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Ecuador Internationally
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National League Standings
 1. Iccan 16-2 
 2. Piratas 14-4 
 3. Juvenil 12-6 
 4. Guerreros 11-7 
 5. Barcelona 11-7 
 6. Leones 8-10 
 7. Punto Rojo 8-10 
 8. Portoviejo 7-11 
 9. ABC 2-16 
 10. Triple E-Uda 1-17 
Full Standings
Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
  Avg: 26.2
 1. Marigney, Juvenil26.2 
 2. Yearby, Guerreros24.3 
 3. Fundora, ABC23.4 
 4. Johnson, Portoviejo23.1 
 5. Shodipo, Barcelona19.5 
 6. Shorter, Guerreros19.4 
 7. Garcia, Iccan19.3 
 8. Readus, Piratas18.4 
 9. Cairo, Piratas18.2 
 10. Jenkins, Triple E.18.1 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 11.9
 1. Reynolds, Porto.11.9 
 2. Yearby, Guerreros11.0 
 3. Romero, Piratas10.9 
 4. Daniel, Punto Rojo10.2 
 5. Pierre, Triple E.9.6 
 6. Readus, Piratas9.3 
 7. Phillips, Juvenil8.6 
 8. Magot, ABC8.4 
 9. Jenkins, Triple E.8.0 
 10. Bowman, Barcelona7.9 
Assists Per Game
 Milton ROMO
  Triple E-Uda
  Avg: 6.5
 1. Romo, Triple E-Uda6.5 
 2. Johnson, Leones5.4 
 3. Centeno, Iccan4.9 
 4. Shorter, Guerreros4.8 
 5. Silva, Iccan3.7 
 6. Prescott, Punto R.3.4 
 7. Malatay, Punto R.3.4 
 8. Cardenas, Barcelona3.4 
 9. Marigney, Juvenil3.4 
 10. Johnson, Portoviejo3.3 
Steals Per Game
 Charlie SHORTER
  Avg: 2.6
 1. Shorter, Guerreros2.6 
 2. Conchambay, Leones2.5 
 3. Marigney, Juvenil2.0 
 4. Johnson, Leones1.9 
 5. Garcia, Iccan1.9 
 6. Barrera, Piratas1.9 
 7. Silva, Iccan1.9 
 8. Martinez, Juvenil1.8 
 9. Phillips, Juvenil1.6 
 10. Romo, Triple E-Uda1.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Triple E.
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Pierre, Triple E.1.7 
 2. Swannegan, Juvenil1.6 
 3. Carabali, Juvenil1.1 
 4. Daniel, Punto Rojo1.1 
 5. Evans, Guerreros0.8 
 6. Yearby, Guerreros0.8 
 7. Delgado, Punto Rojo0.7 
 8. Mina, Leones0.7 
 9. Phillips, Juvenil0.6 
 10. Cataldo, Barcelona0.5 
  2017     Previous season  


National League Round 2 of Quarter-Finals. Piratas and Guerreros advance into semis - Oct 20, 2018

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Marvin Cairo
Punto Rojo - Piratas 74-87

Piratas upset Punto Rojo on the road to sweep the quarterfinal series. Piratas made 24-of-28 charity shots (85.7 percent) during the game. Cuban swingman Marvin Cairo (201-91) notched a double-double by scoring 28 points and 10 rebounds (was perfect 8-for-8 from the free throw line) to lead the effort and American power forward Willie Readus (201-92, college: Delta St.) supported him with 23 points and 7 rebounds. Four Piratas players scored in double figures. Piratas' coach allowed to play the deep bench players saving starting five for next games. Even 21 points and 6 rebounds by American swingman Brent Jackson (193-94, college: Columbus St.) did not help to save the game for Punto Rojo. His fellow American import forward Gary Johnson (198-88, college: Texas) added 20 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists (was perfect 10-for-10 from the free throw line !!!) for the hosts.
Top scorers:
Piratas: M.Cairo 28+10reb, W.Readus 23+7reb, A.Barrera 13+3reb+2ast, J.Romero 11+10reb+5ast, A.Salgado 7+1reb+2ast, P.Cano 5+3reb
Punto Rojo: B.Jackson 21+6reb+2ast, G.Johnson 20+5reb+4ast, E.Caicedo 16+7reb, C.Delgado 8+1reb, R.Suarez 6+5reb+7ast, C.Orozco 3+4reb+2ast
gschID: 669259

Leones - Juvenil 77-69

Leones held off Juvenil to even things up at 1-1. American Aaron Harper (203-81, college: Mississippi) had a double-double by scoring 30 points and 10 rebounds to lead the charge for the winners and Canadian point guard Alex Johnson (178-88, college: NC State) chipped in 16 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists during the contest. Four Leones players scored in double figures. American guard Paul Marigney (191-82, college: St.Mary's, CA) responded with 29 points and 9 rebounds and his fellow American import forward Brandon Swannegan (206-93, college: Tulsa) produced a double-double by scoring 12 points and 10 rebounds.
Top scorers:
Leones: A.Harper 30+10reb+2ast, A.Johnson 16+8reb+6ast, G.Garrido 14+9reb+1ast, G.Siler 13+6reb, A.Conchambay 4+3reb+1ast, W.Daniel Guayaquil 0
Juvenil: P.Marigney 29+9reb+1ast, B.Swannegan 12+10reb+1ast, M.Martinez 10+3reb, L.Hovey 7+4reb+2ast, V.Jordy 7+1ast, A.Guerra 4+3reb+2ast
gschID: 669260

