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1. Brazil 6-0
2. Argentina 4-2
3. Uruguay 4-2
4. Venezuela 2-4
5. Chile 1-4
6. Paraguay 0-5

Brazil won South American Championships 2003

  Day 6, July 27, 2003
Final: Brazil - Argentina 83-80
BRASIL (22 + 23 + 15 + 23 = 83)

Valtinho (6), Marcelinho (15), Guilherme (16), Tiago Splitter (11), Anderson (8), Demetrius (2), Andre Bambu (9), Alex (6), Tiagão (1), Renato (7) and Dede (2).
ARGENTINA (21 + 19 + 20 + 20 = 80) Prigioni (10); Mazzaro (9); Kammerichs (15);Gutierrez (0), Fernandez (13), Lo Grippo (10), Gonzalez (13), Palladino (10), Labaque (0) and Quinteros (0)

Despite of poor rebound (24-39) and some silly passes in the end, Brazil NT won the South American title for the 16th time. Brazil adopted a simple formula to win 83-80: defense and fastbreaks. Mixing man-to-man with match up zones The Lula Ferreira team slowed the Argentinean offense keeping 10 points ahead most of the time. In the third, Argentina closed the gap with strong defense and dominating the boards. But in the fourth, Guilherme, Marcelinho and Anderson stepped up opening the difference to 11 points. The youth Brazilians felt the pressure in the last two minutes when Guilherme fired a three to decide the game. Brazil finished the competition unbeatable 6-0.
Argentinean National team easily beats Uruguay in a must win game to access the final. After a first half when Argentina controlled the tempo but won only by eight points, Argentina opened the third quarter with a 19-0 run en route to a 31 point victory.
Tonight, in the final Argentina lost again to Brazil, this time 83-80, and finished second, Brazil won its 16th title. Uruguay will play in Republica Dominicana after beating Venezuela in the third place match.
Argentina trailed to Brazil for most of the games, was down by only two entering the final period, but scored only two pints in the first five minutes allowing Brazil to extend the difference to seven points. Brazil led 78-67 with 100 seconds to play but Argentina tried a final comeback but fell short. Brazil was without question the best team in the tournament and deserved to be the champion.
Brazil won the South American championship after beating Argentina 83-80, in the final game, with three key players, Marcelinho, Guilherme and Tiago Splitter (209-C/F-85). Uruguay reached the third position defeating Venezuela 88-82. The three first team classified for the Pan American Games, to begin next weekend, and with Venezuela will also play the Preolynpic tournament, at thee nd of August. The Argentine Guillermo Kammerichs was voted as the Most Valuable Player and the All-Star team also included Marcelinho and Tiago Splitter, from Brazil, Julio Mazzaro, from Argentina and Luis Silveira, from Uruguay.

Brazil took the control of the game during the second quarter with a 12 points difference (40-28) with 3.50 to play. Argentina recovered in the third quarter, winning that period 20-17. In the last quarter Argentina waas only one point behind (62-61) but after two minutes without points, Brazil with a 10-3 run went ahead 74-65, with thre minutes left. Argentina reduced the difference to just three points (81-78) with 23 seconds to play,but two free throws by Marcelinho gave Brazil its 16th title.
Brazil: Marcelinho 15, Valter 6, Anderson Varejao 8, Guilherme 16, Tiago Splitter 11 (starters) Andre 2, Tiago 1, Demetrius 2, Alex 6, Renato 7, Andre Bambu 9. Argentina: Kammerichs 15, Prigioni 10, Gutierrez 0, Mazzaro 9, Fernandez 13 (starters) Gonzalez 13, Labaque 0, Logrippo 10, Palladino 10, Quinteros 0. By quarters: Brazil22-21,m 23-19, 17-20, 21-20

