
    21  Diaz Jorge Bryan 210 (6'11'') C 89 Puerto Rico
    24  Chaney Richard 196 (6'5'') G 84 USA Puerto Rico
    5  Rosario Michael 190 (6'3'') SG 90 USA Puerto Rico
    27  Rodriguez Ernesto 178 (5'10'') G 90 Argentina
    15  Hernandez Luis 198 (6'6'') F 88 Puerto Rico
    7  Garcia Jonathan 183 (6'0'') G 87 Puerto Rico
    6  Gierbolini Joel 203 (6'8'') F 89 Mexico
    10  Jimenez Giovanni 187 (6'2'') PG 82 Puerto Rico
    13  Rosa-Clemente Angel 206 (6'9'') F/C 84 Puerto Rico
    22  Rosario Brian 180 (5'11'') G 96 Puerto Rico All-Puerto Rican BSN Awards 2017 - Aug 17, 2017 All-Puerto Rican BSN 1st Team 2017
    Gary Browne
    Victor Liz
    Damien Wilkins
    David Laury
    Jorge Bryan Diaz

    Finals MVP: Tu Holloway (182-G-89) of Quebradillas
    Player of the Year: Gary Browne (185-G-93) of Ironi Nes-Ziona
    Guard of the Year: Gary Browne (185-G-93) of Ironi Nes-Ziona
    Forward of the Year: Damien Wilkins (6'6''-G-80) of Indiana P.
    Center of the Year: Jorge Bryan Diaz (210-C-89) of Quebradillas
    Imported Player of the Year: Damien Wilkins (6'6''-G-80) of Indiana P.
    Domestic Player of the Year: Gary Browne (185-G-93) of Ironi Nes-Ziona
    Defensive Player of the Year: Gilberto Clavell (200-F-89) of Aguada
    Rookie of the Year: Chris Ortiz (203-F-93) of Fajardo
    Most Improved Player of the Year: Gary Browne (185-G-93) of Ironi Nes-Ziona
    Best Sixth Man of the Year: Chris Gaston (201-PF-89) of Aguada
    Coach of the Year: Wilhelmus Caanen of San German

    1st Team
    G: Gary Browne (185-G-93) of Ironi Nes-Ziona
    SG: Victor Liz (193-SG-86) of Metros STGO
    G: Damien Wilkins (6'6''-G-80) of Indiana P.
    F: David Laury (206-F-90) of Maccabi Ashdod
    C: Jorge Bryan Diaz (210-C-89) of Quebradillas

    2nd Team
    PG: Carlos Arroyo (188-PG-79) of Fajardo
    SG: Michael Rosario (190-SG-90) of Quebradillas
    G/F: David Huertas (195-G/F-87) of Arecibo
    C: Ismael Romero (203-C-91) of Hap.Haifa
    C: Jeleel Akindele (216-C-83) of Metros STGO

    Honorable Mention
    Isaac Sosa Carrion (190-G-90) of San German
    Alex Franklin (198-G/F-88) of San German
    Kyle Vinales (185-G-92) of Guayama
    Darnell Hinson (185-G-80) of Guayama
    Chinemelu Elonu (206-F/C-87) of AEK Athens
    Denis Clemente (183-PG-86) of Arecibo
    Davon Jefferson (204-F-86) of Arecibo
    Alexander Galindo (200-PF-85) of Bayamon
    Guillermo Diaz (188-G-85) of Arecibo
    Wil Martinez (188-G-92) of Isabela
    William Orozco (201-F-85) of Isabela
    Tyler Wilkerson (203-F-88) of Isabela
    Christian Dalmau (194-G-77) of Bayamon
    Elias Ayuso (190-SG-77) of Fajardo
    Miguel Ali Berdiel (198-G-83) of Fajardo
    Jose Rodriguez (201-F-92) of Mayaguez
    Tony Mitchell (198-SF-89) of Chongqing
    Angel Daniel Vassallo (198-G/F-86) of Ponce
    Alejandro Carmona (194-G/F-83) of Metros STGO
    Chris Gaston (201-PF-89) of Aguada
    Rigoberto Mendoza (190-G-92) of Estudiantes C.
    Lamar Patterson (196-G/F-91) of Fiat TO
    Devin Ebanks (206-F-89) of Mens Sana 1871
    Devon Collier (203-PF-91) of Poitiers
    Justin Keenan (202-F/C-88) of San Martin C.

    All-Imports Team
    G: Tu Holloway (182-G-89) of Quebradillas
    SF: Tony Mitchell (198-SF-89) of Chongqing
    G: Damien Wilkins (6'6''-G-80) of Indiana P.
    F: David Laury (206-F-90) of Maccabi Ashdod
    C: Jeleel Akindele (216-C-83) of Metros STGO

    All-Rookie Team
    PG: Marcus Fillyaw (185-PG-94) of Guayama
    PG: William Cruz (180-PG-95) of San German
    F: Derek Reese (201-F-93) of Ponce
    F: Chris Ortiz (203-F-93) of Fajardo
    : Philip Fournier (193) of Mayaguez

    All-Defensive Team
    G: Gary Browne (185-G-93) of Ironi Nes-Ziona
    SG: Victor Liz (193-SG-86) of Metros STGO
    G/F: Alex Franklin (198-G/F-88) of San German
    F: Gilberto Clavell (200-F-89) of Aguada
    PF: Devon Collier (203-PF-91) of Poitiers

