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Final Standings

Group A
1. Brazil 3-0
2. Dominic.R. 2-1
3. Canada 1-2
4. Mexico 0-3
Group B
1. Puerto Rico 2-1
2. USA 2-1
3. Uruguay 1-2
4. Argentina 1-2

Brazil won Panamerican Games 2003

  Day 5, Aug.7, 2003
Brazil won the gold followed by 2-Dominicana, 3- Puerto Rico, 4-USA, 5- Mexico, 6- Argentina, 7-Canada, 8- Uruguay. Nicolas Mazzarino (181-G-75) with 91 points was the best scorer for Uruguay, an average of 18.2 per game.  In group B Uruguay beat Argentina 84-81 but was defeated by USA 74-72 and Puerto Rico 89-72.

Final: Brazil - Dominican Rep. 89-62
DOMINICAN REP: Otto Ramirez, Luis Flores 8, Franklin Westerrn 4, Jose Vargas 6, Jack Martinez 5, Carlos Paniagua 3, Carlos Morban 13, Jeffrey Greer 4, Angel Pichardo 4, Carlos Payano 3, Francisco Garcia 10, Amaury Fillon 6. Coach: Hector Baez.
BRAZIL: Marcelo 13, Valter 9, Alex 10, Tiago 8, Guilherme 20, Demetriuis 4, Murillo 2, Andre Pereira 7, Renato 6, Anderson 10. Coach: Lula Ferreira
Routing host team Dominican Republic 89-62 in final game, Brazil won the 2003 Pan American Games, ending unbeaten the toutrnment. The last time they won Pan Am Games had been in 1999, in Winnipeg. The gold and green team has been ahead during all the final, and has been led by Guilherme Giovannoni (204-F-80, agent: Capicchioni Luciano), who scored 20 points and has been named the MVP of the Tournment.
Brazil crushed the hopes of a crowd estimated as 3,000 higher than the 10,000 seat Juan Pablo Duarte Center by jumping out to a 30-10 lead and dominating the Dominicans throughout the game. Brazil wins their fourth Pan Am Games gold and their second in a row. For the Dominican Republic, the silver medal represented a disappointing end, but also a historic achievement.

Bronze medal: Puerto Rico - USA 76-70
Puerto Rico dominated the most part of the game. The first quarter 24-16 the second 48-27 the thrid quarter 60-51 finally Puerto Rico won 76-70.
Carlos Arroyo (188-G-79, agent: Mc Candless William, college: Florida Intern.) lead with 23 points followed by Sharif Fajardo (205-F/C-76, agent: Leon Jon, college: UTEP) with 21 points. In the first quarter Emeka from the US team lead but then Puerto Rico with Rick Apodaca and his two 3 pointers help his team mantain his lead. Almost in the fourth quarter Daniel Santiago had 10 points with 3 fouls. Johson from the 'Dream Team' had four fouls. In the fourth quarter the United States were near in the score but the free throw line finally decided the game.
Now Puerto Rico will host in about two weeks the Tournament of the Americas. The National Team will play against Uruguay, Canada, Argentine and Mexico.
Puerto Rico has just won the Bronze medal in the 14 edition of the Pan American games beating an unexperienced USA team by the score of 76-70.
This is the first time that Puerto Rico beats the USA twice in a Pan American tournament. In 1991 we won over the USA and we won the gold later on in that Tournament.
Puerto Rico had an excellent first quarter playing with great energy and won the quarter 24-16.
Rick Apodaca opened the scoreboard hitting two three pointers in a row putting the score 45-24 in favor of Puerto Rico. The half ended 48-27 in favor of Puerto Rico thanks to14 points from Sharif Fajardo (205-F/C-76, agent: Leon Jon, college: UTEP) who inyected energy to our National Team along with Carlos Arroyo (188-G-79, agent: Mc Candless William, college: Florida Intern.) who played an excellent first halfplaying without any pressure from the team USA defense.
Puerto Rico won the third quarter 60-51.
The best scorers for Puerto Rico were Carlos Arroyo (188-G-79, agent: Mc Candless William, college: Florida Intern.) with 23 and Sharif Fajardo  (205-F/C-76, agent: Leon Jon, college: UTEP) with 22 points.

