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Group A
1. Brazil 3-0
2. Canada 2-1
3. Jamaica 1-2
4. Mexico 0-3
Group B
1. USA 3-0
2. Cuba 2-1
3. Colombia 1-2
4. Argenti. 0-3

Final Standings
1. USA
2. Brazil
3. Cuba
4. Canada
5. Colombia
6. Argenti.
7. Mexico
8. Jamaica
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Brazilian captain Janeth Arcain with the Panamerican Games gold medal (Photo: rio2007)

USA National Team 2007






4 Emily Fox (5'9''-G-87) of University of Minnesota
5 Candice Wiggins (5'11''-G-87) of Stanford University
6 Matee Ajavon (5'8''-G-86) of Rutgers, The State University

7 Mel Thomas (5'9''-G-85) of University of Connecticut
8 Marissa Coleman (6'1''-G/F-87) of University of Maryland
9 Alexis Hornbuckle (5'11''-G-85) of University of Tennessee
10 Angel McCoughtry (6'1''-F-86) of University of Louisville
11 Nicky Anosike (6'4''-F/C-86) of University of Tennessee

12 Charde Houston (6'1''-F-86) of University of Connecticut
13 Jayne Appel (6'4''-F/C-88) of Stanford University
14 Tasha Humphrey (6'3''-F-85) of University of Georgia
15 Erlana Larkins (6'1''-F-86) of University of North Carolina
Head Coach: Dawn Staley
Coach Assistants: Kathy Delaney-Smith (Harvard) and Bill Gibbons (Holy Cross)

  USA celebrate the title at PanAmerican Games - Jul. 25, 2007 

USA - Brazil 79:66

The United States basketball team clinched the PanAmerican Games title yesterday. They defeated Brazil in the tournament Final 79:66 and grabbed their first PanAmerican gold in 20 years. Brazil finished only in the second spot and did not manage to triumph at the home tournament.
Brazil however had a slightly better start to the game. They surged ahead early on and held on to a narrow advantage throughout the first quarter. Entering the second frame 19:18 in front Brazil never allowed USA to emerge leading and secured 34:33 distance at halftime. USA managed to cut the deficit in the third quarter but once again Brazil came out winning 53:49 at the start of the last quarter.
United States needed a 13:5 spark to establish a 63:58 gap 5 minutes into the fourth quarter. Brazil seemed to run out of steam at the dying stage and never managed to burst out with a strike to comeback into the game. United States became new PanAmerican Games champions.
Matee Ajavon (173-G-86) (173-G-86) led all scorers with 27 points for USA team. Angel McCoughtry (185-F-86) added 17 points and 9 rebounds for the winners. Micaela Jacintho (180-F-79) topscored for Brazil with 21 points. Adriana Pinto (170-G-78) secured 19 points in a losing effort.
USA team outrebounded the home side 40:28. They also converted impressive 57% from beyond the arc. Brazil forced North Americans to 19 turnovers.

USA: Matee Ajavon 27 points, Angel McCoughtry 17, Natasha Humphrey 11
Brazil: Micaela Jacintho 21, Adriana Pinto 19, Janeth Arcain (181-G-69, college: Florida Intern.) 14

Bronze Medals Game

Cuba - Canada 62:49
The defending champions Cuba had to satisfy their ambitions with Bronze Medals at this year's PanAmerican Games. After being routed by the USA team in the semis Cuba took on Canada in Bronze Medal Game. This time Cuban players performed arguably their best basketball and handed in a 62:49 loss to Canada.
Cuba spurred to an early 18:12 lead after the opening frame. The distance was maintained in the second quarter as Cuba led 30:23 at halftime. Canada struggled to come back into this one and remained trailing 38:47 after three quarters. Cuba's Yakelin Plutin (186-F-79) kept on delivering points for her side during the fourth frame and never allowed Canada to ignite a closing strike. Cuba secured the Bronze Medals and the spot at the podium.
Yakelin Plutin chipped in 20 points to pace Cuba. Suchitel Avila (183-F-82) contributed 12 points for the winners. Canada responded with 15 points and 7 rebounds from Sarah Crooks (186-F-84). Uzoma Asagwara (175-G-84) nailed 7 points in a defeat.
Cuba dominated the boards 38:32. They also limited Canadian players to just 30% of accuracy from the field, including 7% from three point range.

