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CAC Games Standings
 1. Cuba
 2. P.Rico
 3. Mexico
 4. Dominican R.
 5. Trinid/T.
 6. El Salvado.
 7. Costa Rica.
 8. Jamaica
CAC Games Stage One Standings
Group A
 1. P.Rico 3-0 
 2. Mexico 2-1 
 3. El Salvado. 1-2 
 4. Costa Rica. 0-3 
Group B
 1. Cuba 3-0 
 2. Dominican R. 2-1 
 3. Trinid/T. 1-2 
 4. Jamaica 0-3 
Points Per Game
  MEX N.
  Avg: 18.8
 1. Valenzuela, MEX N.18.8 
 2. Amargo, Sancti S.17.4 
 3. Calderon, Survivor17.0 
 4. Edwards, Strak.16.8 
 5. Galvez, Coronado16.6 
 6. Valentin, Carolina15.6 
 7. Garcia, Manatee15.0 
 8. Martinez, Survivor14.0 
 9. Noel, Oklah.Baptist13.4 
 10. Noblet, Guantana.13.2 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 12.6
 1. Matamoros, Coron.12.6 
 2. Noel, Oklah.Baptist10.8 
 3. Valenzuela, MEX N.10.2 
 4. Wallace, Police SC9.2 
 5. Jones, Carolina9.0 
 6. Escobar, UD.8.2 
 7. Edwards, Strak.8.0 
 8. Smith, Lombos Q.7.5 
 9. Noblet, Guantanamo7.4 
 10. LaTouche, George7.2 
Assists Per Game
 Yahimily CABRERA
  Avg: 6.2
 1. Cabrera, Carolina6.2 
 2. Gelis, Maranhao5.4 
 3. Codio, Pacers4.8 
 4. Casanova, Santiago3.8 
 5. Rodriguez, Wisc.-.3.8 
 6. Campos, Survivor3.4 
 7. Smith, Lombos Q.3.0 
 8. Delgado, Santurce2.8 
 9. Torre, UTPA2.6 
 10. Cortijo, Carolina2.5 
Steals Per Game
 Bianca TORRE
  Avg: 2
 1. Torre, UTPA2.0 
 2. Cortijo, Carolina1.8 
 3. Ortega, Colors1.8 
 4. Wallace, Police SC1.6 
 5. Casanova, Santiago1.6 
 6. Smith, Lombos Q.1.5 
 7. Noel, Oklah.Baptist1.4 
 8. Oquendo, Camaguey1.4 
 9. Valentin, Carolina1.2 
 10. Cepeda, Sancti S.1.2 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.8
 1. Matamoros, Coron.1.8 
 2. Smith, Lombos Q.1.3 
 3. Wallace, Police SC1.0 
 4. Povea, Pinar del R.0.8 
 5. Lara, CE.0.8 
 6. Gutierrez, Pumas C.0.6 
 7. Cascante, CRC N.0.5 
 8. Robinson, Ballers0.5 
 9. Garcia, Manatee0.4 
 10. Valenzuela, MEX N.0.4 

Cuba celebrate title in Veracruz (Photo: FIBA Americas)

Starting Five in BOLD letters
Starting five
Francy Ochoa
Yamara Amargo
Marlenis Cepeda
Clenia Noblet
Leidys Oquendo
4 Francy Ochoa 185-F-90 Villa Clara Cuba
5 Ineidis Casanova 165-PG-88 Santiago Cuba
6 Anisleidy Galindo 179-SG-89 Pinar del Rio Cuba
7 Oyanaisy Gelis 172-SG-83 Santiago Cuba
8 Arlenys Romero 176-PG-84 Pinar del Rio Cuba
9 Yamara Amargo 179-PF-85 Sancti Spiritus Cuba
10 Arlety Povea 186-PF-84 Pinar del Rio Cuba
11 Marlenis Cepeda 193-C-85 Sancti Spiritus Cuba
12 Clenia Noblet 190-C-87 Guantanamo Cuba
13 Taymi Fernandez 183-PF-82 Pinar del Rio Cuba
14 Leidys Oquendo 180-F-82 Camaguey Cuba
15 Suchitel Avila 184-PF-82 Capitalinas Cuba