Places 5-6: Mexico - Argentina 95-90
Places 7-8: Canada - Uruguay 83-52

  Day 4, Aug.6, 2003: Semifinals
Dominican Rep. - Puerto Rico 79-65
(Martinez 18+16reb, Western 18, Flores 10, Vargas 10; Arroyo 16, Ayuso 14, Dalmau 10)
A great performance by Jack Martinez led the Dominicans to a historic semifinal victory over their Caribbean rivals. The DR led 37-25 at halftime, and held off a Puerto Rico rally that cut the lead to 68-64 in the final minutes.
The Dominican Republic dominated Puerto Rico by the score of 79-65.
The first quarter ended 23-18 in favor of the Dominican Republic  thanks to an excellent percent from field goal range and also in the free throws.
Half time 37-25 in favor of the Dominican Republic. Puerto Rico only scored 7 points in the second quarter forcing shots and missing easy penetration baskets. Richie Dalmau (198-G-73, agent: Duran Emilio, college: South Plain JC) had 8 points in the first half and for the Dominican Republic, Jose Vargas scored 8 points. Puerto Rico shot 0-6 from three point range.
Rick Apodaca (192-G-80, college: Hofstra) first three for Puerto Rico in the start of the third quarter. The quarter ended 51-42 in favor of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico shot almost over 30% from field goal range in the first three quarters and Carlos Arroyo (188-G-79, agent: Mc Candless William, college: Florida Intern.) has had his worst game in this tournament not finding his offensive flow.
Puerto Rico faces the USA for the Bronze medal at 7:00 PM and the Dominican Republic faces Brazil for the gold medal at 9:30 PM.

Brazil - USA 92-80
Cold shooting at precisely the wrong time relegated the USA Basketball Mens Pan American Games Team (2-2) to the bronze medal game as Brazil (4-0) went on a 13-0 at the end of the semifinals game to score a 92-80 victory in the J.P. Duarte Center in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Tuesday night.
Places 5-8:
Mexico - Uruguay 95-86
Argentina - Canada 88-86

  Day 3, Aug.5, 2003
Group A:
Canada - Mexico 101-70
Brazil - Dominican Rep. 92-77

Group B:

Argentina - Puerto Rico 92-67

The first quarter ended 21-20 in favor of Puerto Rico. Orlando Santiago made a three pointer with the score 18-20 in favor of Argentina and thanks to that basket we won that quarter. The best scorer for Puerto Rico was our 7'5" center Peter John Ramos with 5 points. Carlos Arroyo (188-G-79, agent: Mc Candless William, college: Florida Intern.) played a few minutes and scored 4 points, Richie Dalmau (198-G-73, agent: Duran Emilio, college: South Plain JC) had 3 points, Larry Ayuso (185-G-77, agent: Capicchioni Luciano, college: USC) 3, Jorge Rivera (201-F/C-70) 2 and Bobby Joe Hatton 1 point.
Argentina started a 28-9 rally in the first eight and a half minutes of the second quarter. Half time ended 55-31 in favor of Argentina thanks to an excellent percentage of three pointers made. Also their defense stopped the puerto rican offense and their intensity.
The third quarter ended 80-43 in favor of Argentina showing a complete domination over the puerto rican reserves.
From the center of the first quarter, coach Julio Toro used his reserves beacuse Puerto Rico finished in first place in their group. Puerto Rico and USA pass to the next round with a 2-1 record.
The best scorer for Puerto Rico was Rick Apodaca (192-G-80, college: Hofstra) with 13 points.
Puerto Rico faces the loser of Brazil vs The Dominican Republic tomorrow. This will mark the start of the second round of the Pan-Am games, the winner of that game will play for the gold medal.
Argentina couldn't move from the fourth place and Puerto Rico had the first position secured so they reserved its best players for the semifinal, as Argentina got an easy 92-67 victory. Argentina shot well from three point land for the first time in tournament. Roman Gonzalez was his best player again, Argentina faces Canada looking for fifth place.