3rd place game: Uruguay - Venezuela 88-82
Trelonnie Owens and Alejandro Muro, coming from the bench, scored half of the Uruguayan points leading their team to get the third position.
Uruguay: Moltedo 10, Aguiar 0, Batista 12, Garcia 3, Szczygielski 12 (starters) Muro 22, Owens 22, Osimani 0, Silveira 7. Venezuela: Diaz 19, Luis 20, Mijares 0, Aguilera 2, D. Guevara 20 (starters) R. guevara 21, Osorio 0, Blanco 0, Morris 0. By quarters: Uruguay 26-27, 17-18, 19-19, 26-18
The National squads of Uruguay and Venezuela disputed the 3rd place Match of the 2003 South American Championship. Uruguay won the game 88-82 and gained a spot at the 2003 Panamerican Games of Dominican Republic, while Venezuela will only take part at the Preolimpic Games of Puerto Rico.
The match was very leveled and Venezuela controled it with little advantage almost the entire time. Uruguay had a lot of problems to display an effective offensive game, while Venezuela seemed to be in the right direction to get the victory. An excellent duel between the two coaches, Nestor Salazar (Venezuela) and Nestor Garcia (Uruguay), was perceived throughout the whole game.
From the third quarter on, Uruguay started an all around reaction, which gave them a real chance to get the triumph. Venezuela's hopes were on the hands of rookie Rafael Guevara (194-F-79), who started shooting from the distance with elegance. During the fourth quarter, a special defensive strategy on Victor David Diaz (195-F-68, agent: Capicchioni Luciano, college: Houston) allowed the uruguayians to get the victory.

  Day 5, July 26, 2003
Brazil - Venezuela 95-94, OT
Brazil: Magalhaes 18, Valter 11, Anderson Varejao 11, Guilherme 19, Tiago Splitter 16 (staretrs), Arnaldo 3, Tiago 2, Demetrius 8, Alex 5, Renato 0, Andre 4.
Venezuela Diaz 17, Julio 12, Mijares 0, Aguilera 21, D. Guevara 22 (stareters) R. Guevara 8, Osorio 8, Morris 6. By quarters: Brazil 27-21, 17-24, 22-20, 19-20, 10-9.
In the most exciting game of the entire tournament, Brazil had to go through an overtime to finally defeat a courageous Venezuela 95-94 at "El Cilindro" Gimnasium of Montevideo, in the last matchday of the 2003 South American Championship's first round.
Although Brazil controled the first quarter, Venezuela never let the amazonians take a significant lead, and in the second period, Venezuela regained domain of the scoreboard, winning 45-44 at the buzzard. In the third quarter, the brazilians commited a lot of fouls, trying to control Venezuela's shooters. The venezuelan players could have won it in the fourth quarter, if they hadn't wasted the possesion they had with the score tied and 6 seconds left in the clock. The game finished up tied 85-85.
During the overtime, Venezuela managed to get a 5-point lead, but then Brazil woke up in the hands of Tiago Splitter (209-C/F-85) and Anderson Varejao (205-C-82, agent: Capicchioni Luciano), who recovered the key balls and scored their way back to a win. Brazil never expected this kind of suspense, but in the end won 95-94.
Venezuela will play against Uruguay for the third place of the tournament, which will allow the winner to be part of the Panamerican Games of Dominican Republic. Both teams are already qualified to the Preolimpics of Puerto RIco.

Argentina - Uruguay 95-64
Argentina: Kammerichs 16, Prigioni 16, Guitierrez 15, Mazzaro 14, Fernandez 4 (starters) Gonzalez 9m, Gonzalez 8, Labaque 8, Logrippo 0, Leiva 7, Palladino 6, Quinteros 8. Uruguay Moltedo 17, Aguiar 2, Garcia 2, Szczygielski 2, Batista 0 (starters) Taboada 5, Muro 11, Owens 12, Osimani 0, Silveira 13. By quarters Argentina 22-15, 22.21, 35-14, 16-14.
Argentina crushed Uruguay 95-64 and will play against Brazil the final game of the South American championship. Guillermo Kammerichs and Pablo Prigioni (188-G-77) scored 16 points each one for Argentina to defeat Uruguay for the first time in Montevideo. Guilherme scored two free thros with 12 second left during overt time to defeat Venezuela 95-94. Brazil, 5/0, Argentina 4/1, Uruguay 3/2, Venezuela 2/3 had classify for the preolympic tournament. Uruguay and Venezuela will play for the third place and for a spot in the Pan American Games. Chile finished in the 5th. place with a 1/4 record after beating 85-56 Paraguay, 0/5.
Argentina with a 19-0 run in the third quarter defined the game for the worst Uruguayan defeat ever suffered in Montevideo.

