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Brazil Internationally
Paulo Freire
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NBB Standings
 1. Flamengo 25-3 
 2. Paulistano 24-4 
 3. Franca 22-6 
 4. Mogi 19-9 
 5. Caxias do Sul 16-12 
 6. Bauru 16-12 
 7. Pinheiros 15-13 
 8. Vitoria 14-14 
 9. Minas 14-14 
 10. B.Cearense 12-16 
 11. Vasco Da G. 12-16 
 12. Botafogo F.R. 7-21 
 13. Joinville 7-21 
 14. Campo Mourao 4-24 
 15. L.Sorocaba 3-25 
Season 2017-2018
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports
Brazilian men teams in Latin cups 2017-2018
 Liga Americas:
Points Per Game
 Marquinhos VIEIRA
  Avg: 17.9
 1. Vieira, Flamengo17.9 
 2. Stallworth, Mogi16.1 
 3. dos-Santos, Caxias d.16.1 
 4. Holloway, Pinheiros15.9 
 5. Hettsheimer, Bauru15.8 
 6. Jackson, Vasco D.15.4 
 7. Stocks, Joinville14.7 
 8. Smith, Botafogo.14.6 
 9. Garcia, Bauru14.2 
 10. Cook, L.Sorocaba14.1 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 8.9
 1. Klassmann, B.Cea.8.9 
 2. de-Souza, Caxias d.7.0 
 3. Ansaloni, Pinheiros6.9 
 4. Curnell, Mogi6.8 
 5. Teichmann, Minas6.7 
 6. Varejao, Flamengo6.7 
 7. Fiorotto, B.Cea.6.6 
 8. Hettsheimer, Bauru6.4 
 9. Batista, Flamengo6.1 
 10. Nesbitt, Paulistano6.1 
Assists Per Game
 George Yeye TORRES
  Avg: 7.1
 1. Torres, Minas7.1 
 2. Corazza, Paulistano6.3 
 3. Garcia, Bauru5.7 
 4. de-Assis, Vasco D.5.1 
 5. Stocks, Joinville4.8 
 6. Taylor, Mogi4.7 
 7. Brown, Campo M.4.5 
 8. Smith, Botafogo.4.4 
 9. Rossetto, B.Cea.4.2 
 10. Bresolin, Vitoria4.1 
Steals Per Game
 Deonta STOCKS
  Avg: 3.6
 1. Stocks, Joinville3.6 
 2. dos-Santos, Caxias d.2.0 
 3. Froehlich, Joinville1.7 
 4. Brite, L.Sorocaba1.7 
 5. Bresolin, Vitoria1.7 
 6. Teichmann, Minas1.7 
 7. Taylor, Mogi1.6 
 8. Bennett, Pinheiros1.5 
 9. Rossetto, B.Cea.1.5 
 10. Dawkins, Vitoria1.4 
Blocks Per Game
  Campo M.
  Avg: 1.1
 1. Mathias, Campo M.1.1 
 2. Teichmann, Minas1.1 
 3. Lenz, Bauru0.9 
 4. Coimbra, Botafogo.0.9 
 5. Klassmann, B.Cea.0.8 
 6. Silva, Paulistano0.8 
 7. Varejao, Flamengo0.7 
 8. Kurtz, Vitoria0.7 
 9. Santos, Botafogo.0.7 
 10. Sena, Mogi0.6 
Player of the week

     Germerson Barbosa

    Team Brazil edge Team World in NBB All-Star Game (Photo: Twitter)

    Paulistano are crowned NBB champions (Photo: Twitter)