USA - Uruguay 74-72
The United States defeated Uruguay 74-72 in the last 30 seconds of their game to classify for the semifinals of the Pan Amertican Games. Uruguay will play for the 5th to 8th place. Uruguay was ahead 72-71 with 1.25 to play but Arthur Johnson scored one free throw to tie the game. Uruguay lost the ball and the US go ahead 73-72, with another free throw, with 30 seconds to play. The Uruguayan Alejandro Muro (184-G-74) lost the ball, and another free throw by Rickey Paulding (196-G-82) gave USA the clasification, with 9 seconds to play. Luis Silveira failed in his last attempt. In another game for Group B Argentina defeated Puerto Rico 92-67. Standings: Puerto Rico 2-1, USA 2-1, Uruguay 1-2 and Argentina 1-2. Uruguay will play Mexico and Argentina - Canada. The winners will play for the 5th positon and the losers for the 7th. Semifinals: Puerto Rico-Dominicana and USA -Brazil.
The best scorers for USa were Arthur Johnson 17 and Andre Barret 11. For Uruguay Nicolas Mazzarino (181-G-75) scored 23 and Gustavo Szczygielski (204-C-67) 16.
USA-Andre Barret 11, Rickey Paulding 7,Brandon Mouton 7, Charles Hayes 10, Emeka Okafor 8,(starters) Ben Gordon 6, Chris Hill 5, Blake Stepp 0, Ike Diogou 0,Arthur Johnson 17. URUGUAY Mauricio Aguiar 3, Nicolas Mazzarino (181-G-75) 23, Leandro Garcia 0, Gustavo Szczygielski (204-C-67) 16, Esteban Batista 9 (starters) Alejandro muro 6, Trelonnie Owens 10, Gaston Paez 0, Luis SIlveira 5, Emilio Taboada 0. By quarters USA 21-27, 15-15, 23-17, 15-13.

  Day 2, Aug.3, 2003
Group A:
Brazil - Mexico 87-72 (Guilherme 20, Valtinho 18, Anderson 11, Tiago Spliter 9, Marcelinho 7, Alex 7, Renato 6, Andre Bambu 4, Demetrius 3, Murilo 2; Benitez 20, Mariscal 12, Quintero 11, Lopez 8, Llamas 7, Meza 6, Martin 3, Zuinga 3, Avila 2)
Mexico led 48-43 at halftime but could not pull off the upset. With the loss, Mexico falls to 0-2 and is eliminated from semifinal contention.

Dominican Republic - Canada 90-88 (Payano 24 (6x3), Flores 17, Vargas 13, Ramirez 11, Martinez 9, Western 8, Filion 8 - Barrett 21, Newton 13, Guarasci 12, Karangwa 11, Young 9, Francis 7, Kwiatkowski 6, Nohr 5, Thomas 4)
Canada led 81-74 with 4:21 left, but a 14-1 run gave the Dominicans the lead for good.

Group B:

Puerto Rico 86, USA 85

Puerto Rico beats USA by the score of 86-85. Andre Barrett (174-G-82) could not hit a last second shot to give the USA who could have been an important victory in day 2 of the Pan-Am games.
The first quarter ended 24-20 in favor of the United States. The best scorers for Puerto Rico at that point were Daniel Santiago (216-C-76, college: N.Mexico) with 10 points. Carlos Arroyo (188-G-79, agent: Mc Candless William, college: Florida Intern.) had 8 and Richie Dalmau (198-G-73, agent: Duran Emilio, college: South Plain JC) 2, they were the only three who scored for Puerto Rico. The starting line-up was: Daniel Santiago (216-C-76, college: N.Mexico), Jorge Rivera (201-F/C-70), Richie Dalmau (198-G-73, agent: Duran Emilio, college: South Plain JC), Rick Apodaca (192-G-80, college: Hofstra) and Carlos Arroyo (188-G-79, agent: Mc Candless William, college: Florida Intern.).
Half time ended 49-45. Orlando Santiago (186-G-75, college: Dowling) scored 9 points, all of them three pointers. For Puerto Rico the best scorers were Daniel Santiago (216-C-76, college: N.Mexico) and Carlos Arroyo (188-G-79, agent: Mc Candless William, college: Florida Intern.) with 11 points each. For the USA, Andre Barrett (174-G-82) scored 10 points.
The third quarter ended tied at 68 thanks to 12 points in the third quarter from Sharif Fajardo (205-F/C-76, agent: Leon Jon, college: UTEP) who did not played in the first half. Carlos Arroyo (188-G-79, agent: Mc Candless William, college: Florida Intern.) had 7 points scoring a three pointer with minutes left to tie the game at 68.
Puerto Rico won the final quarter by the score of 18-17.
The best scorers at the end for Puerto Rico were Sharif Fajardo (205-F/C-76, agent: Leon Jon, college: UTEP) scored 19 points all of them in the second half. The best scorer for Puerto Rico was Carlos Arroyo (188-G-79, agent: Mc Candless William, college: Florida Intern.) with 24 points. For USA the best was Andre Barrett (174-G-82) with 15.

Uruguay - Argentina 84-81

Nicolas Mazzarino (181-G-75) scored 26 points leading Uruguay to defeat Argentina 84-81 in the second round of the Pan American Games. Uruguay will play the United States today (Monday 4) to define one Group B semifinalist. Puerto Rico has already classified after winning over USA 86-85. Uruguay took an early lead against Argentina (5-0, 20-10), but after an 8-0 run, the first quarter finished 20-18. Argentina went ahead for the first time with seven minutes to play in the second quarter (26-25) but Uruguay won the first half 42-41. The third quarter finised Argentina 65-63. With one minute left in the last quarter a three point shot by Bruno Lavaque gave Argentina a 79-78 lead, but Mazzarino scored to put Uruguay ahead 81-79. Mazzarino then scored two free throws and Alejandro Muro another one to give Uruguay the victory. Puerto Rico has already clinched the first position in the group and Argentina was eliminated.
URUGUAY 84 - Szczygielski 6, Garcia 3, Batista 8, Aguiar 2, Mazzarino 26 (starters) Muro 11, Silveira 10, Perez 2, Owens 16, Taboada 0, Paez 0. ARGENTINA 81 - Cavaco 0 Gonzalez 17, Quinteros 11, Prigioni 6, Guaita 8 (starters) Sandes 14, Prato 5, leiva 13, Lavaque 5, Pelleteri 2, Mazzaro 0. By quarters: Uruguay 20-18, 22-23, 21-24, 21-16.
Argentina lost to Uruguay (81-84) for the first time since 1997 and has no chance to qualify to medal round. Argentina shot very bad from the perimeter and from the foul line (again) and allowed a lot of offensive Rebounds. Nicolas Mazzarino with six three pointers was the game’s best player.

  Day 1, Aug.2, 2003
Group A:
Dominican Republic - Mexico 72-67
(Jack Martinez 23, Franklin Western 17; Omar Quintero 27)

Brazil - Canada 92-78
Rowan Barrett (Mississauga, ON) went three for three from behind the arc helping Canada get off to a great start in the first quarter of this contest. Down 48 –38 at the half, the undersized Canadian squad rallied to get to within eight points, however some key three point shooting by Brazil’s Muchado put the game just out of reach.
Barrett had a game high 22 points to go with seven rebounds, while Jesse Young of Peterborough, ON, added 14 points and a team high five rebounds. Andy Kwiatkowski (Cambridge, ON) and Greg Newton (Niagara Falls, ON) also hauled in five rebounds apiece. The Canucks shot in impressive 50% from three point range and 42% from the field, while Brazil hit 34% of their three-pointers and shot 47% from the field.
Canada will face the host nation, Dominican Republic, on Sunday, August 3rd, at 9:00 pm (EDT), in Santo Domingo.