Chile - Paraguay 85-56
Chile: Lara 10, P. Saez 26, Carrasco 2, Briones 20, Coro 11 (starters) Hernandez 0, L,. Saez 2, Perez 11, Avila 0, Miller 3, Soto 0, Prutzmann 0.
Paraguay Perez 12, Mora 5, Laratro 8, Carrillo 6, Arauho 2 (starters) Ferrari 6, Yugovich 0, Viveros 0, Tovar 8, Brizuela 8, Marquez 1. By quarters Chile 16-16,15-13, 27-13, 27-14

  Day 4, July 25, 2003
Brazil - Chile 94-71
Brazil: Marcel 19, Valter 0, Anderson 14, Guilherme 17, Tiago Splitter 12 (starters) Arnaldo 9, Chueri 3, Tiago 5, Demetrius 4, Alex 6, Renato 5, Andre Quirino 0.
Chile: Lara 6, Perez 9, Carrasco 8, Avila 2, Briones 7 (starters) Hernandez 3, L. Saez 0, Coro 2, Miller 15m, Soto 15, Prutzmann 4. By quarters: Brazil 27-15, 21-17, 23-27, 23-12.
Brazil will play the final game of the 40th, South American Championship against the winner of Uruguay-Argentina, which are playing on Saturday night in Montevideo. Brazil, with a 4-0 record. Argentina 3-1, Uruguay 3-1 and Venezuela 2-2 already classify for the preolimpics tournament. Brazil has also gotten the classification for the Pan American Games.
Marcelo Guilherme and Anderson Varejao scored 50 points of the Brazilian 94 against Chile, which
was already losing for 12 points at the end of the first quarter.

Argentina - Venezuela 94-73
Venezuela 73: Diaz 17, Julio 23, Mijares 2, Arteaga 2, Aguilera, R.Guevara 5, D.Guevara 9, Amundaray 5, Ballenilla, Osorio 2, Blanco, Morris8 . Coach
Argentina 94: Prigioni 13, Palladino 5, Gutierrez 12, Mazzaro 16, Fernandez 6, Kammerichs 5, Labaque 2, LoGrippo 14, Prato, Leiva , Quinteros 10. Coach: R. Magnano
With two consecutive victories against Paraguay (115-41) and Venezuela (94-73) Argentina secured a place in the top 4 and got his berth on the next tournament of the Americas, today it will face Uruguay, if Argentina wins, they will play the final tomorrow against Brazil and will also have secured a place in the Pan American Games, if they lose they will play against Venezuela for third place.
Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Venezuela assured their participation in the Preolimpic Games of Puerto Rico after a combination of results in yersterday's matchday, which gave them the first four places of the 2003 South American Championship of Montevideo, Uruguay.
Argentina had a relatively easy victory against Venezuela 94-73. The venezuelans played a very balanced game during the first two quarters, but then Argentina applied a better defense on the long distance shots, which made them recover a lot more balls to widen the advantage. Argentina will now play against Uruguay in the last matchday and the winner will play the Finals against Brazil. Venezuela will play against the looser of the game to fight for the third place, and the ticket to the Panamerican Games of Dominican Republic.
Julio Mazzaro (186-G-79), with 16 points, was the main Argentine scorer as his team defeated Venezuela.

Urugay - Paraguay 92-64
Juan Manuel Moltedo (200-F/G-74) scored 16 points in the first half and Uruguay defeated Paraguay witout problems and has now the possibility to define with Argentina a spot in the final game. Uruguay played the second half with players coming from the bench thinking in the game to be played with Argentina. Uruguay: Moltedo 18, Aguiar 3, Garcia 3, Szczygielski 6, Batista 15 (starters) Taboada 15, Muro 3, Lopez 6, Owens 3, Osimani 5, Silveira 15. Paraguay: Ferrari 5, Perez 11, Yugovich 0, Carrillo 14, Araujo 15 (starters) Mora 0, Viveros 3, Ortiz 0, Tovar 3, Brizuela 10. By quarters: Uruguay 15-14, 26-19, 25-15. 26-15
Next: games- Saturdaty: Brazil-Venezuela, Uruguay-Argentina, and Chile Paraguay. Sunday: Brazil- winner of Uruguay-Argentina, for the gold medals and Venezuela against the loser of Uruguay-Argentina for the bronze medals.