Cuba: Yakelin Plutin 20 points, Suchitel Avila 12
Canada: Sarah Crooks 15, Uzoma Asagwara 7

5th-6th spots

Colombia - Argentina 59:58
Colombian National team secured their third straight victory at the PanAmerican Games and clinched the 5th spot in the final standings. In the last encounter Colombia narrowly defeated Argentina 59:58 to celebrate the 5th place. Argentina led 33:31 at halftime but appeared trailing by 9 points after three quarters. Argentina tried desperately to save the game at the dying stage but Colombia survived a late threat to come out victorious.
Levys Torres (195-C-78) paced Colombia with 16 points, 12 rebounds and 6 blocks. Yaneth Arias (188-F-82) added 15 points in win. Argentina's Marcela Paoletta (170-G-79) poured in 16 points. Laura Nicolini (175-G-75) produced 15 points, 10 rebounds and 4 steals in a losing case.

Colombia: Levys Torres 16+12 boards, Yaneth Arias 15
Argentina: Marcela Paoletta 16, Laura Nicolini 15+10 boards

7th-8th spots

Mexico - Jamaica 63:56
Mexico gained their first win at the tournament as they beat Jamaica in the clash for the7th-8th spots. Jamaica led by as many as 10 points at halftime 32:22 and seemed to be en route to the 7th spot. However a spectacular 20:8 third quarter by Mexican players changed the complexion of the game. Jamaica never recovered from a blow and surrendered at the end.
Brisa Silva (168-G-84) topscored for Mexico with 19 points and 7 rebounds. Abril Garcia (190-F/C-81, college: ORU) provided 15 points and 6 rebounds for the winners. Nicole Louden (172-G-83, college: Auburn) netted 13 points for Jamaica. Oberon Pitterson (177-G-71) nailed 10 points and grabbed 7 rebounds in a defeat.

Mexico: Brisa Silva 19, Abril Garcia 15
Jamaica: Nicole Louden 13, Oberon Pitterson 10.

  USA won Panamerican Games 2007 - Jul. 24, 2007 
USA women won Panamerican Games, which take place this year in Rio. They had a very tough opponent in the final game - local Brazilian team similarly to USA has not lost any game in the tournament till the final.
The final took place in at Rio Multipurpose Arena. Both teams show a similar level and none of them was able to get any significant lead thru entire game. Brazil was still ahead at the beginning of the last quarter. However USA team took the lead in first minuted of the last period and kept it till the end of the game.
The USA team returns to the top of the podium after 20 years. The American team hasn't won the gold medal in the Pan American Games since Indianapolis 1987.

USA - Brazil 79-66
USA: Matee Ajavon (173-G-86) 27, McCoughtry 17, Humphrey 11, Anosike 10, Hornbuckle 5, Wiggins 4, Larkins 4, Coleman 1
Brazil: Jacinto 21, Pinto 19, Arcain 14, Santos 6, Conceicao 4, Coelho 2

3-4 Places Game: Cuba - Canada 62-49

5-6 Places Game: Colombia - Argentina 59-58

7-8 Places Game: Mexico - Jamaica

  USA and Brazil to clash in the Final - Jul. 24, 2007 

Brazil - Cuba 79:60
Brazil had a victorious outing last night at the PanAmerican Games basketball tournament in Rio de Janeiro. The hosts crushed the defending champions Cuba en route to the Final.
Brazil controlled the game from the start and finished the first frame ahead 19:16. Cuba struggled from the field and Brazil extended the lead to 41:29 at halftime. Cuba was not able to limit Brazil's offense and the gap reached a 66:44 mark entering the final quarter. Cuba could not perform any kind of comeback in the final stanza and surrendered at the end.
Brazil were paced by Kelly Santos (192-C-79) with an impressive double-double of 17 points and 17 rebounds. Micaela Jacintho (180-F-79) added 17 points for the winners. Yakelin Plutin (186-F-79) and Yoannis Soria (195-G-86) netted 10 points apiece for Cuban team. Yamara Amargo and Oyanaisy Gelis had 9 points each in a defeat. Brazil outrebounded their opponents 41:30 not allowing them a single offensive rebound. Cuba also converted just 29% from the field.
Cuba will now play for the Bronze medals against Canada. Brazil will take on the USA in today's Final game.

