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Group A
1.Panama 3-0
2.US Vir.Isl 2-1
3.Domin.R. 1-2
4.Costa Rica 0-3
Group B
1.Puerto Rico 3-0
2.Mexico 2-1
3.Cuba 1-2
4.Jamaica 0-3
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Michael Hicks - Tournament MVP
Christian Dalmau lead P.Rico to a victory over Cuba

   Day 5 - Panama claim Centrobasket crown - July 9, 2006
In the last day of the Centrobasket Tournament, Hosts Panama have won the Centrobasket tournament after beating Virgin Islands 73-59 in the final. It is a fourth Centrobasket title for Panama, who won all of their five games in this year's tournament. They controlled the final throughout, leading 38-31 at half-time before pulling further away down the stretch. Michael Hicks (190-G-76, college: Texas A&M - C.C.) (190-G-76, college: Texas A&M - C.C.) led Panama with 29 points. Victor scored 15 points for Virgin Islands.
Puerto Rico defeated Mexico 93-83 to claim the Bronze Medal. Puerto Rico won the first half 52-39 as they claimed the final spot in the 2007 Panamerican Games. Larry Ayuso and Carlos Arroyo (188-G-79, agency: Interperformances, college: Florida Intern.) led Puerto Rico with 26 points each. Ramses Benitez led Mexico with 19 points.
Dominican Republic, who entered the tournament as defending champions, beat Cuba 84-78 to finish fifth, while Jamaica claimed seventh place with a 100-57 win over Costa Rica.
Panama, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Mexico have all qualified for the FIBA Americas Championship via their final positions.
Michael Hicks (190-G-76, college: Texas A&M - C.C.) of Panama was selected as the MVP of the Centrobasket Tournament. Hicks led Panama and the tournament with an average of 24.2 points per game

The Centrobasket All Star Team is:
Carlos Arroyo (188-G-79, agency: Interperformances, college: Florida Intern.) (PG-Puerto Rico)
Michael Hicks (190-G-76, college: Texas A&M - C.C.)(SG-Panama)
Geoffrey Silvestre (200-F/C-79) (SF-Cuba)
Jack Michael Martinez (202-F/C-81, agency: Paris Global Sports) (PF-Dominican Republic)
Horacio Llamas (211-C-73, agency: Interperformances) (Center-Mexico)

Day 5 Games:
Panama - USVI 73-59
Panama: Michael Hicks (190-G-76, college: Texas A&M - C.C.) 29, Cota 12, Garces 9, Gomez 7
USVI: Victor 15, Rhymer 11, Sheppard 10, Hodge 8
Puerto Rico - Mexico 93-83
Puerto Rico: Larry Ayuso 26, Carlos Arroyo (188-G-79, agency: Interperformances, college: Florida Intern.) 26, Figueroa 16, Lee 8
Mexico: Ramses Benitez 19, Castellanos 15, Avila 13, Malpica 11
Dominican Republic - Cuba 84-78
Dominican Republic: Western 21, Soliver 17, Martinez 15, Martinez 11, Fortuna 11
Cuba: Silvestre 19, Guerra 12, Lima 12, Simon 10, Luis 10
Jamaica - Costa Rica 100-57
Jamaica: Thomas 20, Johns 15, Carr 13, Dumont 11, Staple 11
Costa Rica: Castillo 33, Gourzong 8, Planes 7, Cayasso 4

   Mexico Finishes Fourth at Centro Basket - July 9, 2006

Oscar Castellanos

Team Mexico lost to Puerto Rico in the bronze Medal game yesterday 93-83 in the final day of play at the Centro Basket tournament in Panama. Puerto Rico's Carlos Arroyo (188-G-79, agency: Interperformances, college: Florida Intern.) and Larry Ayuso (190-G-77, agency: Edge Sports, college: USC) lit up Mexico's defense with 26 each while Ramses Benitez and Oscar Castellanos (187-G-68) (187-G-68) (187-G-68) tallied 19 and 15 respectively for Mexico. Mexico's performance at Centro Basket was bittersweet. The fourth place finish means that Mexico will not play in the Pan American Games in Rio next year, however the primary goal for Mexico, to classify for the Pre Olympic qualifiers in Venezuela in 2007, was achieved.