  Day 3, July 24, 2003
Brazil - Uruguay 75-71
BRASIL (16 + 15 + 22 + 22 = 75) Valtinho (10), Marcelinho (18), Guilherme (14), Tiago Splitter (9), Tiagão (0), Anderson (9), Alex (10), Demetrius (1), Renato (4) and Andre Bambu (0)

URUGUAI (18 + 22 + 18 + 13 = 71)
Garcia (5), Aguiar (18), Batista (0), Moltedo (0) e Szczygielski (11), Muro (12), Osimani (0), Owens (16) and Silveira (9).

After winning Paraguay (93-45) and Argentina (87-66), Brazilian NT beat Uruguay in a very hard game 75-71 to lead the South American Tournament 3-0. The first half was awful for Brazil. The starters defense was able to hold tight in a below average game but the second unit didn’t keep the pace letting the home team to open 9 points (40-31). In the second, Valtinho wasn’t as aggressive as always but run the offense well, the offensive rebound helped and the defense stopped Owens (the main Uruguay option). So the game came to a very closed end despite of the Brazilian nightmare in triples (4-25). But all the sudden in the last minute, Guilherme and Marcelinho made two trays to save the game for Brazil.
Anderson Varejao (205-C-82, agent: Capicchioni Luciano) scored two free throws and Guilherme Giovannoni (204-F-80, agent: Capicchioni Luciano)  a three-point shot in the last 30 second leading Brazil to defeat Uruguay 75-71 in a game for the third round of the South American championship, in Montevideo. Brazil now leads the standings 3-0 and the second position is shared by Uruguay, Argentina and Venezuela 2-1, followed by Chile and Paraguay 0-3.
Uruguay controlled the game during the two first quarters, with the effort of Gustavo Szczygielski (204-C-67), Trelonnie Owens (202-F-71, college: Wake Forest) and Mauricio Aguiar (194-F-83), winning both periods 18-16 and 40-31. But Brazil, with a 12-0 run put the game 45-45 in the third quarter. Luis Silveira y Owens managed then to take again the lead at the end of the period 58-53. In the last quarter an 8-0 run by Brazil tie again the game 65-65. Uruguay was winning 72-71 with 30 seconds to play, when came the points scored by Varejao and Guilherme.

Argentina - Paraguay 115-41
Argentina had no problems to defeat Paraguay 115-41, with six players scoring more than 10 poimts.
ARgentina Kammerich 15, Prigioni 5, Gonzalez 12, Labaque 7, Logrippo 13, Prato 6, Gutierrez 7, Leiva 12, Palladino 8, Quinteros 8, Mazzaro 11, Fernandez 11 Paraguay: Ferrai 2, Perez 2, Yugovich 0, Mora 0, Ortiz 0, Laratro 2, Tovar 5, Brizuela 0, Carrillo 5, Araujo 25. By quarters Argentina 32-10, 23-16, 29-11, 31-4.

Venezuela - Chile 98-78

Venezuela: Diaz 29, Julio 8, Mijares 11, Aguilera 13, D. Guevara 6 (starters) R. Guevara 7, Amundaray 7, Blanco 7, Morris 10. Chile: P. Saez 16, Carrasco 3, Briones 25, Coro 10, Soto 3, Hernandez 2, L. Saez 2, Perez 10, Avila 0, Miller 3, Prutzmann 0. By quarters: Venezuela 28-26, 18-9, 24-24, 28-19
Venezuela lead by Victor David Diaz (195-F-68, agent: Capicchioni Luciano, college: Houston), with 29 points defeated Chile 98-78 after recovering from a very bad start. The Chileans went ahead in the first quarter and the Venezuelans only take the lead at the end of that period, 28-26. Then, Venezuela continued increasing the difference to be a clear winner.
For the second straight night, Venezuela was able to develop a good performance at the basketball court of "El Cilindro" in Montevideo, Uruguay, this time to defeat Chile 98-78 in the third matchday of the 2003 South American Championship. After this triumph, Venezuela holds a 2-1 record.
Although Chile showed courage and will throughout the game, Venezuela always had the lead and prooved their higher level in the hands of the top scorer of the tournament, Victor David Diaz (195-F-68, agent: Capicchioni Luciano, college: Houston). The game started balanced at the first quarter, but Venezuela added pressure in the defensive alignment and took advantage of that strategy in the second period. The last quarter was the proove of the venezuelan team's superiority, recovering balls and grabbing boards easily.
For Venezuela,