Group B:
Puerto Rico - Uruguay 89-72

Puerto Rico crushes Uruguay in day one of the Pan American Games.
Puerto Rico has beaten Uruguay by the score of 89-72. Rick Apodaca (192-G-80, college: Hofstra) led our National Team with 21 points. Our two point guards had a great game, Richie Dalmau (198-G-73, agent: Duran Emilio, college: South Plain JC) scored 15 and Carlos Arroyo (188-G-79, agent: Mc Candless William, college: Florida Intern.) 14. Sharif Fajardo (205-F/C-76, agent: Leon Jon, college: UTEP) scored 11 points, Daniel Santiago (216-C-76, college: N.Mexico) 9, and Antonio Latimer (204-F/G-78, agent: Sola Miquel, college: Missouri Southern) 10.
For Uruguay, Nicolas Mazzarino (181-G-75) scored 19 points.
Puerto Rico, with five players scoring double figures, defeated Uruguay 89-72 in the opening game of the Pan American Games. In the last quarter, with seven minutes to play, Uruguay was just six points behind, but Carlos Arroyo (188-G-79, agent: Mc Candless William, college: Florida Intern.) and Richard Dalmau lead his team for a clear triumph.
PUERTO RICO - Carlos Arroyo (188-G-79, agent: Mc Candless William, college: Florida Intern.) 14, Richard Dalmau 15, Elias Ayuso 3 Sharif Fajardo 11, Daniel Santiago 9, (starters), Rick Apodaca 21, Antonio Latimer 10, Alejandro Carmona 2, Jorge Rivera 2, Peter Ramos 2, Robert Hatton 0, Orlando Santiago 0. HC Julio Toro.
URUGUAY - Nicolas Mazzarino (181-G-75) 19, Leonardo Garcia 1, Gustavo Szczygielski 9, Luis Silveira 14, Esteban Batista 11 (starters), Alejandro Perez 0, Mauricio Aguiar 3, Alejandro Muro 3, Trelonnie Owens 12, Gaston Paez 0. HC: Nestor Garcia.
By quarters: Puerto rico 27-18, 19-18, 17-12, 26-24.

USA – Argentina 80-79
Argentina played an overall good game, led by Roman Gonzalez and Bruno Labaque, and had an eight point lead midway through the final quarter, but Argentina took very bad decissions in the final minutes and shot awful from the line and let the victory slip away, Argentina now must beat Uruguay and Puerto Rico to qualify.


Roman Gonzalez (206-C-78) Crabs Rimini (ITA)
Bruno Labaque (178-G-77) Crabs Rimini (ITA)
Patricio Prato (193-G-79) Skipper Bologna (ITA)
Martin Leiva (208-F/C-80) Boca Juniors Buenos Aires
Paolo Quinteros (185-G-79) Trouville (URU)
Julio Mazzaro (186-G-79) Estudiantes Olavarria
Pablo Prigioni (188-G-77) Tau Vitoria (ESP)
Matias Pelletieri (207-C-79) Obras
Diego Alba (186-G-81) Estudiantes O.
Diego Guaita (204-C-83) Boca Juniors
Diego Cavaco (198-F-79) Libertad
Matias Sandes (201-F-84) Boca Juniors
Coach. Fernando Duró
Assistants: Luis Oroño and Javier Maretto

