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Belize Internationally
David Magana
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Players/Coaches Movement in Belize in 2019
Check also Belizean Women Transfers and Transactions News

Updated on: April 23, 2019


Players Joined
 Lennox Bowman  (180-PG-86)  from Orange Walk RR (NEBL)  
 Shaquille Crawford  (183-F)  from Smart Belize H. (NEBL)  
 Lorenzo Dillard  (189-PG-95)  from Angelo St. (NCAA2)  
 John Kelly  (G)  from Orange Walk RR (NEBL)  
 Farron Louriano  (198-F-89)  from Belmopan B. (NEBL)  
 Elvis Olivera  (C92)  from Orange Walk RR (NEBL)  
 Auburn Rivero  (F)  from Smart Belize H. (NEBL)  
 Gregory Rudon  (181-SG-84)  from Belmopan B. (NEBL)  
 Mykeil Tzul  (183-PG)  from Kankakee CC (JUCO)  
 Matthew Young  (C)  from Orange Walk RR (NEBL)  
 Vince Young  (188-G)  from Orange Walk RR (NEBL)  
 Jamal Augustine  (F)  from Smart Belize H. (NEBL)  
 Ty Bradley  (183-G-85)  from Smart Belize H. (NEBL)  
 Rupert Brown  (170-PG)  from Western Ballaz (NEBL)  
 Mateo Gutierrez  (183-G-97)  from Belize City NL (NEBL)  
 Rasi Jenkins  USA Belizean (202-F/C-91)  from Belmopan B. (NEBL)  
 Jorrett Jones  (193-F-89)  from San Pedro T. (NEBL)  
 Nigel Jones  (201-C-90)  from LA Lakers (Eurobasket S.League)  
 Darwin Leslie  (191-F-81)  from Western Ballaz (NEBL)  
 Jacob Leslie  (183-G-84)  from Smart Belize H. (NEBL)  
 Lincey Lopez  (178-G-95)  from Belize City NL (NEBL)  
 Marcel Orosco  (G)  from Belize City NL (NEBL)  
 Danny Reynolds  (183-PG-84)  from Belize City NL (NEBL)  
 Gabriel Taylor  (F/G)  from Orange Walk RR (NEBL)  
Players Left
 Devontae Watson  USA (211-C-93)  to NCG Potros (Mexico)  
Free Agents
 Jamal Augustine  (F)
 Rupert Brown  (170-PG)
 Mateo Gutierrez  (183-G-97)
 Rasi Jenkins  USA Belizean (202-F/C-91)
 Jorett Jones  (F)
 Jorrett Jones  (193-F-89)
 Marcel Orosco  (G)
 Danny Reynolds  (183-PG-84)
 Gabriel Taylor  (F/G)

Players Joined
 Elbert Ariola  (G)  from Verdes (NEBL)  
 Jamie Carbajal  (G)  from Verdes (NEBL)  
 Brandon Flowers  (196-F-95)  from Dream Ballers (NEBL)  
 Jevonte Hughes  USA (196-C-93)  from Hertener Loewen (Germany)  
 Rassi Jenkins  (F)  from San Pedro T. (NEBL)  
 Kevon Laurie  (F)  from Dream Ballers (NEBL)  
 Daniel Nolberto  (G)  from Dream Ballers (NEBL)  
 Darnell Oden  (F)  from Verdes (NEBL)  
 Jamai Avila  (G91)  from Toledo D. (NEBL)  
 Leon Jacob  USA Belizean (191-G-84)  from Orange Walk RR (NEBL)  
 Travis Lennon  (193-G/F-89)  from Jaguars (Semi Pro League)  
Players Stayed
 Anfernee Lopez  (F)
 Jevaughn McKenzie  (G)
 Kyle Pascascio  (191-F)
Players Left
 Keith Acosta  (195-F-76)  to Bryant (NY) ()  
 Trevor Andrews-Evans  USA (201-C)  to Goga (Albania)  
 Edgar Mitchell  (G93)  to Dream Ballers (NEBL)  
Free Agents
 Jamai Avila  (G91)
 Leon Jacob  USA Belizean (191-G-84)
 Travis Lennon  (193-G/F-89)
 Brandon Williams  (F)
 Rhetton Belisle  (186-F)

Players Joined
 Quinton Bowen  (F)  from Belmopan B. (NEBL)  
 Daniel Conorque  (193-G-91)  from Ft.Hood WW (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Ray Cruz  (196-F)  from Smart Belize H. (NEBL)  
 Jamal Kelly  (G90)  from San Pedro T. (NEBL)  
 Geovanie Lennan  from Belmopan B. (NEBL)  
 Donell Arzu  (F)  from Dangriga W. (NEBL)  
 Macario Augustine  (C)  from Smart Belize H. (NEBL)  
 Zane Burgess  (F91)  from Thunderbolts (NEBL)  
 Nayib Casimiro  (F)  from San Pedro T. (NEBL)  
 Edgar Mitchell  (G93)  from Belmopan B. (NEBL)  
 Trevaughn Usher  (F)  from Dangriga W. (NEBL)  
Free Agents
 Howard Arzu  (F)
 Zane Burgess  (F91)