  Day 2, July 23, 2003

Brazil - Argentina 87-66
Brazil: Maghalaes 10, Silva 7, Delima 3, Conrado 2, Delima 20Varejao 9, Giovannoni 5, Lamas 17, Quirino, Splitter 14. Coach: Lula Da Silva
Argentina: Prigioni 6, Quinteros 2, Kammerichs 7, LoGrippo 11, Gonzalez 9, Labaque, Prato, Gutierrez, Leiva 7, Palladino 3, Mazzaro 12, Fernandez 9. Coach Ruben Magnano
Brazil showed it’s a team, Argentina is still far from there. The team coached by Lula showed a killer instinct since the tip off and got quick advantages that did nothing but grow. Argentina shot poorly from the line, missing seven attempts in the first quarter alone and an horrible 4/26 from behind the arc (started 1/17) and had only two players scored in double figures. Thiago Splitter and Anderson Varejao dominated the rebound at will. Argentina shouldn’t have problems tomorrow facing Paraguay, but must improve a lot if they want to finish in the top three positions and qualify for the Pan American Games.
Brazil gave an excelent exhibition to demolish Argentina, the last champion, 87-66 in a game of the second round of the South American tournament, which is played in Montevideo, and now is leading the standings with Uruguay, both 2-0. After a round robin round of the six teams. 1-2 will play for the first position and 3-4 for the third one. The four first team classify for the preolympics and three for the Pan American Games
The Brazilians after a 11-3 run in the first quarter took a clear lead 27-15 and they continue increasing the difference while the Argentine team never was a real danger. Tiago Splitter, with 14 points and Anderson Verajao with 9, were the best Brazilian players controlling clearly the rebounds. Brazil took 13-36 rebounds and Argentina 11-17. Argentina has now a 1-1 record.

Uruguay 79 Chile 71

URUGUAY: Taboada 0, Aguiar 7, Garcia 2, Szczygielski 16, Batista 2 (starters), Moltedo 17, Muro 12, Lopez 0, Owens 9, Osimani 2, Silveira 11. CHILE: P. Saez 16, Perez 8, Briones 20, Coro 6, Carrasco 9 (starters) Lara 5, Hernandez 0, Miller 6, Soto 0, Prutzmann 5 By quarters Uruguay 14-16, 40-36, 54-56, 79-71
Luis Silveira scored two free throws and a three-point shot with less than 1.30 to play and for the first time Uruguay took a clear lead defeating Chile 79-71. The Chileans had the lead during most of the game while Uruguay was giving a poor exhibition bringing 52 points out 79 from the bench. Uruguya is 2-0 and Chile 0-2.

Venezuela - Paraguay 98-66

VENEZUELA Luis 1, Dioaz 31, Mijares 7, Aguilera 2, D. Guevara 8, (starters) Arteaga 4, R. Guevara 7, Amundaray 8, Balenilla 9, Osorio 0, Blanco 0, Morris 10. PARAGUAY: Ferrari 9, Mora 2, Laratro 8, Tovar 1, Carrillo 15 (starters) Perez 0, Viveros 8, Ortiz 0, Brizuela 3, Marquez 1. By quarters Venezuela 32-16, 53-28, 72-46, 98-66.
The National squad of Venezuela bounced back from last night's loss against Uruguay and defeated the week Paraguay 98-66 in the second matchday of the 2003 South American Championship of Montevideo, Uruguay.
This time, it was Venezuela alll the way. From the beginning of the game, the team delivered the offensive responsabilities to Victor David Diaz (195-F-68, agent: Capicchioni Luciano, college: Houston). Paraguay had no defensive strategy and found it very hard to keep the ball controled. At the end of the first half, Venezuela had a nearly 30-point lead over the paraguayans. During the second half of the match, the team lowered their speed on the ball handling and started to fail a few shots while Paraguay did their best to attempt a come back.
Venezuela scored a 18-2 run during the first six minutes of the game against Paraguay and the games was really over. Victor David Diaz (195-F-68, agent: Capicchioni Luciano, college: Houston) scored 31 for the winnning 98-66 and he is now the scoring leader of the tournament with 53 points, after two rounds. Venezuela is 1-1 and Paraguay 0-2.

