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Francisco Vega

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LPB Standings
Eastern Conference
 1. Marinos 21-15 
 2. Bucaneros 21-15 
 3. Guaiqueries 17-19 
 4. Gigantes 16-20 
 5. Panteras 15-21 
Western Conference
 1. Guaros 23-13 
 2. Cocodrilos 21-15 
 3. Trotamundos 19-17 
 4. Toros 15-21 
 5. Gaiteros 12-24 
Points Per Game
 Wendell MCKINES
  Avg: 23.1
 1. McKines, Cocodrilos23.1 
 2. Gilder, Panteras23.1 
 3. Bassett, Gaiteros21.1 
 4. Shannon, Gaiteros20.3 
 5. Liz, Humacao20.0 
 6. Elliott, Cocodrilos19.5 
 7. Cubillan, Trotamun.18.4 
 8. Glenn, Don Bosco17.9 
 9. Wilkins, Guaros17.7 
 10. Barrett, Toros17.3 
Rebounds Per Game
 Dwayne JONES
  Avg: 14.5
 1. Jones, Guaiqueries14.5 
 2. Sucre, Gigantes9.5 
 3. McKines, Cocodrilos9.2 
 4. Mitchell, Cocodril.8.3 
 5. Famous, Bucaneros8.2 
 6. Lang, Regatas C.8.1 
 7. Okosa, Cupes7.9 
 8. Curtis, Gigantes7.4 
 9. Davis, Gaiteros7.0 
 10. Glenn, Don Bosco6.8 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 6
 1. Cubillan, Trotamun.6.0 
 2. Guillent, Guaros5.8 
 3. Elliott, Cocodrilos5.2 
 4. Barrett, Toros5.1 
 5. Barrera, Marinos5.0 
 6. Hamilton, Bucan.4.6 
 7. Sheard, Gigantes4.2 
 8. Rivera, Mayaguez4.0 
 9. Dixon, Marinos3.9 
 10. Baez, Gaiteros3.7 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 2
 1. Elliott, Cocodrilos2.0 
 2. Coronado, Humacao1.8 
 3. Liz, Humacao1.7 
 4. Barrera, Marinos1.7 
 5. Rivera, Mayaguez1.5 
 6. Silva, Guaiqueries1.5 
 7. Carter, Toros1.5 
 8. Gilder, Panteras1.5 
 9. Withers, Panteras1.5 
 10. McKines, Cocodril.1.4 
Blocks Per Game
 Jeral DAVIS
  Avg: 3.1
 1. Davis, Gaiteros3.1 
 2. Mitchell, Cocodril.2.4 
 3. Penn, Guayama2.3 
 4. Oriakhi, Bucaneros1.8 
 5. Singlenton, Gigant.1.5 
 6. Davidson, Trotamun.1.4 
 7. Marriaga, Marinos1.2 
 8. Famous, Bucaneros1.1 
 9. Siler, Marinos1.0 
 10. Carrillo, Trotamu.1.0 
Season 2015-2016
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports
Venezuelan men teams in Latin cups 2015-2016
 Liga Sudamericana:
 Liga Americas:

Cocodrilos de Caracas celebrate the title (Photo: LPB)

Cocodrilos de Caracas 2015-16
Nestor Salazar Nestor Salazar Salazar
Carl Elliott
Wendell McKines
Tony Mitchell
Lenin Lopez
Cesar Garcia
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
9  Elliott Carl 193 (6'4'') G 83 USA
18  McKines Wendell 198 (6'6'') F 88 USA
31  Mitchell Tony 203 (6'8'') F 92 USA
1  Lopez Lenin 198 (6'6'') F 91 Venezuela
22  Garcia Cesar 175 (5'9'') G/F 89 Venezuela
2  Teixeira Moises 180 (5'11'') PG 92 Venezuela
15  Diaz Jovanni 195 (6'5'') G 92 Venezuela
30  Palacios Yochuar 196 (6'5'') F 85 Venezuela
3  Blanco Angel 0 (0'0'') 97 Venezuela
7  Palacios Nelson 196 (6'5'') SF 92 Venezuela
21  Brito Pedro 204 (6'9'') F/C 82 Venezuela
13  Rodriguez Jose 0 (0'0'') 0 Venezuela
17  Montes Leinfer 192 (6'4'') PG 94 Venezuela
Head Coach: Nestor Salazar
Coach Assistant: Gustavo Maza
Coach Assistant: Jose Dos Santos
Coach Assistant: Nelson Solorzano All-Venezuelan LPB Awards 2016 - Jun 2, 2016 All-Venezuelan LPB 1st Team 2016
David Cubillan
Carl Elliott
Trey Gilder
Axiers Sucre
Tony Mitchell