'Marcelinho' Machado (200-F/G-75) Crabs Rimini (ITA)
'Arnaldinho' Filho (187-G-78) Uniara/Araraquara
'Dede' Barbosa (200-G-77) Mogi/UBC/D'avo
'Valtinho' Silva (187-G-77) Unit/Uberlandia
Murilo' da Rosa (207-F-83) Bauru
'Demetrius' Ferraciu (194-G-73) Universo/Minas
'Alex' Garcia (191-G-80) COC Ribeirao Preto
Anderson Varejao (205-C-82) CF Barcelona (ESP)
Guilherme Giovannoni (204-F-80) Crabs Rimini (ITA)
Tiago Splitter (209-C/F-85) Basket Bilbao (ESP)
Andre Pereira (205-C-79) Uniara/Araraquara
'Renato' Pinto (203-F-78) COC Ribeirao Preto
Coach: Lula Ferreira
Randy Nohr (184-G-77) Sallen (SWE)
Rowan Barrett (197-G/F-72) Hapoel Haifa (ISR)
Prosper Karangwa (201-G/F-78) Adirondack (USA-USBL)
Greg Newton (208-C/F-74) Cherno More Varna (BUL)
Shawn Swords (192-G/F-73) Rida Scafati (ITA)
Novell Thomas (185-G-75) Buffalo City (USA-MBA)
Jesse Young (209-C-81) George Mason (USA-NCAA)
Peter Guarasci (206-F-74) Crabs Rimini (ITA)
Greg Francis (189-G-74) Chester Jets (ENG)
Andrew Kwiatkowski (203-F-79) Euro Roseto (ITA)
Jose 'Grillo' Vargas (208-C-63) Guaros de Lara (VEN)
Franklin Western (200-F-72) Bayamon (PUR)
Carlos Payano (195-F/G-70) Bayamon (PUR)
Carlos Paniagua (201-F/C-76) Mauricio Baez
Otto Ramirez
Miguel Angel Pichardo (206-C-80) CAB Madeira (POR)
Amaury Filion (206-C/F-81) Vichy (FRA)
Luis Flores (188-G-81) Manhattan (USA-NCAA)
Jack Martinez (202-C-81) San Lazaro
Carlos Morban (191-G/F-82) Fla Internat. (USA-NCAA)
Jeffrey Greer (195-G/F-79) Le Havre (FRA)
Francisco Garcia (201-F-81) Louisville (USA-NCAA)
Coach: Hector Baez
Horacio Llamas (211-C-73) Delfines Mazatlan
Omar Quintero (182-G-81) S.Nazarene (USA-NAIA)
Victor Mariscal (200-F-72) Lobos de UAC
Pedro Meza (85)
Enrique Zuniga (193-G-75) Conejos de Tuxtla
Jesus Ramses Benitez (210-C-79) Saltillo Lobos
Omar Lopez (203-C-79) Tecos de la UAG
Adrian Martin (201-F-80) Oakland (NCAA)
Victor Avila (209-C-77) Conejos
Rick Apodaca (192-G-80)
Carlos Arroyo (188-G-79)
Larry Ayuso (185-G-77)
Sharif Fajardo (205-F/C-76)
Bobby Joe Hatton (187-G-76)
Antonio Latimer (204-F/G-78)
Jorge Rivera (201-F/C-70)
Daniel Santiago (216-C-76)
Orlando Santiago (186-G-75)
Alejandro Carmona
Peter John Ramos (220-C-85)
Richie Dalmau (198-G-73)
Alejandro Perez (201-F/C-78)
Sebastian Leguizamon (194 -F-84)
Gaston Paez (202-C/F-79)
Nicolas Mazzarino (181-G-75)
Alejandro Muro (184-G-74)
Emilio Taboada (190-F-82)
Mauricio Aguiar (194-F-83)
Trelonnie Owens (202-F-71)
Leandro Garcia (186-G-80)
Gustavo Szczygielski (204-C-67)
Luis Silveira (185-G-71)
Esteban Batista (208-F/C-83)
Rickey Paulding (196-G-82) Missouri
Chris Hill (191-G-83) Michigan State
Ben Gordon (188-G-83) Connecticut
Andre Barrett (174-G-82) Seton Hall
Blake Stepp (193-G-82) Gonzaga
Luke Jackson (201-F-81) Oregon
Chuck Hayes (201-F) Kentucky
Brandon Mouton (194-G/F-81) Texas
Arthur Johnson (206-C/F-81) Missouri
Emeka Okafor (206-F/C-82) Connecticut
Ike Diogu (203-F/C-83) Arizona State
Josh Childress (203-G/F-83) Stanford
Head coach: Tom Izzo (Michigan State)
Assistant: Lorenzo Romar (Washington)
Assistant: Quin Snyder (Missouri)
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