  Day 1, July 22, 2003
Argentina, the defending champion, Brazil and Uruguay won the opening games of the 40th South American Championships, confirming they are the candidates to win the medals and to qualify for the Panamerican Games and, with Venezuela, to the Preolympics.

Brazil - Paraguay 93-45
BRAZIL Guilherme Giovanonni 22, Marcelinho 11, Tiago Splitter 17, Tiagao 4, Valtinho 7 (starters) Arnaldinho 0, Andre Luiz 2, Demetrius 0, Alex 13, Renato 7, Andre Quirino 9. Anderson Verajao did not play.
At the five minutes of the first quarter Brazil took the lead 8-6 for the first time to begin a 16-3 run and the game was virtually over. Brazil won that period 24-13, the 2nd. 23-16, the 3rd 24-5 and the final one 22-11. But nevetheless the most spectacular play come frorm the Paraguayan Sergio Ferrari. Just at the end of the second quarter he throw the ball from the final line of his defense zone and scored a three-point shot, the only he made in five attempts.

Argentina - Chile 102-68
Argentina 102: Prigioni 3, Quinteros 9, Kammerichs 9, Logrippo 17, Gonzalez 8 (starters) Labaque 8, Prato 10, Leiva 6, Gutierrez, Mazzaro 21. Head Coach. Ruben Magnano
Chile 68: Lara 7, P. Saez 18, Coro 15, Carrasco 2, Briones 16 (starters) Hernandez 3, L. Saez 2, Perez, Avila2, Miller, Soto 3, Prutzmann. Head Coach: Daniel Allende
Argentina with a 26-0 run during the second quarter crushed Chile, which scored the first points during that period after seven minutes. Chile went ahead 6-4 after three minutes, but that was all, and the game was more a training game that anything else.
In the opening game of the fortieth South American Championship Argentina defeated Chile 102-68 without playing well. After a first quarter lead of six points Argentina went to outscore Chile 38-10 in the second period to establish a 24 point lead thanks to a full court defense that caused a lot of Chile’s turnovers and easy baskets for Argentina. The last two periods were played at Chile’s rhythm as Argentina struggled in the stationary offense and did not play good defense, the second half ended tied at 42.
Today Argentina faces Brazil in toughest game of the opening round.
Leandro Palladino finally occupied the space left by Herrmann.

Uruguay - Venezuela 73-66
URUGUAY Moltedo 7, Taboada 0, Aguiar 8, Muro 12, Lopez 0, Owens 15, Garcia 10, Osimani 4, Szczygielski 13, Silveira 0, Bouzout 1, Batista 6.
VENEZUELA Diaz 22, Julio 4, Mijkares 0, Aguilera 11, Rafael Guevara 3, Diego Guevara 18, Amundaray 4, Osorio 0, Blanco 2, Morris 2. By quarters:Uruguay 17-17, 44-36, 62-46.
The South American Championship of Montevideo, Uruguay, began this tuesday with a very difficult victory of the local squad against Venezuela 73-66.
Venezuela, presenting a young team with the absences of Oscar Torres, Carl Herrera, Richard Lugo and Hector Romero, only offered resistance during the first quarter of play, in which both teams showed the best of their basketball. From the second period on, Uruguay took an outstanding advantage of the visitors with long distance shots and an organized defensive line. The locals held the big gap until the fourth quarter, in which Venezuela attempted a come back that was not enough.
Gustavo Szczygielski and Trelonnie Owens lead Uruguay for a win over Venezuela, taking a 16 points difference in the third quarter. Venezuela managed to reduce the difference to 5 points in the last minute but the effort was not enough.

