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LNBP Standings
 1. Halc.Rojos 34-6
 2. Fuerza Regia 32-8
 3. Toros 28-12
 4. Pioneros 27-13
 5. Soles 27-13
 6. Halc.Xalapa 26-14
 7. Huracanes 25-15
 8. Barreteros 17-23
 9. Abejas 16-24
 10. Corr.Victoria 16-24
 11. Lechugueros 15-25
 12. Panteras 11-29
 13. Aguilas Rojas 6-34
 14. Volcanes 0-40
Points Per Game
  Aguilas .
  Avg: 30.5
 1. Dorsey, Aguilas30.5 
 2. Hickerson, Pioneros23.6 
 3. Toussaint, Volcan.22.9 
 4. Morinia, Volcanes22.2 
 5. Millsap, Pioneros20.4 
 6. Selleaze, Corr.Vic.19.9 
 7. Wade, Abejas19.4 
 8. Smith, Fuerza R.18.9 
 9. Moss, Lechugueros18.5 
 10. Yearby, Lechugue.18.4 
Rebounds Per Game
 Ryan MOSS
  Avg: 11.3
 1. Moss, Lechugueros11.3 
 2. Yearby, Lechuguer.10.1 
 3. Jackson, Abejas9.8 
 4. McHugh, Abejas9.5 
 5. Fuqua, Huracanes8.6 
 6. Sanchez, Aguilas8.3 
 7. Briggs, Barreteros8.2 
 8. Colmenares, Hurac.8.1 
 9. Ofoegbu, Toros7.7 
 10. Real Aguilar, Hal.7.5 
Assists Per Game
 William FUNN
  Avg: 10.2
 1. Funn, Lechugueros10.2 
 2. Dorsey, Aguilas8.7 
 3. Vargas, Halc.Rojos5.2 
 4. Allen, Corr.Victor.5.1 
 5. Mitchell, Fuerza R.5.0 
 6. White, Halc.Xalapa4.6 
 7. Angley, Toros4.4 
 8. Morinia, Volcanes4.3 
 9. Stoll, Halc.Rojos4.3 
 10. Pagan, Toros3.9 
Steals Per Game
 Donta SMITH
  Fuerza R.
  Avg: 2.7
 1. Smith, Fuerza R.2.7 
 2. Dorsey, Aguilas2.1 
 3. Toussaint, Volcan.2.1 
 4. Funn, Lechugueros2.0 
 5. Allen, Corr.Victor.2.0 
 6. Council, Barreteros1.9 
 7. Vargas, Halc.Rojos1.8 
 8. Roberts, Fuerza R.1.7 
 9. Rougeau, Toros1.7 
 10. Stoll, Halc.Rojos1.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 2.1
 1. Ferguson, Corr.Vic.2.1 
 2. Penn, Fuerza Regia1.7 
 3. Moss, Lechugueros1.5 
 4. Real Aguilar, Halc.1.4 
 5. Yearby, Lechuguer.1.3 
 6. Habel, Barreteros1.2 
 7. Richards, Barre.1.0 
 8. McHugh, Abejas1.0 
 9. Smith, Fuerza R.1.0 
 10. Aubry, Halc.Rojos0.9 
Season 2011-2012
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports
Halcones Rojos de Veracruz wins the Mexican LNBP 2011-2012 title
Halcones Rojos de Veracruz 2011-12
Eddie Casiano Eddie Casiano Casiano
Gregory Vargas
Luis Bethelmy
Paul Stoll
David Cortes
Carlos Rivera
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
8  Vargas Gregory 182 (6'0'') PG 86 Venezuela
12  Bethelmy Luis 200 (6'7'') F/C 86 Venezuela
21  Stoll Paul 178 (5'10'') G 85 USA Mexico
18  Cortes David 190 (6'3'') G/F 81 Puerto Rico
31  Rivera Carlos 187 (6'2'') PG 83 Puerto Rico
34  Alonzo Noe 200 (6'7'') F 83 Mexico
40  Aubry Jeffrion 205 (6'9'') C 76 USA Puerto Rico
14  Carrillo Hugo 205 (6'9'') C/F 83 Mexico
11  Nungaray Hector 178 (5'10'') G 78 Mexico
1  Solares Arim 202 (6'8'') F/C 83 Mexico
13  Benitez Fernando 204 (6'9'') F/C 89 Mexico
15  Gutierrez Isaac 204 (6'9'') C 84 Mexico
10  Ayala Miguel 198 (6'6'') F/G 82 Mexico
Head Coach: Eddie Casiano All-Mexican LNBP Awards 2012 - Feb 17, 2012 All-Mexican LNBP 1st Team
MaJic Dorsey
LeRoy Hickerson
Donta Smith
John Millsap
Luis Bethelmy