Alberto Zabala Head Coach All-Central American and Caribbean Games Awards 2014 - Dec 1, 2014 All-Central American and Caribbean Games 1st Team 2014
Yahimily Cabrera
Oyanaisy Gelis
Cynthia Valentin
Yamara Amargo
Jazmin Valenzuela

MVP: Yamara Amargo (179-PF-85) of Cuba
Best Guard: Cynthia Valentin (174-SG-84) of Carolina
Best Forward: Yamara Amargo (179-PF-85) of
Best Center: Jazmin Valenzuela (187-C) of Mexico

1st Team
G: Yahimily Cabrera (173-G-82) of P. Rico
SG: Oyanaisy Gelis (172-SG-83) of
SG: Cynthia Valentin (174-SG-84) of Carolina
PF: Yamara Amargo (179-PF-85) of Cuba
C: Jazmin Valenzuela (187-C) of

2nd Team
G: Yahimily Cabrera (173-G-82) of
P. Rico
PG: Yamel Abreu (170-PG-95) of
Dom. Rep.
PG: Ineidis Casanova (165-PG-88) of
F: Andreina Paniagua (191-F-78) of Dom. Rep.
C: Sandra Garcia (190-C-90) of
P. Rico

Honorable Mention
Natalia Galvez (170-G-85) of Costa Rica
Ana Matamoros (190-C-95) of Costa Rica
Samantha Wallace (190-C) of Trinidad and Tobago
Clenia Noblet (190-C-87) of

Cuba celebrate title in Veracruz - Nov 24, 2014

Cuba - Puerto Rico 81:67

Cuba earned the Central American and Caribbean Games title. They overcame Puerto Rico in the Final. Clenia Noblet (190-C-87) tallied 20 points and 8 rebounds to lead the winners.
Cuba sank 25 points in the opening quarter to gain a 5-point lead. Cuba held Puerto Rico to just 11 points in the second frame to take a 39:31 halftime lead. Cuba stayed in charge throughout the third term. They entered the final period up by 14 points 61:47. Puerto Rico dropped 20 points in the fourth period but could not avoid the defeat. Yamara Amargo (179-PF-85) had 16 points, while Leidys Oquendo (180-F-82) added 14 points for the champions. Carla Cortijo (172-G-87, agency: Gamble Sports Management, college: Texas) and Cynthia Valentin (174-SG-84, college: Indiana) responded with 21 points each for Puerto Rico.

Cuba: Clenia Noblet 20, Yamara Amargo 16, Leidys Oquendo 14
Puerto Rico: Carla Cortijo 21, Cynthia Valentin 21

Cuba and Puerto Rico reach Final in Veracruz - Nov 23, 2014

Cuba - Mexico 84-61
Cuba coasted past Mexico to book the place in the Final. Yamara Amargo (179-PF-85) led well-balanced with 16 points. Cuba recorded a 44:25 halftime lead. They kept the hosts at distance throughout the second half and cruised to the victory at the end. Clenia Noblet (190-C-87) delivered 14 points for the winners. Jazmin Valenzuela (187-C) responded with 14 points for Mexico. Angela Rodriguez (173-G-91, agency: Merit Management Group) had 13 points in the losing effort.

Puerto Rico - Dominican Republic 73-51
Puerto Rico overcame Dominican Republic in the semifinal clash in Veracruz. Cynthia Valentin (174-SG-84, college: Indiana) scored 18 points to lead the winners. Dominican Republic eked out a 13:12 lead after the opening quarter. But Puerto Rico spurred ahead to take a 35:29 halftime lead. Puerto Rico went on a 22:11 run in the third term to baloon the lead and cruised to the victory at the end. Sandra Garcia (190-C-90, college: Wake Forest) chipped in 14 points and collected 8 rebounds in the victory. Sugeiry Monsac (186-F/C-81) and Danilsa Andujar (188-C, college: Indiana) responded with 8 points each for Dominican Republic.