Brazil: Kelly Santos 17+17 boards, Micaela Jacintho 17
Cuba: Yakelin Plutin 10, Yoannis Soria 10

USA - Canada 75:59
United States team continued thier perfect cruising through the PanAmerican basketball tournament. They cruised past Canada in the semifinal and will face hosting Brazil in today's title decider.
Canada had a better start to this one as they limited USA offense and drove to a 17:13 advantage at the end of the opening frame. However USA had a momentum at the start of the second quarter when they recorded a massive 14:3 run to clear off to a 27:20 distance. Canada were not able to maintain USA players defensively and the gap grew drastically. USA secured a 46:28 lead at halftime and entered the second half confidently. Canadian team struggled to play a catch up in the third quarter and the deficit grew to 46:65. United States provided no chances for Canada in the final stanza and celebrated an impressive 75:59 victory at the end.
Angel McCoughtry (185-F-86) scored game-high 21 points and grabbed 6 boards for the USA. Jayne Appel (193-F/C-88) contributed 12 points in a win. Chelsea Aubry (188-F-84) nailed 12 points for Canada. Amanda Brown secured 11 points in losing effort.
USA dominated the paint outrebounding Canada 40:33. They also shot solid 45% from the field.
USA will play against Brazil in tonight's Final. Canada takes on Cuba in the Bronza Medals game.

USA: Angel McCoughtry 21 points, Jayne Appel 12
Canada: Chelsea Aubry 12, Amanda Brown 11

Classification round

Colombia - Mexico 62:55
Colombia celebrated their second straight win at PanAmerican Games in Brazil. In the first game of classification round Colombia overcame Mexico 62:55. This means they will play for the 5th-6th spots against Argentina later tonight.
Colombia surged in front at the end of the first quarter when they grabbed a narrow 19:16 lead. Yaneth Arias (188-F-82) posted some strong plays while Levys Torres reigned under the rims to ensure a 40:31 advantage for Colombian team at halftime.
Things got even worse for Mexicans in the third quarter when the gap reached a 39:52 mark. Mexico struggled from the field and lost the battle in the paint to come closer. Colombia led comfortably midway through the final stanza 58:43 and never allowed Mexican players to save the game.
Yaneth Arias produced 27 points, grabbed 8 boards and dished out 2 assists to lead Colombia. Elena Diaz (186-F-83) added 13 points for the winners. Abril Garcia (190-F/C-81, college: ORU) netted 18 points for Mexico. Erika Gomez (-76) had 12 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists in a losing effort.
Colombia outrebounded the opponents 45:32 and limited Mexico to just 38% from the field.
Mexico will now face Jamaica in the game for the 7th-8th spots.

Colombia: Yaneth Arias 27 points, Elena Diaz 13
Mexico: Abril Garcia 18, Erika Gomez 12

Argentina - Jamaica 73:61
Argentina finally got their first win at the PanAmerican Games in Brazil. After suffering three consecutive defeats in the preliminary round they entered the classification round as being underdogs. However Argentina proved different as they beat Jamaica in yesterday's encounter. The win ensured Argentina would fight for the 5th spot against Colombia today.
Argentina held to an early lead 13:12 however Jamaica cut the deficit and secured a draw at halftime 28:28. The game remained very close throughout the third frame as Argentinean players surged ahead to just a 2-point advantage 47:45. Argentina needed a strong start to the final frame to clear off for good. Marcela Paoletta (170-G-79) led her team to the win with 23 points and 6 rebounds. Laura Nicolini (175-G-75) had a big night with 17 points, 9 steals, 7 assists and 4 rebounds for Argentina. Vanessa Gidden (191-C-85, college: Hofstra) responded with game-high 29 points and 10 rebounds for Jamaica. Simone Edwards (193-C-73, college: Iowa) had 7 points in a defeat.
Jamaica had an obvious edge under the rims outrebounding Argentina 50:29. However they lacked accuracy converting only 34% from the field including 0/9 from three point line. Argentina shot 42% of field goals.
Jamaica will now take on Mexico in the clash for the 7th-8th spots.

Argentina: Marcela Paoletta 23 points, Laura Nicolini 17+9 steals
Jamaica: Vanessa Gidden 29+10 boards, Simone Edwards 7.