    Piratas de Quebradillas claim BSN title - Aug 10, 2017

    Quebradillas - Arecibo 98-90

    Quebradillas are the new BSN champions. They overcame Arecibo in the decisive seventh game of the championship series. Capitanes trailed by 14 points at halftime and as many as 17 after three quarters before a 39-30 last quarter charge cut the deficit to 90-98 at the end of the game. Piratas made 28-of-32 free shots (87.5 percent) during the game. They looked well-organized offensively handing out 21 assists. Great defensive blocking was one of the keys in this match when Piratas made 8 blocks. Worth to mention a great performance of the former international swingman Alejandro Carmona (194-83) who helped to win the game recording a double-double by scoring 19 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists. American guard Tu Holloway (182-89, college: Xavier) contributed with 10 points and 9 assists for the winners and was named the MVP. The former international swingman David Huertas (195-87, college: Mississippi) answered with a double-double by scoring 23 points, 11 rebounds and 4 assists and American forward Davon Jefferson (204-86, college: USC) added 15 points and 10 rebounds in the effort for Capitanes. Five Piratas and four Capitanes players scored in double figures.
    Top scorers:
    Quebradillas: A.Carmona 19+12reb+4ast, M.Rosario 14+2reb+2ast, W.Daniels 13+5reb+1ast, J.Garcia 12+1reb+2ast, T.Holloway 10+3reb+9ast, J.Bryan Diaz 10+4reb
    Arecibo: D.Huertas 23+11reb+4ast, W.Hodge 17+1reb+7ast, D.Jefferson 15+10reb+2ast, A.Cruz 10+4ast, D.Clemente 9+1reb+1ast, C.Elonu 9+4reb+1ast
    gschID: 558173

    Team East celebrate victory in All-Star Game - May 29, 2017

    Team East - Team West 125:120

    Team East claimed victory in All-Star Game in Aguada. Victor Liz (193-SG-86) stepped up with 26 points to pace the winners. Carlos Arroyo (188-PG-79, college: FIU, agency: Interperformances) accounted for 3 points, 21 assists and 5 rebounds to be named the MVP.
    Team West grabbed a 25:19 lead after the first period. Team East sank 37 points in the second quarter to pull within 5 points. Team West drained 31 points in the third term to secure a 7-point advantage heading into the fourth quarter. But Team East erupted for 40 points in the final frame to snatch victory. Alexander Galindo (200-PF-85, college: FIU) delivered 20 points, while Damien Wilkins chipped in 18 points for the winners. Chris Gaston (201-PF-89, college: Fordham) responded with 36 points and 11 rebounds for Team West. Michael Rosario (190-SG-90, college: Florida) had 19 points in the loss.
    Isaac Sosa Carrion (190-G-90, college: Canisius) celebrated victory in Three-Point Shootout Contest, while Carlos Emory (196-F-91) claimed victory in Slam Dunk Contest.

    Puerto Rican BSN All-Star Game 2017 Rosters - Jun 5, 2017

    East All-Star Team

    Carlos Arroyo

    Victor Liz

    Carlos Emory

    Alexander Galindo

    Kleon Penn

    Carlos Arroyo (188-PG-79) of Cariduros de Fajardo
    Victor Liz (193-SG-86) of Leones de Ponce
    Carlos Emory (196-F-91) of Leones de Ponce
    Alexander Galindo (200-PF-85) of Vaqueros de Bayamon
    Kleon Penn (213-C-86) of Brujos de Guayama
    Alexis Colon (196-F/G) of Cariduros de Fajardo
    Miguel Ali Berdiel (198-G-83) of Cariduros de Fajardo
    Eric Dawson (206-F/C-84) of Leones de Ponce
    Ricardo Sanchez (212-PF-87) of Brujos de Guayama
    Damien Wilkins (198-G-80) of Brujos de Guayama
    Ismael Romero (203-C-91) of Vaqueros de Bayamon
    Johwen Villegas (193-F-85) of Vaqueros de Bayamon

    Head Coach: Allans Colon of Cariduros de Fajardo

    West All-Star Team

    Alex Abreu

    Rigoberto Mendoza

    Chris Gaston

    Jorge Bryan Diaz

    David Huertas

    Alex Abreu (180-PG-91) of Santeros de Aguada
    Rigoberto Mendoza (190-G-92) of Santeros de Aguada
    Gilberto Clavell (200-F-89)
    Chris Gaston (201-PF-89) of Santeros de Aguada
    Jorge Bryan Diaz (210-C-89) of Piratas de Quebradillas
    David Huertas (195-G/F-87) of Capitanes de Arecibo of Capitanes de Arecibo
    Denis Clemente (183-PG-86) of Capitanes de Arecibo
    Alejandro Carmona (194-G/F-83) of Piratas de Quebradillas
    Donta Smith (201-SF-83) of Piratas de Quebradillas
    Michael Rosario (190-SG-90) of Piratas de Quebradillas
    Gary Browne (185-G-93) of Atleticos de San German
    Devon Collier (203-PF-91) of Indios de Mayagueez

    Head Coach: Eddie Casiano of Santeros de Aguada

    by Igor
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