Finals MVP: Wendell McKines (198-F-88) of Cocodrilos
Player of the Year: Axiers Sucre (199-F-78) of Gigantes
Guard of the Year: David Cubillan (181-PG-87) of Trotamundos
Forward of the Year: Axiers Sucre (199-F-78) of Gigantes
Center of the Year: Tony Mitchell (203-F-92) of Guangxi
Imported Player of the Year: Carl Elliott (193-G-83) of Cocodrilos
Domestic Player of the Year: Axiers Sucre (199-F-78) of Gigantes
Defensive Player of the Year: Tony Mitchell (203-F-92) of Guangxi
Rookie of the Year: Emiro Hernandez (94) of Bucaneros
Most Improved Player of the Year: Yochuar Palacios (196-F-85) of Cocodrilos
Best Sixth Man of the Year: John Cox (194-G-81) of Bucaneros
Coach of the Year: Jesus Cordovez of Trotamundos

1st Team
PG: David Cubillan (181-PG-87) of Trotamundos
G: Carl Elliott (193-G-83) of Cocodrilos
SF: Trey Gilder (206-PF-85) of Panteras
F: Axiers Sucre (199-F-78) of Gigantes
C: Tony Mitchell (203-F-92) of Guangxi

2nd Team
PG: Andre Barrett (180-PG-82) of Toros
G: O'Darien Bassett (189-G-86) of Gaiteros
G: Damien Wilkins (198-G-80) of Guaros
F: Robert Glenn (203-PF-89) of Don Bosco
F/C: Garret Siler (213-C-86) of Marinos

Honorable Mention
Keyron Sheard (188-G-86) of Obregon
Dwayne Curtis (203-C-85) of Gigantes
Victor Liz (188-SG-86) of Humacao
Jezreel De Jesus (185-G-91) of Aguada
Dwight Lewis (197-SG-87) of Trotamundos
Tyshawn Taylor (191-G-90) of Guaros
Zach Graham (198-G-89) of Guaros
Gregory Echenique (206-C-90) of Guaros
Luis Bethelmy (200-F/C-86) of Guaros
Nestor Colmenares (203-PF-87) of Guaros
Juan Herrera (197-F-81) of Sabios
Diego Guevara (184-PG-77) of Marinos
Juan Coronado (193-G-83) of Humacao
Jesus Centeno (190-G-85) of Bucaneros
Martin Samarco (190-G-85) of Panteras

All-Domestic Players Team
PG: David Cubillan (181-PG-87) of Trotamundos
G: Jesus Centeno (190-G-85) of Bucaneros
PG: Dwight Lewis (197-SG-87) of Trotamundos
F: Axiers Sucre (199-F-78) of Gigantes
F/C: Gregory Echenique (206-C-90) of Guaros

All-Imports Team
PG: Andre Barrett (180-PG-82) of Toros
SG: Carl Elliott (193-G-83) of Cocodrilos
F: Trey Gilder (206-PF-85) of Panteras
SF/PF: Damien Wilkins (198-G-80) of Guaros
C: Tony Mitchell (203-F-92) of Guangxi

All-Rookies Team
G: Emiro Hernandez (94) of Bucaneros
PG: Edwin Mijares (186-G-94) of Toros
SF: Francisco Marquez (SF) of Trotamundos
PF: Jose Rodriguez of Cocodrilos
C: Luis Carrillo (202-F-93) of Trotamundos