  The preliminary round finishes in Rio de Janiero - Jul. 23, 2007 
The action is comleted in preliminary round of the PanAmerican women's basketball competition. With all semifinalists known the last day was to distribute spots in Groups A and B.

Group B

Colombia - Argentina 68:66
In Group B Colombia gained the first win at the tournament. They narrowly defeated Argentina 68:66. The teams kept it close in the first quarter as they were tied 16:16. Colombia surged ahead in the second quarter taking a narrow 27:25 lead. Yaneth Arias (188-F-82) and Yenny Pinilla (173-G-73) helped Colombia dominate the third quarter and lifted them to a 51:40 advantage entering the final frame. Marcella Paoletta tried to save the encounter for Argentina and they were close of drawing the game late in regulation. But Colombian players survived late thrreat and celebrated their first victory.
Yaneth Arias nailed 24 points to lead Colombia. Yenny Pinilla added 23 points for the winners. Marcela Paoletta (170-G-79) responded with 17 points for Argentina. Alejandra Chesta (187-F-82) netted 12 points in a defeat.

Colombia: Yaneth Arias 24 points, Yenny Pinilla 23
Argentina: Marcela Paoletta 17, Alejandra Chesta 12

USA - Cuba 78:63
USA team overcame the defending champions Cuba in the third round of Group B. Both teams secured semifinal birth earlier but needed to decide on the top spot in Group B ladder. USA grabbed an early advantage and rolled to a 36:24 dominance at halftime. Natasha Humphrey scored 10 points in the third frame to lift USA in front for good.
Marissa Coleman (185-G/F-87) hit 19 points and pulled down 6 boards for the United States. Angel McCoughtry (185-F-86) nailed 13 points for the winners. Yayma Boulet (193-C-83) chipped in 19 points for Cuba. Yoannis Soria (195-G-86) had 13 points in a losing effort.
USA will now take on Canada in the semis. Cuba faces Brazil later tonight.

USA: Marissa Coleman 19, Angel McCoughtry 13
Cuba: Yayma Boulet 19, Yoannis Soria 13

Group A

Brazil - Canada 77:63
Brazil National team remained undefeated as they handed a 77:63 loss to Canada in the third round In Group A. Canada dominated the game early and rallied to a 29:21 advantage after the opening quarter. But the hosts emerged strong in the second frame outscoring Canada 25:11 to gain a 46:40 lead at halftime. Janeth Arcain (181-G-69, college: Florida Intern.) paced Brazil in the second half as they faced little problems en route to their third straight victory at the tournament. She poured in 20 points in a win. Micaela Jacinto added 16 points for the home side. Teresa Gabriele scored 16 points for Canada. Jordan Adams (191-C/F-81, college: N.Mexico) had 11 points in a loss.

Brazil: Janeth Arcain 20, Micaela Jacintho (180-F-79) 16
Canada: Teresa Gabriele 16, Jordan Adams 11

Jamaica - Mexico 69:46
Simone Edwards (193-C-73, college: Iowa) scored 22 points to lift Jamaica to their first win at PanAmerican games. They cuised past Mexico to clinch the third spot in Group A. Jamaica dominated the game right from the start and never allowed Mexico to come close. Jamaican defence limited Brisa Silva (168-G-84) to just 9 points and capitalized on a low shooting percentage from Mexican players.
Jamaica also outrebounded their opponents 57:30 and forced them to 16 turnovers.
Vanessa Gidden (191-C-85, college: Hofstra) produced 12 points for the winners. Erika Gomez (-76) paced Mexico with 22 points.

Jamaica: Simone Edwards 22, Vanessa Gidden 12
Mexico: Erika Gomez 22, Brisa Silva 9.

  USA, Brazil , Cuba and Canada clinch semis - Jul. 22, 2007 
Group B

USA - Argentina 85:54
USA team faced little problems in their second game at PanAmerican games in Brazil. They routed Argentina 85:54 to secure semifinal birth. United States team entered the game bravely and grabbed an early 10:0 lead. They prevailed in the opening quarter 25:11 and continue to roll in the second. The advantage reached an unassailable 45:15 mark at halftime which allowed USA squad slowed down a bit. Argentina managed to gain some speed in the second half but was too far to hope for a positive result.
Emily Fox (175-G-87) nailed 18 points for the United States. Natasha Humphrey ensured 14 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists for the winners. Marina Cava (168-G-85) produced 13 points for Argentina.
Latin American team were limited to 32.7% from the field. They also converted just 57.1% from free throw line. USA were on 82.6% from charity line and outrebounded their opponents 48:24.
USA will face Cuba in the last game of the preliminary round. Argentina takes on Columbia today.

