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Francisco Vega

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LPB Standings
1. Trotamundos * 44-10
2. Cocodrilos * 37-17
3. Gaiteros * 34-20
4. Guaiqueries * 34-20
5. Gatos * 33-21
6. Marinos * 31-23
7. Guaros 20-34
8. Dep.Tachira 17-37
9. Gigantes 11-43
10. Panteras 9-45
* Advanced to Playoffs

Jack Martinez of Cocodrilos de Caracas celebrating LPB Finals
Venezuelan Bundesliga All-Star Game 2007-2008 (Photo:

Venezuelan Bundesliga All-Star Game 2007-2008 (Photo:
Cocodrilos de Caracas celebrating LPB Finals
LPB Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
M. Fleming (Guai) 21.4
R. Nembhard (Gai) 19.7
Washington (Guai) 19.2
J. Vargas (Tro) 18.3
C. Krauser (Gig) 17.9
Rebounds Per Game
A. Sucre (Mar) 9.3
D. Freeman (Gat) 9.2
T. Aguilera (Tro) 8.1
M. Fleming (Guai) 8.0
T. Taylor (Gig) 7.3
Assists Per Game
C. Krauser (Gig) 6.1
R. Nembhard (Gai) 5.8
C. Cedeno (Guai) 5.6
M. Osimani (Tro) 5.6
E. Mijares (Gat) 4.7
Steals Per Game
J. Smith (Tach) 3.8
H. Salcedo (Gai) 3.6
E. Mijares (Gat) 3.5
C. Cedeno (Guai) 3.5
H. Guillent (Gua) 3.3
Blocks Per Game
M. Marriaga (Gai) 1.7
L. Bethelmi (Coc) 1.2
H. Bayona (Guai) 1.1
E. Brock (Gua) 1.0
M. Dumont (Pan) 0.8
L. Wallace (Tro) 65.0%
L. Bethelmi (Coc) 65.0%
H. Salcedo (Gai) 63.0%
T. Taylor (Gig) 62.0%
J. Vargas (Tro) 62.0%
J. Centeno (Coc) 47.0%
L. Garcia (Coc) 47.0%
L. Cappare (Tro) 46.0%
M. Fleming (Guai) 43.0%
L. Wallace (Tro) 43.0%
Free Throws
L. Wallace (Tro) 91.0%
H. Paez (Coc) 88.0%
V.D. Diaz (Coc) 85.0%
J. Herrera (Coc) 84.0%
M. Osimani (Tro) 83.0%

Nestor Salazar Nestor Salazar
Jeremy Veal
Kevin Freeman
Errick Craven
Leandro Garcia Morales
Garcia Morales
Jack Michael Martinez


Veal Jeremy 191 (6'3'') G 76 USA


Freeman Kevin 201 (6'7'') F 78 USA


Craven Errick 188 (6'2'') G 83 USA


Garcia Morales L. 186 (6'1'') G 80 Italian Uruguayan


Martinez J. 203 (6'8'') F/C 81 Dominican Rep.


Paez Henry 184 (6'1'') G 70 Venezuelan


Diaz Victor David 195 (6'5'') F 68 Venezuelan


Palacios Kevin 203 (6'8'') F/C 84 Venezuelan


Centeno Jesus 190 (6'3'') G 85 Venezuelan


Pinto Soro 190 (6'3'') G/F 80 Brazilian


Blanco Rosmel 205 (6'9'') C 76 Colombian Venezuelan


Moreno Edgar 191 (6'3'') G 81 Colombian


Fernandez Yader 196 (6'5'') F 82 Colombian


Saavedra Vladimir 200 (6'7'') F 77 Venezuelan


Urbina Boris 195 (6'5'') G/F 84 Venezuelan


Herrera Juan 197 (6'6'') F 81 Venezuelan


Urdaneta Kenji 188 (6'2'') G 85 Venezuelan


Diaz Jhoyfer 196 (6'5'') F 87 Venezuelan


Ramos Abraham 206 (6'9'') C 88 Venezuelan


Fernandes Evandaro       Venezuelan
Press Manager: Calderon Antonio President: Valentiner Philip
Owner: Valentiner Guillermo Manager: Gonzalez Rostyn
Head Coach: Salazar Nestor Assistant: Gonzalez Miguel
Assistant: Monzon Gilberto All-Venezuelan LPB 2008 Awards






Barquisimeto, Venezuela.- and its Venezuelan section proudly presents the All-Venezuelan LPB Award winners after the completion of the 2008 season.

