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South American Championships Final Standings
 1. Venezuela
 2. Brazil
 3. Uruguay
 4. Argentina
 5. Colombia
 6. Paraguay
 7. Chile
 8. Bolivia
 9. Ecuador
 10. Peru
South American Championships Stage One Standings
Group A
 1. Venezuela 4-0 
 2. Brazil 3-1 
 3. Paraguay 2-2 
 4. Bolivia 1-3 
 5. Ecuador 0-4 
Group B
 1. Argentina 4-0 
 2. Uruguay 3-1 
 3. Colombia 2-2 
 4. Chile 1-3 
 5. Peru 0-4 
Points Per Game
 Michael JACKSON
  Avg: 17.6
 1. Jackson, CRC17.6 
 2. Ortiz, COL17.6 
 3. Fuller, USA16.3 
 4. Rodriguez, BRA14.5 
 5. Delgado, ECU13.8 
 6. Vargas, VEN13.2 
 7. Romano, ARG12.3 
 8. Andrade, BRA12.2 
 9. Batista, URU11.8 
 10. Camargo, BOL11.8 
Rebounds Per Game
 Esteban BATISTA
  Avg: 10.3
 1. Batista, URU10.3 
 2. Salvatierra, BOL9.6 
 3. Carvacho, CHI8.0 
 4. Rodriguez, BRA8.0 
 5. Hernandez, COL7.4 
 6. Mina, ECU7.3 
 7. Calfani, URU7.0 
 8. Colmenares, VEN6.8 
 9. Perez, COL6.6 
 10. Batista, BRA6.5 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 7
 1. Carrasco, CHI7.0 
 2. de Assis, ITA6.4 
 3. Fitipaldo, URU5.5 
 4. Zanotta, URU4.7 
 5. De los Santo., ARG4.3 
 6. Vargas, VEN4.0 
 7. Brussino, ARG4.0 
 8. Caicedo, COL4.0 
 9. Balbi, ARG3.8 
 10. Colmenares, VEN3.7 
Steals Per Game
 Cristhian CAMARGO
  Avg: 2.2
 1. Camargo, BOL2.2 
 2. Colmenares, VEN2.0 
 3. Rodriguez, BRA2.0 
 4. Toledo, ESP2.0 
 5. Caicedo, ECU1.8 
 6. Vargas, VEN1.7 
 7. Bethelmy, VEN1.7 
 8. Fitipaldo, URU1.7 
 9. Jackson, CRC1.6 
 10. Ortiz, COL1.6 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.6
 1. Mercado, BOL1.6 
 2. Calfani, URU1.5 
 3. Batista, URU1.5 
 4. Newsome, USA1.2 
 5. Masias, PER1.0 
 6. Graterol, VEN1.0 
 7. Salvatierra, BOL1.0 
 8. Perez, COL1.0 
 9. Fabio, PAR0.8 
 10. Peralta, PAR0.8 

Venezuela clinch gold! (Photo: FIBA)

Starting Five in BOLD letters
Starting five
Gregory Echenique
David Cubillan
Jose Vargas
Windi Graterol
Cesar Garcia
0Gregory Echenique 206-C-90 Guaros Venezuela
2Dwight Lewis 197-SG-87 Trotamundos Venezuela
5Gregory Vargas 180-PG-86 Maccabi Haifa Israel
8David Cubillan 181-PG-87 Trotamundos Venezuela
10Jose Vargas 195-G/F-82 Marinos Venezuela
11Luis Bethelmy 200-F/C-86 Guaros Venezuela
14Miguel Ruiz 197-F-90 Aduaneros Venezuela
15Windi Graterol 204-C-86 Guaros Venezuela
22Cesar Garcia 175-G/F-89 Cocodrilos Venezuela
23Anthony Perez 206-F-93 Mississippi USA
34Harold Cazorla 175-PG-91 Guaros 2 Venezuela
43Nestor Colmenares 203-PF-87 Guaros Venezuela

Nestor Garcia Head Coach Guaros Venezuela All-South American Championships Awards 2016 - Jul 4, 2016 All-South American Championships 1st Team 2016
Gregory Vargas
Bruno Fitipaldo
Olivinha Rodriguez
Nicolas Romano
Esteban Batista

Best Player: Gregory Vargas (180-PG-86) of Venezuela
Best Guard: Gregory Vargas (180-PG-86) of Venezuela
Best Forward: Olivinha Rodriguez (203-F-83) of Brazil
Best Center: Esteban Batista (208-C/F-83) of Uruguay