    Paulistano/Unimed Sao Paolo 2017-18
    Gustavo Conti Gustavo Conti Conti
    Kyle Fuller
    Lucas Dias Silva
    Dias Silva
    Jhonatan Luz dos Santos
    Luz dos Santos
    Eddy Carvalho
    Guilherme Hubner
    # Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
    11  Fuller Kyle 185 (6'1'') PG 92 USA Peru
    9  Dias Silva Lucas 209 (6'10'') F 95 Brazil
    13  Doria Alex 205 (6'9'') F 97 Brazil
    7  Luz dos Santos Jhonatan 196 (6'5'') SF 87 Brazil
    33  Carvalho Eddy 196 (6'5'') SF 87 Brazil
    77  Hubner Guilherme 208 (6'10'') C 87 Brazil
    5  Corazza Elio 193 (6'4'') PG 89 Brazil
    17  Sommer Eduardo 204 (6'9'') F 94 Brazil
    10  Camilo Victor 203 (6'8'') F/C 97 Brazil
    2  Dos Santos Yago 178 (5'10'') PG 99 Brazil
    25  Nesbitt David 200 (6'7'') F 91 Bahamas
    19  Ramos Deryk 185 (6'1'') PG 94 Brazil
    3  Penteado Danilo 201 (6'7'') F 99 Brazil
    20  Andre Dikembe 202 (6'8'') F 99 Brazil
    35  Sacco Luis Fernando 180 (5'11'') PG 97 Brazil
    Head Coach: Gustavo Conti
    Coach Assistant: Roberto Francisco Jayme
    Coach Assistant: Gustavo Roder All-Brazilian League Awards 2018 - Jun 29, 2018 All-Brazilian League 1st Team 2018
    Elio Corazza
    Caue Borges dos Santos
    dos Santos
    Marquinhos Vieira
    Tyrone Curnell
    Rafael Hettsheimer

    Player of the Year: Shamell Stallworth (195-SG-80) of Mogi
    Guard of the Year: Caue Borges dos Santos (187-G-91) of Botafogo F.R.
    Forward of the Year: Marquinhos Vieira (207-SF-84) of Flamengo
    Center of the Year: Rafael Hettsheimer (206-C-86) of Franca
    Import Player of the Year: Tyrone Curnell (203-F-88) of Mogi
    Domestic Player of the Year: Marquinhos Vieira (207-SF-84) of Flamengo
    Defensive Player of the Year: Jimmy Oliveira (191-SG-90) of Franca
    Young Player of the Year: Gabriel Galvanini (203-SF-98) of Bauru
    Sixth Player of the Year: Deryk Ramos (185-G-94) of Flamengo
    Most Improved Player of the Year: Wesley Ferreira (201-F-95) of Minas
    Coach of the Year: Gustavo Conti of Flamengo

    1st Team
    PG: Elio Corazza (193-PG-89) of Franca
    G: Caue Borges dos Santos (187-G-91) of Botafogo F.R.
    SF: Marquinhos Vieira (207-SF-84) of Flamengo
    F: Tyrone Curnell (203-F-88) of Mogi
    C: Rafael Hettsheimer (206-C-86) of Franca

    2nd Team
    PG: Deonta Stocks (185-G-88) of Joinville
    G: David Jackson (195-SG-82) of Vasco Da G.
    SG: Shamell Stallworth (195-SG-80) of Mogi
    SF: Alex Garcia (191-G-80) of Bauru
    C/F: Leonardo Klassmann (208-C-89) of B.Cearense

    Honorable Mention
    Alexandre de Souza (202-SF-92) of Minas
    George Yeye Torres (188-PG-91) of Minas
    Greg Brown (188-G-94) of Campo Mourao
    Anton Cook (188-G-95) of L.Sorocaba
    Leonardo Meindl (201-SF-93) of Paulistano
    Lucas Silva (209-F-95) of Franca
    Wesley Ferreira (201-F-95) of Minas
    Atila Santos (208-C-83) of Botafogo F.R.

    All-Domestic Players Team
    PG: Elio Corazza (193-PG-89) of Franca
    G: Caue Borges dos Santos (187-G-91) of Botafogo F.R.
    SF: Marquinhos Vieira (207-SF-84) of Flamengo
    PF: Rafael Hettsheimer (206-C-86) of Franca
    C: Leonardo Klassmann (208-C-89) of B.Cearense

    All-Imports Team
    PG: Deonta Stocks (185-G-88) of Joinville
    G: David Jackson (195-SG-82) of Vasco Da G.
    SG: Shamell Stallworth (195-SG-80) of Mogi
    G: Desmond Holloway (191-G-90) of Vasco Da G.
    F: David Nesbitt (200-F-91) of Flamengo