Player of the Year - Hernan Salcedo (198-F-80) of Gaiteros del Zulia
Guard of the Year - Ruben Nembhard (191-G-72) of Gaiteros de Zulia
Forward of the Year - Hernan Salcedo of Gaiteros del Zulia
Center of the Year
- Marcus Fleming (204-F-78) of Guaiqueries de Margarita
Newcomer of the Year
- Heissler Guillent (191-G-86) of Guaros de Lara
Most Improved Player of the Year - Luis Bethelmi (200-C-86) of Cocodrilos de Caracas
Import Player of the Year - Marcus Fleming of Guaiqueries de Margarita
Domestic Player of the Year - Hernan Salcedo of Gaiteros del Zulia
Defensive Player of the Year - Hernan Salcedo of Gaiteros del Zulia
Coach of the Year - Guillermo Narvarte of Trotamundos de Carabobo

1st Team
Ruben Nembhard of Gaiteros de Zulia
Jose Vargas (196-G/F-82) of Trotamundos de Carabobo
Rogers Washington (202-F-77) of Guaiqueries de Margarita
Hernan Salcedo of Gaiteros del Zulia
Marcus Fleming of Guaiqueries de Margarita

2nd Team
Carl Krauser (188-G-81) of Gigantes de Guayana
Rafael Guevara (194-F-79) of Marinos de Anzoategui
Kenya Capers (194-F-73) of Gatos de Monagas
Axiers Sucre (198-F-78) of Marinos de Anzoategui
Duke Freeman-McKamey (208-F-80) of Gatos de Monagas

All-Domestic Players Team
Heissler Guillent of Guaros de Lara
Jose Vargas of Trotamundos de Carabobo
Eduardo Torres (195-F-81) of Panteras de Miranda
Hernan Salcedo of Gaiteros del Zulia
Miguel Angel Marriaga (207-C-84) of Gaiteros del Zulia

All-Imports Team
Ruben Nembhard of Gaiteros de Zulia
Leandro Garcia Morales (186-G-80) of Cocodrilos de Caracas
Rogers Washington of Guaiqueries de Margarita
Alejandro Flores (203-F-81) of Gatos de Monagas
Marcus Fleming of Guaiqueries de Margarita

All-Defensive Team
Ernesto Mijares (190-G-76) of Gatos de Monagas
Johnell Smith (186-G-80) of Deportivo Tachira
Martin Osimani (194-G-81) of Trotamundos de Carabobo
Hernan Salcedo of Gaiteros del Zulia
Miguel Angel Marriaga of Gaiteros del Zulia

All-Newcomers Team
Heissler Guillent of Guaros de Lara
Deivis Aranguren (192-F-85) of Gigantes de Guayana
Windy Graterol (204-C-86) of Panteras de Miranda
Luis Fernando Hurtado (204-F-86) of Trotamundos de Carabobo
Jose Bravo of Gaiteros del Zulia

LPB 2008 Finals - Game 6: Cocodrilos de Caracas, new champions of Venezuela
Barquisimeto, Venezuela.- Cocodrilos de Caracas defeated Gaiteros del Zulia, 111-83, in Game 6 of Liga Profesional de Baloncesto's 2008 Finals at Naciones Unidas Park of Caracas, to earn the fourth crown in the history of the capital city and its third as an organization. They had also won it in 1974 as Ahorristas de Caracas and then did so as Cocodrilos in 1992 and 2000.
For coach Nestor Salazar it is his first championship after seven previous attempts in this kind of series. He had coached Panteras de Miranda back in 1987 and 2002, then Trotamundos de Carabobo in 1992, Guaros de Lara in 2005 and 2006 and Cocodrilos de Caracas in 2007 without being able to become the national champion.
'The work that we had performed during the whole season has paid off. The players deserve this championship title and this was a great victory for us', said Salazar. In 16 seasons, Salazar has a record of 318 victories and 248 defeats in the regular season. However, he has a 16-26 record in Finals.
'It's always good to get your personal revenges. This was a mental triumph more than a technical or strategic triumph', he added.
Meanwhile, captain Victor David Diaz (195-F-68) earned his second LPB title after the one he won back in 1995 with Panteras de Miranda. 'This is a moment of happiness and the trophy comes from all the work we had been doing since last January', said Diaz. It was also the second LPB title for Henry Paez (184-G-70), who was the only still standing member of the 2000 version of Cocodrilos, who also defeated Gaiteros back then, though they did so in seven games that other time.
Martinez, MVP
Dominican center Jack Michael Martinez (203-F/C-81) was named Most Valuable Player of the LPB 2008 Finals after averaging 19 points and 12 rebounds per match in six outings and performing for 23 points, eight rebounds and seven assists in the last match of the season.