1st Team
PG: Gregory Vargas (180-PG-86) of Venezuela
PG: Bruno Fitipaldo (183-PG-91) of Uruguay
F: Olivinha Rodriguez (203-F-83) of Brazil
F: Nicolas Romano (200-F-87) of Argentina
C/F: Esteban Batista (208-C/F-83) of Uruguay

2nd Team
PG: Fulvio de Assis (188-PG-81) of Brazil
G: Stalin Ortiz (190-G-81) of Colombia
F/G: Michael Jackson (197-F/G-87) of Colombia
PF: Jefferson Andrade (207-PF-83) of Brazil
C: Mathias Calfani (204-C-92) of Uruguay

Honorable Mention
Erik Carrasco (181-PG-83) of Chile
Nicolas Carvacho (6'10''-F/C-97) of Chile
Luis Mercado (206-C-97) of Bolivia
Cristhian Camargo (194-F-92) of Bolivia
Carlos Delgado (202-C-90) of Ecuador
Kyle Fuller (6'1''-PG-92) of Peru
Jose Vargas (195-G/F-82) of Venezuela
Luis Bethelmy (200-F/C-86) of Venezuela

Venezuela clinch gold! - Jul 3, 2016

Venezuela - Brazil 64-58
Venezuela did it again! They defended gold that they won two years ago so they are now second time Champions of South America in a row! They overcame Brazil in big final, it was quite interesting game until the very end. First ten minutes Venezuela won by 3 (20:17), then Brazil won second and third part of the game with one and four points for total of +2 for their side but then Venezuela played amazing last quarter, allowing Brazil only 6 points in last ten minutes and winning quarter with 16:8 for total of 64:58. Gregory Vargas (180-PG-86, agency: Pro Sports) scored 21 points, had 3 rebounds and 4 assists which makes him MVP of Final game. He was helped by Jose Vargas (195-G/F-82, agency: Pro Sports) with 12 points and 5 assists. For Brazil who won silver medal, best was Marcus Vinicius Toledo (201-F-86) with 13 points and 6 rebounds.

Places 3-4
Uruguay - Argentina 87-83
Bronze medal goes to Uruguay! Luciano Parodi (182-PG-94) with 24 points and 4 assists, and Batista Esteban with 23 points and 13 rebounds lead Uruguay to huge victory against Argentina in battle of bronze medal. It was not enough even 18 points from Leonardo Mainoldi (203-PF-85) and 16 points from Nicolas De los Santos (180-PG-88) for Argentina to win this game. It was last quarter decider as Uruguay won that part of the game with 22:17 and it was comeback from as before they started last ten minutes Argentinians were in the lead by one point (65:66). With win in last quarter by 5 it makes it total 87:83 for Uruguay. Argentina finished this tournament on fourth, most unpopular place.

Venezuela and Brazil in the battle for gold! - Jul 2, 2016

Argentina - Brazil 82-88
In historic derby between this two National Teams, Brazil was winner side this time. They overcame Argentina by 6 and made it to the big final and chance to win gold medal. Half time was finished in Brazil favor with +3, then third quarter was finished with tie results (16:16) and last ten minutes, Brazil was better again for 3 points and made it to final results of 82:88 in total. For Brazil on this game we have even 6 players who scored 10 or more points, best was Olivinha Rodriguez (203-F-83) with 16 points and 8 rebounds, he was followed by Fulvio de Assis (188-PG-81) with 19 points and 6 rebounds. For losing side Nicolas Romano (200-F-87) scored 12 points, same as Franco Balbi (185-PG-89). In final game, Brazil be playing against home team, Venezuela.

Venezuela - Uruguay 74-62

After beating Uruguay, Venezuela made it to final of South American tournament. They were better then Uruguayan side by 12 point difference. They lose only first ten minutes in the game with 3 points, but then they started playing more seriously. Bench players scored more points then starting five (38-36). For Venezuela most efficient was David Cubillan (181-PG-87, college: Marquette, agency: Pro Sports) with 16 points, also Nestor Colmenares (203-PF-87, college: Campbellsville, agency: Pro Sports) had nice game with 7 points and 12 rebounds for total index of 18. For losing side two players scored 15 point each, Bruno Fitipaldo (183-PG-91, agency: Pro Sports) and Mauricio Aguiar (197-F-83, agency: Pro Sports). Also, Fitipaldo catches 8 rebounds and had 8 assists.