Barcelona - Guerreros 80-88

Guerreros beat Barcelona on the road to complete the sweep of the series. Guerreros dominated down low during the game scoring 60 of its points in the paint compared to Barcelona's 38. Guerreros forced 20 Barcelona turnovers and outrebounded them 40-27 including 26 on the defensive glass. The best player for the winners was American swingman Deilvez Yearby (200-87, college: PFW) who had a double-double by scoring 26 points and 12 rebounds. The other American import forward Eric Frederick (203-88, college: Texas Wesleyan) chipped in 27 points and 6 rebounds. Four Guerreros players scored in double figures. Venezuelan guard Michael Flores (192-85) produced a double-double by scoring 34 points (!!!) and 10 rebounds (on 11-of-14 shooting from the field) and Venezuelan swingman Cesar Garcia (193-90, agency: Pro Sports) added 22 points respectively for the hosts. Barcelona's coach rotated ten players in this game, but that didn't help.
Top scorers:
Guerreros: E.Frederick 27+6reb+1ast, D.Yearby 26+12reb+1ast, J.Luis Mejia 10+3reb+1ast, C.Shorter 10+6reb+1ast, J.Sanmiguel 8+2reb+2ast, J.Ante 4+7reb
Barcelona: M.Flores 34+10reb+1ast, C.Garcia 22+2reb+1ast, C.Carcelen 14+8reb, K.Bowman 5+3reb+5ast, B.Moran 3+2reb+1ast, M.Hurtado 2
gschID: 669261

Iccan - Portoviejo 110-81

Iccan stormed past Prtoviejo to force the decisive third game in the series. Iccan dominated down low during the game scoring 66 of its points in the paint compared to Portoviejo's 24. Their players were unselfish on offense dishing 28 assists comparing to just 8 passes made by Portoviejo's players. Colombian-Venezuelan swingman Cesar Silva (190-81) orchestrated the victory by scoring 14 points, 8 rebounds and 9 assists. Forward Mairon Cuero-Racines (190-89) contributed with 12 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists for the winners. Iccan's coach felt very confident that he used entire bench which allowed the starters a little rest for the next games. American forward Raymond Miller (204-88, college: CS Fullerton) replied with a double-double by scoring 21 points and 14 rebounds and his fellow American import point guard Jordan Johnson (183-92, college: Tenn Tech) added 18 points and 4 assists in the effort for Portoviejo. Both teams had five players each who scored in double figures.
Top scorers:
Iccan: J.Centeno 17+1reb+2ast, J.Pablo Alvarez 16+2reb+1ast, R.Garcia 15+5reb+3ast, D.Hernandez 15+7reb, C.Silva 14+8reb+9ast, M.Cuero Racines 12+6reb+6ast
Portoviejo: R.Miller 21+14reb+1ast, J.Johnson 18+3reb+4ast, R.Icaza 14+2reb+1ast, R.Roldan 13+4reb+1ast, E.Cappare 11+5reb, G.Eder 2+1reb
gschID: 669262


Zach Reynolds (ex Portoviejo) joins Trepca - 1 day ago
KB Trepca Mitrovice (Superliga) added to their roster 27-year old American power forward Zach Reynolds (206-109kg-90, college: N.Arizona). He played last summer at Portoviejo in Ecuadorian National League. In 17 games he had 11.9ppg, 11.9rpg (leader !!!) and 1.3apg. Reynolds also played for Vancouver in U.S. semi-pro league NAPB. His team made it to the Big Sky Conference Tournament Semifinals in 2015. Reynolds' career allowed him to visit three different continents. He tasted the life as...   [read more]

Abejas tab Brandon Swannegan, ex Juvenil - 2 months ago
BRANDON SWANNEGAN Abejas de Guanajuato (LNBP) inked 25-year old American forward Brandon Swannegan (206-95kg-93, college: Tulsa). He played in the summer at Juvenil in Ecuadorian National League. In 14 games he averaged 12.1ppg, 7.6rpg and 1.6bpg. Swannegan helped them to win the league title. Last year (two years after he left the college) Swannegan was drafted by Oklahoma City Blue (G-League) in third round (12th overall). He attended University of Tulsa until 2016 and it is his third...   [read more]

Echague inks Eric Frederick, ex Guerreros - 3 months ago
ERIC FREDERICK Atletico Echague Parana (La Liga Argentina) agreed terms with 30-year old American forward Eric Frederick (203-104kg-88, college: Texas Wesleyan). He joins another USA player Travele Jones which is already in the roster. Frederick played last summer at Guerreros in Ecuadorian National League. In 6 games he had very impressive stats: 23.3ppg, 4.8rpg, 1.5apg and 1.3spg. His team made it to the National League Semifinals. Frederick was voted All-NAIA D1 1st Team back in 2012...   [read more]

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