LPB Round 7 of Finals. Cocodrilos de Caracas celebrate the title - May 21, 2016

Cocodrilos - Bucaneros 86-69

Cocodrilos de Caracas are named LPB champions. They overcame Bucaneros in the decisive seventh game of the championship series to conquer the title. The game was mostly controlled by Cocodrilos. Bucaneros managed to win third quarter 21-17. But it was not enough to take a lead and get a victory that evening. Americans were the main players on the court. It was a great evening for forward Wendell McKines (198-88, college: N.Mexico St.) who led his team to a victory with a double-double by scoring 27 points and 12 rebounds. Forward Tony Mitchell (203-92, college: N.Texas) helped adding 18 points and 10 rebounds. Five Cocodrilos players scored in double figures. At the losing side power forward Alex Oriakhi (208-90, college: Connecticut) responded with a double-double by scoring 14 points and 22 rebounds and swingman Justin Carter (193-87, college: Creighton, agency: Pensack Sports) scored 18 points and 6 rebounds (made all of his nine free throws !!!).
Top scorers:
Cocodrilos: W.McKines 27+12reb+3ast, T.Mitchell 18+10reb+1ast, C.Garcia 17+2reb+4ast, L.Lopez 11+7reb+2ast, C.Elliott 10+4reb+9ast, Y.Palacios 3+1reb
Bucaneros: J.Carter 18+6reb+3ast, A.Oriakhi 14+22reb+1ast, J.Centeno 13+2ast, D.Ivanov 9+6reb+2ast, C.Cedeno 7+1reb+2ast, J.Cox 6+4reb
gschID: 471641

Criollos edge Importados in LPB All-Star Game - Apr 3, 2016

Criollos - Importados 136:133

Criollos celebrated victory in the 2016 All-Star Game in Puerto La Cruz. Hector Romero (202-F/C-80, college: New Orleans) sank 27 points to pace the winners.
Criollos jumped to a 38:31 lead after the first period. They boosted the margin in the second frame. Criollos piled up a 72:60 halftime lead. Importados narrowed the deficit in the third term. They pulled within 4 points at the final intermission. Importados unleashed 38 points in the fourth quarter but could not avoid the loss. David Cubillan (181-PG-87, college: Marquette, agency: Pro Sports) finished with 14 points and 12 assists, while Gregory Echenique (206-C-90, college: Creighton, agency: Pensack Sports) added 14 points for Criollos. Robert Glenn (203-PF-89, college: IUPUI) responded with game-high 28 points for Importados. O'Darien Bassett (189-G-86, college: Troy) and Trey Gilder (206-PF-85, college: Northwestern St.) had 22 points each in the loss.
Leonardo Cappare (186-PG-80) celebrated victory in Three-Point Shootout Contest. Tony Mitchell (203-F-92, college: N.Texas) took Slam Dunk Contest crown.

Criollos: Hector Romero 27, David Cubillan 14+12 assists, Gregory Echenique 14
Importados: Robert Glenn 28, O'Darien Bassett 22, Trey Gilder 22

Venezuelan LPB All-Star Game Rosters - Apr 8, 2016

0 Gregory Echenique (206-C-90)
4 John Cox (194-G-81)
8 David Cubillan (181-PG-87)
11 Harold Cazorla (175-PG-91)
13 Axiers Sucre (199-F-78)
14 Oscar Torres (198-F/G-76)
15 Junior Martinez (200-F-92)
20 Jesus Centeno (190-G-85)
21 Dwight Lewis (197-SG-87)
27 Hector Romero (202-F/C-80)
28 Rafael Perez (193-G/F-82)
32 Francisco Centeno (201-F/G-85)

Head Coach: Nestor Salazar
Coach Assistant: Nelson Solorzano , Pedro Marrero

0 Jezreel De Jesus (185-G-91)
1 O'Darien Bassett (189-G-86)
2 Trey Gilder (206-PF-85)
3 Keyron Sheard (188-G-86)
9 Carl Elliott (193-G-83)
11 Andre Barrett (180-PG-82)
24 Robert Glenn (203-PF-89)
27 Jeral Davis (216-C-84)
30 Quinnel Brown (198-SF-83)
31 Tony Mitchell (203-F-92)
55 Garret Siler (213-C-86)

Head Coach: Luis Guil
Coach Assistant: Fernando Calero

by Greg
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