Semifinalists are set in Veracruz - Nov 22, 2014

Group A
Puerto Rico - Mexico 77-58
Puerto Rico earned the third consecutive victory at the tournament. They held off Mexico to win Group A. Sandra Garcia (190-C-90, college: Wake Forest) accounted for 23 points and 6 rebounds to lead the charge. Puerto Rico built a comfortable 44:25 halftime lead and never looked back en route to the victory. Yolanda Jones (184-F-84, college: La-Lafayette) connected for 12 points and pulled down 12 rebounds in the victory. Jazmin Valenzuela (187-C) responded with 16 points and 16 rebounds for Mexico. Puerto Rico will take on Dominican Republic, while Mexico will face Cuba in the semifinals on Saturday.

El Salvador - Costa Rica 70-50
El Salvador gained the opening victory in Veracruz. They toppled Costa Rica to finish the preliminary round in the third position in Group A. El Salvador will now take on Jamaica in the classification round. Hillary Martinez (172-SF-97) stepped up with 21 points, 5 boards and 5 assists to lead the winners. El Salvador gained a narrow 22:19 halftime lead. But they used a 25:13 run in the third period to secure the lead they would not give up. Monica Calderon (175-SF-91) chipped in 16 points for the winners. Natalia Galvez (170-G-85) topscored with 24 points for Costa Rica.

Group B
Cuba - Dominican Republic 84-24
Cuba stayed undefeated in Veracruz. They took care of Dominican Republic to enter the playoffs perfect. Clenia Noblet (190-C-87) notched 17 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists to lead Cuba to the third straight win. Cuba limited their opponents to just 6 points in the first half and secured a 45:6 halftime lead. They never looked back afterwards marching to the victory. Yamara Amargo (179-PF-85) had 14 points, while Arlenys Romero (176-PG-84) added 11 points in the win. Andreina Paniagua (191-F-78) responded with 10 points for Dominican Republic.

Jamaica - Trinidad and Tobago 50-59
Trinidad and Tobago celebrated the first win in Group B as they held off Jamaica on Friday. Trinidad and Tobago trailed by six points after the first frame. But they erased the deficit to level things up at 24 at the interval. Trinidad and Tobago spurred ahead for a 7-point lead heading into the fourth quarter. They limited Jamaica to just 12 points in the final stanza to seal the victory. Patrice Edwards (198-C-84, college: Texas Tech) delivered 23 points and 9 rebounds, while Rhea Codio and Afeisha Noel (191-C) contributed 11 points each for Trinidad and Tobago. Shenneika Smith (185-F/C-89, college: St.John's) and Sasha Dixon (167-G-87) responded with 13 points each for Jamaica.

Results and Stats from Day 2 in Veracruz - Nov 21, 2014

Group A
Mexico - Costa Rica 83-43
Mexico coasted past Costa Rica for the second consecutive victory in Group A. Casandra Asencio (180-SF) came up with 17 points and 6 assists as Mexico guaranteed their semifinal appearance. Jazmin Valenzuela (187-C) added 15 points and 7 rebounds for the hosts. Mexico used a strong 32:10 run in the first period to clear off. They unleashed 46 points in the second half to ensure the winning outcome. Natalia Galvez (170-G-85) answered with 17 points for Costa Rica.

Puerto Rico - El Salvador 88-40
Puerto Rico earned the second straight victory in Veracruz. They toppled El Salvador to secure their semifinal tickets. Sandra Garcia (190-C-90, college: Wake Forest) stepped up with 26 points and 7 rebounds to lead the winners. Puerto Rico piled up a 38:17 halftime lead. They did not slow down in the second half cruising to the victory. Jazmine Sepulveda (178-SG-85, agency: Merit Management Group, college: S.Florida) accounted for 13 points for the winners. Monica Calderon (175-SF-91) responded with 15 points for El Salvador. Hillary Martinez (172-SF-97) had 9 points and 6 rebounds in the defeat.