Federico Kammerichs (203-F-80) Pamesa Valencia (ESP)
Pablo Prigioni (188-G-77) Lucentum Alicante (ESP)
Roman Gonzalez (206-C-78) Crabs Rimini (ITA)
Bruno Labaque (178-G-77) Crabs Rimini (ITA)
Diego Logrippo (198-F-78) Atenas Cordoba
Patricio Prato (193-G-79) Skipper Bologna (ITA)
Leonardo Gutierrez (200-F-78) Drac Inca Mallorca (ESP)
Martin Leiva (208-F/C-80) Boca Juniors Buenos Aires
Leandro Palladino (194-G-76) Tau Ceramica Vitoria (ESP)
Paolo Quinteros (185-G-79) Trouville (URU)
Julio Mazzaro (186-G-79) Estudiantes Olavarria
Gabriel Fernandez (204-C-76) Forum Valladolid (ESP)
Coach: Ruben Magnano

'Marcelinho' Machado (200-F/G-75) Crabs Rimini (ITA)
'Arnaldinho' Filho (187-G-78) Uniara/Araraquara
'Dede' Barbosa (200-G-77) Mogi/UBC/D'avo
'Valtinho' Silva (187-G-77) Unit/Uberlandia
'Tiagao' de Lima (202-C/F-80) COC Ribeirao Preto
'Demetrius' Ferraciu (194-G-73) Universo/Minas
'Alex' Garcia (191-G-80) COC Ribeirao Preto
Anderson Varejao (205-C-82) CF Barcelona (ESP)
Guilherme Giovannoni (204-F-80) Crabs Rimini (ITA)
Tiago Splitter (209-C/F-85) Basket Bilbao (ESP)
Andre Pereira (205-C-79) Uniara/Araraquara
'Renato' Pinto (203-F-78) COC Ribeirao Preto
Head Coach: Aluisio Xavier Ferreira
Galo Lara (188-G-77)  Comunal Ancud
Erik Carrasco Prov. Osorno
Patrick Saez (191-G/F-71) Deportes Castro
Lino Saez (192-F-77) Deportes Castro
Cristian Perez (194-F/G-74) Prov. Osorno
Alexander Miller (197-F-75) Deportes Valdiva
Pablo Avila (F-82)  Universidad Catolica
Patricio Briones (212-C-72) Provincial Llanquihue
Pablo Coro (197-F/C-69) Prov. Osorno
Marcelo Hernandez (182-G-79) Prov. Osorno
Jorge Soto (196-F-72) Prov. Osorno
Claus Prutzmann (202-C-79) Univ.Autonoma
Head Coach: Daniel Allende
Renzo Ferrari (G/F-) Rowing
Daniel Perez (F-) America de Pilar
Francisco Yugovich (175-G-81) Libertad
Miguel Mora (82) Felix Perez Cardoso
Cristian Viveros (182-G-78) Olimpia de Asuncion
Edison Ortiz Pettirossi
Roberto Laratro (C-82) Felix Perez Cardoso Asuncion
Adrian Tovar (200-C-77) Rowing
Victor Brizuela (195-F-76) Olimpia
Sergio Marquez (202-C/F-76) Sol de America
Jose Carrillo (185-G-70)  Sacachispas Encarnacion
Guillermo Araujo (205-C-82)  Sacachispas Encarnacion
Head Coach: Santiago Ochipinti
Trelonnie Owens (202-F-71) Badajoz (ESP)
Emilio Taboada (190-F-82) Atletico Atenas
Mauricio Aguiar (194-F-83) Atletico Cordon
Alejandro Muro (184-G-74) Palestrina (ITA)
Enrique Lopez (205-F/C-70) Caja Rural Melilla (ESP)
Esteban Batista (F/C-83) Salto Uruguay
Leandro Garcia (186-G-) Texas A&M (USA)
Martin Osimani (192-G-81) Miami Dade CC (USA)
Gustavo Szczygielski (204-C-67) Defensor SC
Luis Silveira (185-G-71) Defensor SC
Marcel Bouzout (206-C-71) Paysandu BB
Juan Manuel Moltedo (200-F/G-74) Euro Roseto (ITA)
Head Coach: Nestor Garcia
Arnaldo Amundaray Panteras
Edgar Arteaga (198-F-76) Trotamundos
Roque Osorio (205-C-76) Trotamundos
Diego Guevara (186-G-77) Trotamundos
Ernesto Mijares (190-G-76) Marinos
Luis Julio (197-F-82) Gaiteros
Manuel Berroteran (185-G-80) Panteras
Victor David Diaz (195-F-68) Cayey (PUR)
Rosmel Blanco (207-C-78) Trotamundos
Carlos Morris (194-F-75) Toros de Aragua
Tomas Aguilera (197-F-77) Marinos de Oriente
Rafael Guevara (194-F-79) Gaiteros del Zulia

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