Players Joined
 Emani Enriquez  (F)  from Belmopan B. (NEBL)  
 Marcus Lewis  (193-F)  from Smart Belize H. (NEBL)  
 Delmore Sentino  from Belmopan B. (NEBL)  
 Isaiah Thomas  USA (188-PG-93)  from Isidro Metapan (El Salvador)  
 Julien Travis  from Verdes (NEBL)  
 Shemar White  (F)  from Verdes (NEBL)  
 Rahyme Sacasa  (F96)  from Belmopan B. (NEBL)  
Players Stayed
 Dedron Baptist  (G)
 Earl Johnson  (188-F)
 Randy Usher  (G)
 Raul Vanegas  (G)
 Roger Reneau  (F)
 Tyron Baptist  (G)
Free Agents
 E Carcamo  (F)
 Elias Crawford  (G)
 Rahyme Sacasa  (F96)
 Benedict Terry  (C)
 James Ewing  USA (198-C-90)

Players Joined
 Francis Arana  (PG97)  from Belize City D. (NEBL)  
 Kurt Burgess  (196-C-82)  from Smart Belize H. (NEBL)  
 Gene Myvett  USA Belizean (193-F-82)  from Verdes (NEBL)  
 Doug Penland  USA Belizean (191-F-68)  from Amistad (Bolivia)  
 Winston Pratt  (186-F-90)  from Belize City D. (NEBL)  
 Brandon Rogers  (191-F-86)  from Belize City D. (NEBL)  
 Kyle Young  (193-F)  from Smart Belize H. (NEBL)  
 Emory Bennett Jr.  (C)  from Smart Belize H. (NEBL)  
 Bernard Felix  (183-G-85)  from Belize City NL (NEBL)  
 Jihad Wright  (193-F-93)  from Campbell (NCAA)  
Players Stayed
 Ashton Edwards  (G89)
 Tyronne Edwards  (G84)
 Louis Pitterson  (F)
 Keith Pollard  (F)
 Douglas Valley  (194-F-95)
Players Left
 Nayib Casimiro  (F)  to Dream Ballers (NEBL)  
Free Agents
 Emory Bennett Jr.  (C)
 Bernard Felix  (183-G-85)
 Fiascal Hamed  (F)
 Afrie Black  (F)
 Densmore Edwards  (G)
 Raul Roches  (F91)

Players Joined
 Gregory Buckley  (C)  from Orange Walk RR (NEBL)  
 Devin Daly  (195-G-94)  from Amistad (Bolivia)  
 Jordan Daniels  (203-PF)  from Allen (NAIA)  
 Shannon Fowler  (203-F-93)  from Mt.S.Antonio JC (JUCO)  
 Tyrie Orosco  (196-PG)  from Southeastern CC (JUCO)  
 Stephen Williams  (188-SF-83)  from Belmopan B. (NEBL)  
 Ryan Zuniga  (188-F-89)  from Belmopan B. (NEBL)  
 Devin Daley  (G)  from Belmopan B. (NEBL)  
 Tyson Reynold  (205-C-92)  from W.Illinois (NCAA)  
 Akeem Trapp  (G)  from Dangriga W. (NEBL)  
Players Stayed
 Eyan Rene  (186-G)
 Glency Lopez  (G97)
 Akeem Watters  (186-F-95)
 Ervin Orosco  (G)
 Brian White  (196-PF-95)
Players Left
 Macario Augustine  (C)  to Dream Ballers (NEBL)  
 Ty Bradley  (183-G-85)  to Belize City D. (NEBL)  
 Jacob Leslie  (183-G-84)  to Belize City D. (NEBL)  
 Nicolas Phillips  (201-F/C)  to Sinclair CC (JUCO)  
Free Agents
 Monsell Crawford
 Devin Daley  (G)
 OG Bobby Johnson
 Keith Raymond
 Tyson Reynold  USA (205-C-92)
 Avery Gordon

Players Joined
 Johan Cutto Bermudez  (G)  from Western Ballaz (NEBL)  
 Raheem Crawford  (G)  from Western Ballaz (NEBL)  
 Davis Guzman  (F)  from Dream Ballers (NEBL)  
 Tyrone Hall  USA Belizean (190-C/F-90)  from Porterville JC (JUCO)  
 Jamaal Harris  (SF)  from Belmopan B. (NEBL)  
 Lisaney Lambey  (G)  from Dream Ballers (NEBL)  
 Travis Lennan  (F)  from Belmopan B. (NEBL)  
 Leroy Louriano  (173-PG-91)  from Belmopan B. (NEBL)  
 Andrew Ortiz  (F)  from Smart Belize H. (NEBL)  
 Allison Rivers  (G)  from Belmopan B. (NEBL)  
Players Stayed
 Elsworth Itza  (C83)
 Elvis Usher  (F)
 Richard Troyer  (196-F-84)
Free Agents
 Alejandro Baptist  (186-G/F-94)
 Antwon McFadzean  (F)
 Allison Rivers  (G)
 Isaiah Thomas  (G)
 Cecil Gordon  (F)
 Jamal Harris  (191-F)
 Ivan Stanley Flowers  (G)

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