    All-Defensive Team
    PG: Deonta Stocks (185-G-88) of Joinville
    SG: Jimmy Oliveira (191-SG-90) of Franca
    SF: Alex Garcia (191-G-80) of Bauru
    SF: Alexandre de Souza (202-SF-92) of Minas
    C: Leonardo Klassmann (208-C-89) of B.Cearense

    Paulistano are crowned NBB champions - Jun 3, 2018

    Mogi - Paulistano 76-82

    Paulistano are the new NBB champions. They overcame Mogi das Cruzes in the fourth game of the Finals to win the series 3-1. Worth to mention a great performance of international point guard Yago Dos-Santos (178-99) who helped to win the game recording 21 points and 5 rebounds. International forward Lucas Silva (209-95) contributed with 20 points and 5 rebounds for the winners. International Jimmy Oliveira (191-90) replied with 28 points and 9 rebounds and the former international point guard Larry Taylor (185-80, college: Missouri Western) added 16 points and 6 rebounds in the effort for Mogi. Both coaches used bench players which allowed the starters a little rest for the next games.
    Top scorers:
    Mogi: J.Oliveira 28+9reb+2ast, L.Taylor 16+6reb+3ast, S.Stallworth 13+5reb+3ast, C.Silveira 7, T.Curnell 5+4reb+3ast, F.Russo 3+5reb+2ast
    Paulistano: Y.Dos Santos 21+5reb+1ast, L.Silva 20+5reb+1ast, G.Hubner 13+7reb, D.Ramos 9+1reb+5ast, E.Corazza 6+3ast, D.Nesbitt 5+3reb+2ast
    gschID: 631352

    Brazilian All-Star Game 2018 Rosters - Mar 22, 2018

    Brasil All-Star Team
    Marquinhos Vieira
    Rafael Hettsheimer
    Anderson Varejao
    Marcelo Machado
    Yago Dos Santos
    Dos Santos

    Marquinhos Vieira (207-SF-84) of Flamengo
    Rafael Hettsheimer (206-C-86) of Bauru
    Anderson Varejao (211-C-82) of Flamengo MVP
    Marcelo Machado (201-SG-75) of Flamengo
    Yago Dos Santos (178-PG-99) of Sao Paolo
    Larry Taylor (185-PG-80) of Mogi
    Elio Corazza (193-PG-89) of Paulistano
    Alex Garcia (191-G-80) of Bauru
    Rafael Mineiro (208-F-88) of Sao Paulo
    Joao Paulo Batista (205-C/F-81) of Flamengo
    George Yeye Torres (188-PG-91) of Minas
    Caue Borges dos Santos (180-G-91) of Caxias
    Leandro Barbosa (190-PG-82) of Sao Paulo

    Mundo All-Star Team
    M.J. Rhett
    Shamell Stallworth
    David Jackson
    Cordero Bennett
    Tyrone Curnell
    Team Brazil edge Team World in NBB All-Star Game - Mar 21, 2018

    Team Brazil - Team World 130:121

    Team Brazil celebrated victory in the annual NBB All-Star Game. Anderson Varejao (211-C-82) was named the MVP. He finished with 18 for the winners.
    Team Brazil sank 37 points in the first period to take a 2-point lead. They extended the lead in the second term. Team Brazil accumulated a 71:61 halftime lead. Team World denied the deficit in the third quarter. They eked out a one-point lead heading into the fourth term. But Team Brazil went on a 34:24 run in the fourth period to seal the victory. Marquinhos Vieira (207-SF-84) posted game-high 29 points, while Rafael Hettsheimer (206-C-86) added 25 points for the winners. M.J. Rhett (206-PF-92, college: Mississippi) answered with 25 points for Team World. Shamell Stallworth (195-SG-80, college: USF, agency: Interperformances) tossed in 19 points in the loss.
    Rafael Hettsheimer clinched victory in Three-Point Shootout Contest, while Guilherme Bento (195-G-97) celebrated the Slam Dunk Contest crown.

    by Greg
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