Player of the Year: MaJic Dorsey (185-PG-81) of Aguilas Rojas
Guard of the Year: MaJic Dorsey (185-PG-81) of Aguilas Rojas
Forward of the Year: John Millsap (198-F-82) of Pioneros
Center of the Year: Elbert Fuqua (211-C-83) of Huracanes
Domestic Player of the Year: Paul Stoll (178-G-85) of Halc.Rojos
Import Player of the Year: MaJic Dorsey (185-PG-81) of Aguilas Rojas
Coach of the Year: Eddie Casiano of Halc.Rojos

1st Team
PG: MaJic Dorsey (185-81) of Aguilas Rojas
G: LeRoy Hickerson (196-82) of Pioneros
G: Donta Smith (201-83) of Fuerza Regia
F: John Millsap (198-82) of Pioneros
F/C: Luis Bethelmy (200-86) of Halc.Rojos

2nd Team
PG: Gregory Vargas (182-86) of Halc.Rojos
G: Paul Stoll (178-85) of Halc.Rojos
F/C: Robert Hornsby (196-82) of Huracanes
F: Ike Ofoegbu (205-85) of Toros
C: Elbert Fuqua (211-83) of Huracanes

3rd Team
PG: Carlos Rivera (187-83) of Halc.Rojos
G: Jesus Verdejo (193-85) of Abejas
F: Lorrenzo Wade (198-85) of Abejas
F/C: Ryan Moss (200-74) of Lechugueros
C: Greg Smith (208-91) of Houston R.

Honorable Mention
Forrest Fisher (193-G-80) of Barreteros
Larry Morinia (180-G-80) of Volcanes
Mike Mitchell (181-PG-83) of Fuerza Regia
Mattis McHugh (198-F-84) of Abejas
Nestor Colmenares (203-F-87) of Huracanes

All-Imports Team
PG: MaJic Dorsey (185-81) of Aguilas Rojas
G: LeRoy Hickerson (196-82) of Pioneros
G: Donta Smith (201-83) of Fuerza Regia
F: John Millsap (198-82) of Pioneros
F/C: Luis Bethelmy (200-86) of Halc.Rojos

Halcones Rojos dethrone Toros, win LNBP title - Feb 14, 2012

LNBP Finals, Game 5: Toros - Halcones Rojos 69-92 (1-4)

Halcones Rojos celebrated third straight road victory against Toros to grab back the LNPB title, which they last time won in 2010. Visitors cruised past Toros last night 69-92 ending the finals series with almost perfect 1-4. Toros were the LNBP champions last season. The guests trailed by 2 points after first quarter, but they stormed back to get the 11-point lead at the halftime and later won the game 69-92. Halcones Rojos dominated down low during the game scoring 50 of their points in the paint compared to Toros' 30. They looked well-organized offensively handing out 21 assists. Venezuelan power forward Luis Bethelmy (200-F/C-86) orchestrated the victory with a double-double by scoring 23 points and 11 rebounds. Venezuelan point guard Gregory Vargas (182-PG-86) contributed with 14 points and 7 assists for the winners. Five Halcones Rojos players scored in double figures. Halcones Rojos' coach Eddie Casiano felt very confident that he used entire bench. American-Nigerian forward Ike Ofoegbu (205-F-85, agency: Paris Global Sports, college: SMU) answered with a double-double by scoring 23 points and 10 rebounds (was perfect 11-for-11 from the free throw line !!!) and Dominican power forward Elys Manuel Guzman (206-F/C-82, college: Bemidji St.) added 10 points and 10 rebounds (was perfect 8-for-8 from the free throw line) in the effort for Toros. Halcones Rojos were the regular season champions in LNBP with 34-6 record. They swept Barreteros and Pioneros in the Quarterfinals and Semis with perfect 4-0.