Jason Edwin

   Day 4 - July 8, 2006
In the first game of semifinal, Jason Edwin (196-G/F-81, college: Kent St.) scored a three pointer with one second left to give USVI a win over Puerto Rico by the final of 85-84 and will play for the Gold Medal in the Centrobasket Tournament. It was the most interesting game of Day 4! Puerto Rico had a 73-63 advantage with six minutes left, but USVI dominated the rebounds and never gave up. Edwin scored 15 points in the final 3:43 of the game to close the game and get the win. Carlos Arroyo missed two free throws with 8.5 seconds to set the final play for the USVI. Jason Edwin (196-G/F-81, college: Kent St.) led USVI with 27 points while Carlos Arroyo scored 26 points for Puerto Rico.
In the other semifinal, Panama dominated Mexico 81-66 and will play for the Gold Medal in the Centrobasket Final Round. Panama won the first quarter 20-14, the second 34-33, the third 55-50 and pulled away 81-66 in the final quarter. Michael Hicks scored 22 points. Llamas led Mexico with 14 points. Panama will now play USVI in the final while Puerto Rico plays Mexico for the Bronze.
Dominican Republic defeated Jamaica 94-90 and will now play for fifth place in the Centrobasket Tournament.
Dominican Republic won the first half 40-37 after winning the first quarter 23-20. In the third quarter Jamaica had 64-62 but in the final quarter they scored 32 points and won the game. A free throw by Andy Williams with seconds left gave them the win. Jack Michael Martinez (202-F/C-81, agency: Paris Global Sports) and Franklyn Western led the winners with 21 points each. Chaz Carr (183-G-82, college: Boston U.) socred game-high with 29 points for Jamaica.
In the other game, Cuba dominates Costa Rica 102-59 and will now play for fifth place against Dominican Republic for fifth place in the tournament. Cuba won the first quarter 32-17 and had a 49-36 first half lead. Silvestre had 23 points for Cuba. Henry Martinez (185-G/F-75) led Costa Rica with 27 points. Costa Rica will now play against Jamaica for seventh place.

Day 4 Games:

USVI - Puerto Rico 85-84
USVI: Jason Edwin (196-G/F-81, college: Kent St.) 27, Cuthbert Victor (196-G-83, college: Murray St.) 18, Kevin Sheppard (182-G-79, agency: Paris Global Sports, college: Jacksonville) 14
Puerto Rico: Carlos Arroyo 24, Larry Ayuso (190-G-77, agency: Edge Sports, college: USC) 17, Apodaca 10
Panama - Mexico 81-66
Panama: Michael Hicks 22, Ruben Garces 16, Gomez 13, Cota 12
Mexico: Llamas 14, Ramses Benitez 13, Zuniga Castro 11, Castellanos 10

Dominican Republic - Jamaica 94-90
Dominican Republic: Jack Michael Martinez (202-F/C-81, agency: Paris Global Sports) 21, Franklyn Western 21, Martinez 15
Jamaica: Chaz Carr (183-G-82, college: Boston U.) 29, Mugabe Thomas (193-F-80, agency: Naiditch Entertainment) 17, Andre Smith 16
Cuba - Costa Rica 102-59
Cuba: Silvestre 23, Jemon 14, Elias 14, Guerra 11, Torres 11
Costa Rica: Henry Martinez (185-G/F-75) 27, Planes 11, Anderson 7

Horacio Llamas

   Mexico Falls to Panama - July 8, 2006
Panama had the physical edge against Mexico in game four of the Centro Basket tournament winning 81-66. Panama double teamed often causing havoc for Mexico's offense and creating turnovers and transition opportunities for Panama. After falling to the Virgin Islands Puerto Rico will face Mexico in the bronze medal game tomorrow. Jesus Ramses Benitez (209-C-79), Enrique Zuniga (193-G-75, college: Grand Canyon) and Horacio Llamas (211-C-73, agency: Interperformances) combined for a mediocre 36 points. Michael Hicks had a game high 20 for Team Panama.