Places 5-8
Bolivia - Chile 55-70
Nicolas Carvacho (208-F/C-97) led his National Team, Chile to one more victory on this tournament. He scored 13 points and had amazingly 15 rebounds. He get help from Ignacio Carrion (202-F-93) with 14 points and that was easy, 15 point win for Chile against Bolivia. Axel Veizaga (182-PG-96) scored 14 points and had 6 rebounds for losing side who only win last quarter for proud win by 15, as they won last quarter with 22:13.

Paraguay - Colombia 58-82
Columbia won game against Paraguay with pretty huge margin. They won all four quarter for decisive win. They were led by Michael Jackson (197-F/G-87) with 24 points, also Rodrigo Caicedo (180-PG-88) scored 16 points and have 7 rebounds and John Hernandez (207-C-84) scored 15 points with 11 rebounds. For losing side Alejandro Peralta (195-F-91) scored 11 points and had 6 rebounds.

Semifinals are set in Caracas - Jul 1, 2016

Group A
Venezuela - Brazil 70-60
This was derby in Group A and battle for first place in this group and after this match, Venezuela was still undefeated as they were better then Brazil by 10 points. With this victory Venezuela finished group in big style with 4-0 and they will play Semifinal against 2nd place team in Group B, Uruguay while Brazil will go to eternal rival, Argentina. In this game, Venezuela was leaded by Dwight Lewis (197-SG-87, college: USC) with 16 points and Gregory Echenique (206-C-90, college: Creighton, agency: Pensack Sports) with 12 points and 5 rebounds. For losing team, best performance was played by
Olivinha Rodriguez (203-F-83) with 7 points and 11 rebounds.

Bolivia - Ecuador 75-74 OT
Bolivia made it to first victory on this tournament beating Ecuador, who finished Group A without any win and they are alone in last place. With this win Bolivia is advancing into battle for 5th place, and they will play against Chile, who also finished with same win/lose ration as Bolivia (1-3). Bolivians are leaded by Cristhian Camargo (194-F-92) with 19 points in this tie game that was decided after over time with only 1 point difference between two National Teams. Also Raul Salvatierra (200-F-91) had good performance with 16 points and 13 rebounds. For losing team best was Carlos Delgado (202-C-90) with 17 points and Eduard Caicedo (196-C-90) with 14 points and 12 rebounds.

Group B
Colombia - Argentina 69-97
Last game in Group B for Argentina and another perfect game for them to finish this group in big numbers. 97 point was more then enough for fourth straight win in a row and they reserved game with Brazil in semifinal game who finished second in Group A. Argentina allowed Columbia only 69 points in this game and Argentinian side won all four quarters on this match with huge win of 28 point difference. Nicolas Romano (200-F-87) lead white and blues to victory with 20 points and 6 rebounds, he was followed by Leonardo Mainoldi (203-PF-85) with 15 points and 7 assists, and for Columbia best was Michael Jackson (197-F/G-87) with 24 points and 5 rebounds. Columbia finished group with 2-2 record and will play against Paraguay in Semifinals but for battle of 5th place.

Chile - Uruguay 56-88
Another dominated game for Uruguay who finished Group B at 2nd place after Argentina. They were just better side then Chile on this game who has after this game 1-3 record and will go to battle for 5th Place on this Tournament. Uruguay was leaded by amazing performance of Mathias Calfani (204-C-92, agency: Pro Sports) with 22 points and 10 rebounds and total index points of 34. Kiril Wachsmann (203-C-84, college: Iona) also had great game with 15 points and 9 rebounds, while in losing team of Chile best was Nicolas Carvacho (208-F/C-97) with 10 points and 11 rebounds.

Recap of Day 4 in Caracas - Jun 30, 2016

Group A
Brazil - Bolivia 114-33
Another big win for Brazil on this tournament, this time with more then 80 points difference. Victim was National Team of Bolivia. Brazil dominated entire game, they won all four quarters with huge difference. In Brazil all players have at least 2 points alongside their name and best performance of the night was played by David Rossetto (180-PG-93) with 15 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists for ranking 26 in total, he was followed by Olivinha Rodriguez (203-F-83) with 17 points and 6 rebounds. In Bolivia best was Paolo Ramos (187-G-87) with 12 points. Brazil is still perfect with 3-0 record in Group A.

Ecuador - Paraguay 57-71
Bruno Zanotti (198-SF-82, college: Merrimack) led Paraguay to another win with 16 points and 6 rebounds in his great game against Ecuador. This is third lose for Ecuador from three games on this tournament and their chances for advancing in next round is zero. Zanotti was having help from all players in this win for Paraguay as all of them scored some points, most efficient alongside him was Alejandro Peralta (195-F-91) with 9 points. For losing side Nixon Mina (205-F/C-90) scored 16 points and had 14 rebounds.