Group B
Cuba - Jamaica 98-40
Yamara Amargo (179-PF-85) nailed 21 points and grabbed 7 rebounds to lead Cuba to the second straigh win in Veracruz. They toppled Jamaica to stay undefeated in Group B. Cuba held their opponents to just 2 points in the opening quarter to take an 18-point lead. Cuba secured a 40:18 halftime advantage. They did not look back afterwards coasting to the victory. Francy Ochoa (185-F-90) netted 12 points in the winning effort. Shenneika Smith (185-F/C-89, college: St.John's) answered with 9 points and 8 rebounds for Jamaica.

Dominican Republic - Trinidad and Tobago 50-42
Dominican Republic fired past Trinidad and Tobago to improve at 2-0 record at the tournament. Jennifer Estrella (183-G-88) came up with 13 points to lead the winners. Trinidad and Tobago gained a 22:21 halftime lead. But Dominican Republic erased the deficit and pulled ahead for a 39:31 advantage heading into the fourth frame. Dominican Republic kept their opponents at bay throughout the final period and sealed the victory. Danilsa Andujar (188-C, college: Indiana) had 10 points for the winners. Afeisha Noel (191-C) repsonded with 16 points and 12 rebounds for Trinidad and Tobago.

Results and Stats from Day 1 in Veracruz - Nov 20, 2014

Group A
Costa Rica - Puerto Rico 63-90
Cynthia Valentin (174-SG-84, college: Indiana) scored 17 points to lead Puerto Rico to the first victory in Veracruz. They overcame Costa Rica in the opener. Puerto Rico dominated from start to finish. They piled up a 51:31 halftime lead. They extended the margin at 32-point mark at the final intermission and coasted to the victory at the end. Jazmine Sepulveda (178-SG-85, agency: Merit Management Group, college: S.Florida) and Yolanda Jones (184-F-84, college: La-Lafayette) had 15 points each in the win. Ana Matamoros (190-C-95) and Silvia Betancourt (170-SG) responded with 17 points each for Costa Rica.

Mexico - El Salvador 82-53
Mexico got to the winning start of their home campaign. They toppled El Salvador behind 29 points and 15 rebounds from Jazmin Valenzuela (187-C). Mexico piled up a 48:27 halftime lead. They kept their opponents at bay throughout the second half and cruised to a well-deserved starting victory. Sandra Sanchez (175-PF-90) tossed in 11 points for Mexico. Monica Escobar (178-F-94) responded with 13 points and 11 rebounds for El Salvador. Hillary Martinez (172-SF-97) netted 12 points in the loss.

Group B
Trinidad and Tobago - Cuba 36-86
Cuba had little problems opening their win count in Veracruz. They took care of Trinidad and Tobago in the opener. Yamara Amargo (179-PF-85) scored 20 points to lead well-balanced effort from Cuba. Francy Ochoa (185-F-90) added 11 points for the winning team. Cuba accumulated a 40:16 halftime advantage. They went on a 23:7 run in the third term to clear off for good. Afeisha Noel (191-C) responded with 10 points and 12 rebounds for Trinidad and Tobago.

Jamaica - Dominican Republic 54-58
Dominican Republic held off Jamaica in an intense battle at the start of the tournament. Danilsa Andujar (188-C, college: Indiana) and Yamel Abreu (170-PG-95) stepped up with 12 points each and combined for 11 rebounds to pace the winners. Dominican Republic ensured a 17:6 lead ten minutes into the game. But Jamaica cut the distance to just 2 points heading into the fourth period. Dominican Republic responded with a tough defence in the fourth frame limiting Jamaica to 13 points and clinching the victory. Sugeiry Monsac (186-F/C-81) had 10 points in the win. Shenneika Smith (185-F/C-89, college: St.John's) responded with 20 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists for Jamaica.

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