USA: Emily Fox 18 points, Natasha Humphrey 14
Argentina: Marina Cava 13, Marcela Paoletta (170-G-79) 9.

Cuba - Colombia 81:53
Cuba secured their semifinal appearence as they beat Colombia in the second round of preliminary acion in Brazil. They will now face USA to decide the top spot in Group B.

Cuba: Yayma Boulet (193-C-83) 21+11 boards
Colombia: Elena Diaz (186-F-83) 13

Group A

Brazil - Mexico 88:44
Brazilian players easily secured their second win at the home tournament defeating Mexico 88:44. The hosts dominated at the start of the game and gained a 18:9 lead after the opening frame. The home side never stopped in the second quarter as they outscore their opponents 26:10. The job was done ans Brazil eased to an overall victory in the second half. Micaela Jacintho (180-F-79) provided 22 points for Brazil. Brisa Silva (168-G-84) topscored for Mexico with 10 points.

Brazil: Micaela Jacintho 22, Adrianinha 18
Mexico: Brisa Silva 10, Abril Garcia (190-F/C-81, college: ORU) 8
Canada - Jamaica 58:46

  Brazil and Cuba victorious on the first day of the tournament - Jul. 21, 2007 
Brazil - Jamaica 81:69
Brazil opened the home PanAmerican basketball competition with a win over Jamaica. Leading by just a single point after the first frame 18:17 Brazil came strong in the second. Brazil dominated the pace of the game and spurred to a 24:15 dominance in the second. Brazil extended the gap in the third frame and entered the final stanza ahead 63:46. Jamaica tried to close the deficit in the final minutes but had little chances to reach out so far. Janeth led the action with 28 points for Brazil. Ega added 13 points in a win. Jamaica replied with 18 points from Vanessa Gidden (191-C-85, college: Hofstra). Edwards had 15 points in defeat.
Brazil will next face Mexico in Group A action. Jamaica takes on Canada tonight.

Brazil: Janeth Arcain (181-G-69, college: Florida Intern.) 28 points, Ega 13
Jamaica: Vanessa Gidden 18, Simone Edwards (193-C-73, college: Iowa) 15

Argentina - Cuba 79:81

  The action begins in Rio De Janiero  - Jul. 21, 2007 
USA - Colombia 95:41
The USA and Colombia opened the 15th Pan American Games in Rio De Janiero yesterday. USA entered the game as favourites and proved their status overwhelming Colombian team. They grabbed an early 17:4 lead and extended it to 32:14 after the first quarter. The dominance of the USA team turned out into a massive 63:23 advantage at halftime. North American players faced little obstacles on the way to their first win at the tournament in the second half enjoying a 55-point lead at the moments.
USA outrebounded Colombia 50:27 and limited them to just 24.1% from the field. Meawhile USA players converted soild 52.7% of field goals including 52.4% from beyond the arc.
Mattee Ajavon (173-G) led the United States with 15 points. Natasha Humphrey produced 14 points and 7 rebounds in a win. Yaneth Arias (188-F-82) topscored for Colombia with 17 points.
USA topped Group B standings and will next take on Argentina. Colombia will try to improve the record against Cuba.

USA: Mattee Ajavon 15, Natasha Humphrey 14
Colombia: Yaneth Arias 17, Elena Diaz (186-F-83) 11

Canada - Mexico 74:63 (OT)
Canada national team needed an overtime to celebrate their first win at PanAmerican Games in Brazil. They trailed 24:29 at halftime against Mexico, but grabbed a 44:41 advantage entering the final frame. Both teams exchanged blows throughout the fourth quarter and Canada had to perform some heroics to force extra time at the end of regulation. However Canadian players proved strong in overtime limiting Mexico to just 2 points and sealing a victory at the end. Teresa Gabriele led the action with 22 points. Sarah Crooks (186-F-84) added 14 for Canada. Mexico were paced by 20 points from Brisa Silva (168-G-84).

Canada: Teresa Gabriele 22, Sarah Crooks 14
Mexico: Brisa Silva 20.
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