   Day 3 - July 7, 2006

JM Martinez

Cuba defeated Jamaica 97-82 in the first game of day 3 in the Centrobasket Tournament. Both teams had 0-2 before this game. The result of this game will not affect the places of Mexico and Puerto Rico as the first and second places of Group B. Geoffrey Silvestre (200-F/C-79) was the best performer for Cuba with 37 points and 10 rebounds. Chaz Carr (183-G-82, college: Boston U.) scored team-high with 22 points.
In the other game of group B Puerto Rico defeats Mexico 91-81 to secure first place. It was the most interesting game in day 3. Puerto Rico won Group B with a 3-0 record while Mexico ended second with two wins and one loss. In the semifinals Puerto Rico will take on the second place team in Group A while Mexico does it against the first place team. Carlos Arroyo (188-G-79, agency: Interperformances, college: Florida Intern.) netted 21 points for Puerto Rico. Victor Avila (209-C-77, college: Oklahoma) scored game-high 30 points.
In the group A, a balanced offense gave US Virgin Islands their second win of the Centrobasket Tournament, this time over Costa Rica 94-61. In the second quarter, USVI made a 12-0 run to take a 41-29 lead with 1:50 left and never looked back. They had a 45-33 halftime lead. USVI dominated the rebounds 49-25 and the assists 21-10. Cuthbert Victor (196-G-83, college: Murray St.) led USVI with 19 points. Luis Castillo had 15 points and Henry Martinez 14 for Costa Rica.
The second game of this group, Panama defeats Dominican Republic to claim first place in Group A. A three pointer by Ed Cota with 11.8 left and an alley oop to Michaek Hicks gave Panama a 85-81 win over the Dominican Republic to end the Preliminary Round. Michael Hicks led Panama with 23 points. Jack Michael Martinez (202-F/C-81, agency: Paris Global Sports) netted 23 points in a losing cause.
Panama, USVI, Mexico and Puerto Rico qualified for the 2007 FIBA Americas Championship in Venezuela.

Day 3 games:

Group A:
US Virgin Islands - Costa Rica 94-61
US Virgin Islands: Cuthbert Victor (196-G-83, college: Murray St.) 19, Francis 16, Niles 16, Edwin 12
Costa Rica: Luis Castillo 15, Martinez Fairclough 14, Spencer 13, Umana Perez 10
Panama - Dominican Republic 85-81
Panama: Michael Hicks 23, Garcia 13, Garces 11, Cota 11
Dominican Republic: Jack Michael Martinez (202-F/C-81, agency: Paris Global Sports) 23, Martinez 15, Western 13, Turner 10
Group B:
Cuba - Jamaica 97-82

Cuba: Geoffrey Silvestre (200-F/C-79) 37, Jemon 16, Guerra 12, Elias 10
Jamaica: Chaz Carr (183-G-82, college: Boston U.) 22, Smith 21, Dumont 11, Lewin 10
Puerto Rico - Mexico 91-81
Puerto Rico: Carlos Arroyo (188-G-79, agency: Interperformances, college: Florida Intern.) 21, Dalmau 16, Hatton 13, Fajardo 13
Mexico: Victor Avila (209-C-77, college: Oklahoma) 30, Llamas 21, Zuniga 13, Castellanos

   Team Mexico Loses to Puerto Rico - July 7, 2006
Somebody had to lose Thursday as Mexico and Puerto Rico both entered game three of Centro Basket play undefeated. Unfortunately for Team Mexico they couldn't close the deal against Puerto Rico coming up short 81-91. An efficient offensive start for Team Mexico game them an early 9-0 lead and allowed them to finish the first quarter with a 30-15 lead against a very strong Puerto Rico squad. Victor Avila (209-C-77, college: Oklahoma) set the tone for Mexico scoring 16 of his game high 30 points the first period. Stepped up defensive pressure in the second half was key to Puerto Rico's comeback which culminated in a 12-0 run in the fourth effectively putting the game away for Puerto Rico. Horacio Llamas (211-C-73, agency: Interperformances) dropped 21 in the loss for Mexico. Ex Piston Carlos Arroyo (188-G-79, agency: Interperformances, college: Florida Intern.) paced Puerto Rico with 21. Team Mexico awaits either Panama or the Virgin Islands in game four of Centro Basket play which continues over the weekend.