Toros: I.Ofoegbu 23+10reb+3ast, R.Perez 19+2reb+1ast, E.Manuel Guzman 10+10reb+3ast, R.Rougeau 8+1reb+2ast, L.Ellis Vasquez 4+1reb, E.Nuncio 3+1ast
Halcones Rojos: L.Bethelmy 23+11reb+3ast, C.Rivera 15+2reb+3ast, G.Vargas 14+4reb+7ast, D.Cortes 14+3reb+1ast, P.Stoll 11+5reb+5ast, N.Alonzo 9+5reb+1ast

LNBP All-Star Game: Mexicans beat Foreigners by six, 142-136 - Jan 9, 2012

Mexicans - Foreigners 142-136

LNBP All-Star Game was played last night. Mexicans were better than Foreigners in a high-scoring meeting 142-136. The fans had opportunity to enjoy and to watch the best LNBP players at the one place. Jesus Lopez (205-F-83, college: SW Baptist) stepped up for Mexicans with double-double of 26 points and 11 rebounds. Paul Stoll (178-G-85) also was great adding 23 points and 11 assists, while Michael Mitchell added 20 pts and 7 rebounds. In defeat, LeRoy Hickerson (196-G-82, college: Cumberlands) was amazing with 34 points and 6 rebs. Luis Bethelmy (200-F/C-86) had 24 pts and 6 rebs, and Rene Rougeau (198-G/F-86, college: UNLV) added 19 pts, 5 rebs and 6 as. Mexicans exploded after the breather to create a bigger lead. Foreigners threatened in the finish, but Jesus Lopez and his teammates managed to keep their advantage until the end. Quarters: 37-38, 37-36, 44-27, 24-35.

Mexicans: Jesus Lopez 26+11 boards, Paul Stoll 23+11 as, Michael Mitchell 20+7 boards
Foreigners: LeRoy Hickerson 34+6 boards, Luis Bethelmy 24+6 boards, Rene Rougeau 19+5 boards+6 as

LNBP All-Star Rosters - Jan 8, 2012

All-Mexicans Starting Five
Carlos M. Toussaint
Franco Harris
Mike Mitchell
Michael Strobbe
Quentin Gonzalez
Carlos M. Toussaint (190-G-91) of Pioneros de Los Mochis
Franco Harris (183-G-83) of Mineros de Cananea
Mike Mitchell (181-PG-83) of Fuerza Regia Monterrey
Michael Strobbe (201-F-85) of Fuerza Guinda de Nogales
Quentin Gonzalez (200-F-84) of Fuerza Regia Monterrey
4 Paul Stoll (178-PG-85) of Halcones Rojos de Veracruz
7 Christopher Hernandez (188-PG-83) of Pioneros de Quintana Roo-Cancun
10 Victor Mariscal (198-F-72) of Halcones UV Xalapa
11 Pedro Meza Rogel (186-G-85) of Pioneros de Quintana Roo-Cancun
12 Hector Hernandez (206-F-85) of Pioneros de Quintana Roo-Cancun
14 Real Mata (205-C-86) of Pioneros de Quintana Roo-Cancun
16 Jesus Lopez (205-F-83) of Rayos de Hermosillo
19 Adam Parada (213-C-81) of Halcones UV Xalapa

All-Foreigners Starting Five
MaJic Dorsey
Carlos Rivera
Davin White
Adrian Joseph
LeRoy Hickerson
7 MaJic Dorsey (185-PG-81) of Aguilas Rojas
Carlos Rivera (187-PG-83) of Halc.Rojos
Davin White (186-G-81) of Halcones UV Xalapa
Adrian Joseph (201-F-84) of Halcones UV Xalapa
LeRoy Hickerson (196-G-82) of Pioneros de Quintana Roo-Cancun
5 Myron Allen (182-PG-79) of Ostioneros de Guaymas
8 Gregory Vargas (182-PG-86) of Halcones Rojos de Veracruz
12 John Millsap (198-F-82) of Pioneros de Quintana Roo-Cancun
13 Rene Rougeau (198-G/F-86) of Toros Nuevo Laredo
15 Luis Bethelmy (200-F/C-86) of Indios de Mayaguez

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