Group B
Argentina - Chile 112-71
Again Argentinian game and again huge victory for South American basketball giant. They dominated entire game against Chile and winning by +41 is not surprise at all. Argentinians was leaded by Nicolas Romano (200-F-87) who flushed 15 points coming from the bench, also Penarol guard, Nicolas Brussino (200-G/F-93) played great game and he scored 18 points and had 4 rebounds, but best performance of the night was played by Javier Saiz (204-C-94) with 17 points and 6 rebounds. In losing team Juan Fontena (196-F-87) nipped 10 points and had 8 rebounds. Argentina is now alone in first position with 3-0 record and Chile is on fourth position with 1-2.

Uruguay - Peru 95-50
Peru finished this tournament without any victory. 0-4 for this National Team after Uruguay win against them with +45 difference. Uruguay are now on 2-1 and had chances to go into Semifinals. Kyle Fuller (185-PG-92, college: Vanderbilt) are playing great tournament for Peru and that was remained so in last game, he scored 21 points with 8 rebounds and 4 assists and in winning team best was Mathias Calfani (204-C-92, agency: Pro Sports) with 20 points and 7 rebounds, also in the mood was Salvador Zanotta (183-PG-95) with 8 points and 11 rebounds. Uruguay after this win have 2-1 score in Group B of this tournament.

Recap of Day 3 in Caracas - Jun 29, 2016

Group A
Bolivia - Venezuela 37-97
Venezuela stayed perfect as this is their 3rd win in the row, and Bolivia suffer second lose on their tournament from two games. If we look closer we can see that Venezuela easily won all periods of the games with 10+ points so this result at the end is not a big surprise. Venezuela allowed Bolivia only 37 points in 40 minutes of the game so it was prof that they played really good defense on this game. Almost 40 points was scored by Venezuela bench on this game while Bolivian bench contributed with 17. In starting five, difference is even bigger. Venezuelan starting fives scored 50 points and Bolivian only 20. In Bolivia best individual was Cristhian Camargo (194-F-92) with 8 points and 5 rebounds, while in Venezuela we have all players added at least 3 points to this game. Most efficient was Anthony Perez (206-F-93) with 27 points, he was followed by David Cubillan (181-PG-87, college: Marquette, agency: Pro Sports) with 15 points and 4 rebounds.

Paraguay - Brazil 63-101
Brazil is still perfect after their second game. They dominated easily against Paraguay on Day-3 of South American Championship. With this lose, Paraguay went on 1-2 record in Group A on this tournament. It was easy win for Brazil, they won all of four quarters on this game and was led by Olivinha Rodriguez (203-F-83) with 21 points and 7 rebounds. He is followed by Joao Paulo Batista (205-C/F-81, college: Gonzaga) who comes from the bench and nipped 12 points and 7 rebounds for his team. In Paraguay best scorer was Gabriel Peralta (201-F-95) with 11 points, and good game had also Federico Mellone (193-F/G-85) with 6 points and 8 rebounds.

Group B
Chile - Colombia 74-80
In closest game of the day, Columbia successfully ended game with second victory on tournament from three games. They were better then Chile and that's how they give Chile first lose (1-1). Last quarter was decider for winner of the game as Columbia won last quarter with 27:18 and that's how they ended up as winner side by 6 point difference then Chile. Columbia was lead by Stalin Ortiz with 28 points and 4 rebounds, also Michael Jackson (197-F/G-87) scored 22 points with 7 rebounds and Rodrigo Caicedo (180-PG-88) had 11 points and amazing 8 assists. In Chile, Sebastian Suarez (193-G-91, college: Portland St.) had 19 points and 4 rebounds, he was followed by Juan Fontena (196-F-87) with 14 points and 6 rebounds.

Peru - Argentina 43-105
One more game with easy win for one team. This time Argentina have easy job for their second win from two games. They win against Peru by 62 point margin. Peru scored only 43 points while Argentina flushed 105. It was easy game for Argentina, they finished all quarters in their favor. 3rd was most efficient for them as they won it by 25 points (30:5). Bench player for Argentina scored 54 points while Peru scored only 11. Argentina was also successful in rebounds with 42 versus 26 for Peru. Kyle Fuller (185-PG-92, college: Vanderbilt) from Bakersfield J. was most efficient for Peru with 19 points and 6 rebounds, in Argentina we have all players scored points and Federico Aguerre (203-SF-88) was most efficient with 14 points and 7 rebounds, he was followed by Javier Saiz (204-C-94) with 12 points and 3 rebounds and also Marcos Delia (209-C-92) with 17 points and 9 rebounds. Argentina is now at 2-0 record in this tournament while Peru still wait for their first win, they are now on 0-3 record in Group B.