   Day 2 - July 6, 2006

Henry Martinez

On the second day of the 2006 Centrobasket Tournament Mexico defeats Cuba 87-72 and now has a 2-0 record and secured a spot in the semifinals. Mexico had a bad first half of 34-45, but they recovered and ended with a 13-0 run to obtain a 60-57 lead after a three pointer by Victor Avila In the third quarter. Horacio Llamas (211-C-73, agency: Interperformances) led Mexico with 25 points, shooting 11-14 from the field. Geoffrey Silvestre (200-F/C-79) had 22 points for Cuba.
In the other game Puerto Rico won nail biter against Jamaica 83-82 in the third game of day 2 in the 2006 Centrobasket Tournament. With this win, Puerto Rico qualified for the 2007 FIBA Americas Championship. It was the most interesting game in the day 2. Larry Ayuso (190-G-77, agency: Edge Sports, college: USC) led Puerto Rico with 30 points, including five three pointers. Chaz Carr (183-G-82, college: Boston U.) led Jamaica with 23 points and 6 assists.
In group A Dominican Republic had their first win over Costa Rica 108-85 at the ATLAPA Convention Center.
It was a tie game in the first quarter, but since the second quarter Dominican Republic dominated the game. Dominican Republic pulled away 50-34 in the second quarter and made a 20-0 run to put the score 70-34 in the first five minutes and they secured the win with a 13-0 run to start the final quarter. Jack Michael Martinez led the winners with 23 points and 16 rebounds. Henry Martinez (185-G/F-75) led Costa Rica with 35 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists.
The second game in this group, Panama defeated US Virgin Islands 84-77 to win their second game in the Centrobasket Tournament. The Panamians dominated the whole game. Michael Hicks scored game-high 30 points. Frank Elegar (205-F/C) led USVI with 25 points

Day 2 Games:

Group A:
Dominican Republic - Costa Rica 108-85

Dominican Republic: Martinez 23, Martinez Vazquez 19, Soliver 15, Filion Fernandez 15
Costa Rica: Martinez Fairclough 35, Castillo Espinoza 11, Spencer 11, Planes Clifford 11
Panama - Virgin Islands 84-77
Panama: Hicks Taylor 30, Garces Riquelme 15, Peralta 10, Garcia Murillo 9
Virgin Islands: Elegar 25, Rhymer 13, Victor 12, Francis 8

Group B:
Mexico - Cuba
Mexico: Llamas 25, Castellanos 17, Avila 12, Benitez 9
Cuba: Silvestre Hernandez 22, Torres Quiroz 10, Guerra Gonzalez 9, Simon Moises 9
Puerto Rico - Jamaica 83-82
Puerto Rico: Ayuso 30, Arroyo Bermudez 22, Fajardo 16, Latimer Rivera 8
Jamaica: Carr 23, Lewin 16, Thomas 12, Nicely 10

Horacio Llamas

   LNBP Season Set to Open - July 5, 2006
Thursday marks opening day of the much anticipated 2006 LNBP season. Twenty four teams, six new this season, will wage a 40 game war in the coming months culminating in a best of seven championship series that will crown one champion in early December. Anxious players, coaches and fans will leave an exciting behind an exciting pre season and enter what is a new era in the development of pro basketball in Mexico. While the excitement builds around the opening of LNBP play, fans are closely the progress of the Mexican National Team currently playing in the Centro Basket tournament in Panama. An intense 87-72 victory over Cuba ensured Team Mexico will get one of the four tickets to the FIBA Pre Olympic Qualifyers held in Venezuela in August 2007. Mexico hasn't qualified for the Pre Olympic trials since 1991. Team Mexico camback from a 34-45 half time deficit thanks in large part to Oscar Castellanos (187-G-68) and Horacio Llamas (211-C-73, agency: Interperformances) who combined for 42 points. Mexico will face rival and powerhouse Puerto Rico Thursday. 