Belisario Aponte Gymnasium - Maracaibo, Zulia
(Cocodrilos won the Finals 4-2)
Quarter by quarter
COC: 28-28-27-28= 111
GAI: 24-18-24-17= 83
Scorers GAI: Hernan Salcedo (198-F-80) 27 points, Christopher Jeffries (199-F-80) 19 points, Ruben Nembhard (191-G-72) 16 points, Askia Jones (196-G-71) 11 points, Miguel Angel Marriaga (207-C-84) 8 points, Felipe Lopez (197-G/F-74) 5 points, Luis Julio (199-F-80) 4 points, Pedro Cubillan (187-G-82) 3 points, Jean Carlos Espinoza (190-G/F-74) 0 points, Jorge Leon (186-G-79) 0 points, Jose Bravo 0 points, Omar Walcott (202-C-66) 0 points
Jack Michael Martinez (203-F/C-81) 23 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists, Victor David Diaz (195-F-68) 16 points, Kevin Freeman (201-F-78) 14 points, Henry Paez (184-G-70) 13 points, Edgar Moreno (191-G-81) 12 points, Jesus Centeno (190-G-85) 12 points, Juan Herrera (197-F-81) 11 points, Luis Bethelmi (200-C-86) 10 points, Kevin Palacios (203-F/C-84) 0 points, Kenji Urdaneta (188-G-85) 0 points, Rosmel Blanco (205-C-76) 0 points, Vladimir Saavedra (200-F-77) 0 points

 Venezuela All-star Game 
Everything is ready for the 31st Venezuela's All-stars Basketball game.
The All-stars game will be held in the Bolivarian Dome of Barquisimeto on May 18, 2008.
The head coach for the local stars is, Nelson 'Kako' Solorzano (Gigantes de Guayana, 6 wins / 23 defeat), and for the foreign stars, the head coach is the Argentinean Guillermo Navarte (Trotamundos de Carabobo, 25 wins and 5 defeat).
Local roster:
1 Carlos Cedeno (193-G/F-85, college: Frank Phillips JC), 2 Ernesto Mijares (190-G-76, college: Mc Clennan CC), 3 Jose Vargas (196-G/F-82),4 Rafael Guevara (194-F-79), 5 Eduardo Torres (195-F-81), 6 Heissler Guillent, 7 Luis Bethelmi (200-C-86), 8 Victor David Diaz (195-F-68, college: Houston), 9 Hernan Salcedo (198-F-80), 10 Tomas Aguilera (198-F-77), 11 Axiers Sucre (198-F-78), 12 Miguel Angel Marriaga (207-C-84)
 Foreign roster:
 1 Alejandro Flores (203-F-81,college: E.Oklahoma St. JC) 2 Marlon Dumont (206-F-77, college: TCU), 3 Scooter McFadgon (198-G-82,college: Tennessee), 4 Kevin Freeman (201-F-78, college: Connecticut), 5 Evan Brock (204-F-84,college:Alabama) 6 Lawrence Wallace, 7 Marcus Fleming (204-F-78, college: Alcorn St.), 8 Kevin Sowell (190-G-81) 9 Kenya Capers (194-F-73, college: Houston), 10 Ruben Nembhard (191-G-72,college: Weber St.), 11 Carl Krauser (188-G-81, college: Pittsburgh)
Barquisimeto is the Musician city of Venezuela, and now became the Milky Way.

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