Recap of Day 2 in Caracas - Jun 28, 2016

Group A
Venezuela - Paraguay 77-48
Venezuela added a second win at the 2016 South American Championship after defeating Paraguay, 77-48, in Group A action. Venezuela accumulated 22 assist in the stats.

Brazil - Ecuador 107-65
Brazil dominated Ecuador by a score of 107-65 in the team's 2016 South American Championship. Ecuador competed in the first quarter, which ended with a score of 26-21, but Brazil imposed their superiority in the rest of the game. Olivinha Rodriguez (203-F-83) had a great performance with 18 points and 10 rebounds in 17 minutes.

Group B
Colombia - Peru 81-46
After a tough defeat against Uruguay on the first day of competition, Colombia leveled its record at 1 win and 1 loss after defeating Peru, 81-46, in Group B action. With 26 points, Stalin Ortiz (190-G-81, college: Valparaiso) was Colombia's top scorer.

Argentina - Uruguay 82-58
Argentina debuted in the South American Championship with a 82-58 victory over Uruguay, an important rival who seemed poised as the only team with potential to defeat Argentina in Group B. Nicolas Romano (200-F-87) was perfect. The power forward scored 11 points and shot 100% from the field in the win.

Recap of Day 1 in Caracas - Jun 27, 2016

Group A
Ecuador - Venezuela 34-97
Luis Bethelmy (200-F/C-86) lead his National Team to first victory on South American Championship over Ecuador. He scored 17 points and have 4 assists with 4 steals, he was followed by Jose Vargas (195-G/F-82, agency: Pro Sports) who flushed 16 points. In Ecuador there are not many players who have their night, best was Carlos Delgado (202-C-90) with 7 points added on his name. Venezuela dominating from the very begin of the game with 7:17 win in 1st quarter and then increasing lead until the end. They won it all remaining quarters with more then 20 points (2nd and 3rd) and last quarter they won it with 15:25. That was enough for total result of 34:97 and amazing +63 points for them in first round.

Paraguay - Bolivia 74-55
Paraguay opened this tournament on best possible way for their team. They dominating Bolivia entire game as they won it with +19 after the 40 minutes of the game. All players in Paraguay scored at least a point on this game but most efficient was Gabriel Peralta (201-F-95) with 12 points and 4 rebounds, while Daniel Perez (190-G/F-84) scored 9. In losing team, Cristhian Camargo (194-F-92) was in the mood for good game, he flushed 22 points (4/6 from 3PT line) and he added also 6 rebounds to his name. That was not enough for his team to win but surely great game for him. Paraguay is now on 1-0 and Bolivia is without victory after first round of South America Championship.

Group B
Uruguay - Colombia 60-54
This was derby of Round 1 on tournament and they showed us how basketball can be interesting even if there is not much points involved in the game. We have a pretty much tied game, until very end of it. Uruguay played amazing 4th quarter wining it by 9 and that's how they record first victory in Caracas by 60:54 in total result at this game. In Uruguay best was Bruno Fitipaldo (183-PG-91, agency: Pro Sports), who plays in Obras (Argentina), he scored 15 points and had 8 rebounds. He was followed by Mauricio Aguiar (197-F-83, agency: Pro Sports) with 13 points. In losing team best was Stalin Ortiz (190-G-81, college: Valparaiso) with 15 points and 6 rebounds. He also added 4 assists to his name.

Peru - Chile 59-78
Ignacio Carrion (202-F-93), player of Los Leones lead his Chile until victory in Round 1 of this tournament with scoring 20 points. Nicolas Carvacho (208-F/C-97) had 17 points and 7 rebounds and Erik Carrasco (181-PG-83) had interesting game, scored only 2 points but having 7 rebounds and amazing 16 assists. In Peru Kyle Fuller (185-PG-92, college: Vanderbilt) scored 16 points and Manuel Chavez (201-C-87) had 12. Most crucial was second quarter when Chile did all they want it to win this game. They won the quarter by 12 (24:12) and Peru just didn't have enough energy to come back in the game after this.

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