   Day One - July 5, 2006
On the first day of Centrobasket in Panama City Puerto Rican team managed to defeat Cuba in the most interesting game of the opening day 86-74. Puerto Rico was lead by Christian Dalmau (194-G-77, agency: Paris Global Sports, college: Daytona Beach CC) (18 points), while thge best scorer for Cuba was Geoffrey Silvestre (200-F/C-79) (16).
In the other game Mexico had no problems against Jamaica beating them easily 85-69 after 9-0 run at the beginning of the game. Mexican team was lead by Oscar Castellanos (187-G-68) (20 points) and Jamaica's best players were Andre Smith and Marland Dumond, who scored 18 points each.
In Group A host Panama crushed Costa Rica by 34 points (105-71). Panama is on it's way towards World Championships and proves to be in a good shape. However it's worth to mention that Costa Rica does not belong to the strongest teams and such result was not a surprise.
But the second game was a real surprise, when U.S.Virgin Islands beat easily Dominican Rep. by 31 points. It supposed to be tied game, as Dominican Rep. belongs to top teams in the region. But experienced Cuthbert Victor (196-G-83, college: Murray St.) and Kevin Sheppard (182-G-79, agency: Paris Global Sports, college: Jacksonville) (19 points each) were no competition to Franklin Western (200-F-72, college: Providence) (16 points) and Co.

Day One Games:

Group A
Dominican Rep. - U.S. Virgin Islands 60-91
Dominican Rep.: Western 16, Martinez Vazquez 8, Martinez J-M 7
U.S. Virgin Islands: Sheppard 19, Victor 19, Francis 16, Rhymer 11, Elegar 10
Panama - Costa Rica 105-71
Panama: Garces 22, Hicks 17, Gomez 16, Levy 15, Cardenas 9
Costa Rica: Martinez 17, Umana 14, Castillo 12, Planes 8

Group B
Puerto Rico - Cuba 86-74
Puerto Rico: Dalmau 18, Arroyo 13, Apodaca 13, Fajardo 12
Cuba: Silvestre 16, Jemon 12, Luis 11, Torriente 8
Mexico - Jamaica 85-69
Mexico: Castellanos 20, Llamas 13, Avila 13, Rochin Robles 10, Zuniga 9
Jamaica: Smith 18, Dumont 18, Carr 10, Thomas 10

   Jamaica take on Mexico in opening fixture - Jul 4, 2006
(Courtesy of Jamaica Observer)
Inspired kings of the Caribbean Basketball Championship, Jamaica will turn their attention to the Centro Basketball Championship for men in Panama today.
With the top four teams booking a place in the 2007 FIBA Americas Championship in Venezuela and top three for the Pan-American Games in Brazil also next year, the Julian Dunkley (207-F/C-77, college: Maine)-coached team has set its eyes on those prizes.
"We are not going there just to participate. We are going there to compete and reach the top three," said technical co-ordinator Alf Remekie.
Eight teams will take part in the five-day championship - Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Cuba, Panama, US Virgin Islands, and Jamaica.
"As long as we stick to the game plan and execute what we practise, we will be very competitive," said Remekie, speaking from his cellphone on his way to airport yesterday.
Jamaica will play Mexico today, Puerto Rico tomorrow, and Cuba Thursday.
Michael Kennedy (203-F-64, college: San Diego St.), Jerome Jordan (211-C), and Richard Andrews (193-G, college: Cal.St.-Bakersfield), part of the winning team for the Caribbean Championship last month, will not make the Panama trip. They have been replaced by Andre Wilson (-F) and Rohan Robinson (-F), both locally-based, and Shane Nicely (198-F-75), who plays in Canada.
Other members of team are Brian Lewin (209-C-75, agency: Court Side, college: W.Virginia), Omar Bartlett (203-F-80, college: Jacksonville St.), Owaine Hall (183-G-80), Kali McCarthy (193-G-80, agency: Domantay Sports, college: Dickinson St.), Mugabe Thomas (193-F-80, agency: Naiditch Entertainment), Damion Staple (202-F/C-80, college: Iowa St.), Chaz Carr (183-G-82, college: Boston U.), Andre Smith (188-G-81, college: NC-Asheville), Garfield Ricky Johns (191-G/F-85) and Marlon Dumont (206-F-77, college: TCU).
Puerto Rico have dominated the Centro Championship with six titles, two more than Cuba; Panama won three times, and Dominican Republic and Mexico, two each.

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