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South American Championships Standings
Group A
 1. Argentina 2-0 
 2. Paraguay 1-1 
 3. Ecuador 0-0 
 4. Chile 0-2 
Group B
 1. Brazil 3-0 
 2. Colombia 2-1 
 3. Venezuela 1-2 
 4. Uruguay 0-3 
Points Per Game
  Avg: 33.5
 1. Ferrari, PAR33.5 
 2. Arias, COL20.6 
 3. Morrison, CHI18.5 
 4. Gomez, CHI18.3 
 5. Fernandez, ARG18.0 
 6. Aragonese, CHI18.0 
 7. Sanchez, ARG17.8 
 8. Mosquera, COL16.0 
 9. Aponte, PAR16.0 
 10. Villarroel, VEN15.3 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 11.3
 1. Morrison, CHI11.3 
 2. Gomez, CHI11.0 
 3. Corrales, VEN7.0 
 4. Arias, COL6.6 
 5. Blanco, VEN6.5 
 6. Villarroel, VEN6.5 
 7. Pavon, ARG5.8 
 8. Torres, COL5.7 
 9. Gustavo, BRA5.6 
 10. Mosquera, COL5.4 
Assists Per Game
 Erika VALEK
  Avg: 6.4
 1. Valek, COL6.4 
 2. Ferrari, PAR4.5 
 3. Novion, CHI3.8 
 4. Gustavo, BRA3.3 
 5. Pinto, BRA3.2 
 6. Silva, VEN2.8 
 7. Aponte, PAR2.5 
 8. Pavon, ARG2.5 
 9. Mares Burian, BRA2.5 
 10. Santos Luz, BRA2.4 
Steals Per Game
 Roselis SILVA
  Avg: 3.5
 1. Silva, VEN3.5 
 2. Guadalupe, URU2.8 
 3. Valek, COL2.8 
 4. Ferrari, PAR2.8 
 5. Novion, CHI2.8 
 6. Caraves, PAR2.3 
 7. Gomez, CHI2.0 
 8. Tovagliari, URU1.8 
 9. Pavon, ARG1.8 
 10. Martinez, COL1.8 
Blocks Per Game
 Tatiana GOMEZ
  Avg: 2.3
 1. Gomez, CHI2.3 
 2. Santos, BRA1.0 
 3. Mosquera, COL1.0 
 4. Morrison, CHI0.8 
 5. Torres, COL0.7 
 6. Gomes, BRA0.6 
 7. Dantas, BRA0.6 
 8. Guarnaschell., URU0.5 
 9. Acosta, URU0.5 
 10. Fernandez, ARG0.5 

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Brazil celebrates the win (Photo:

Starting five
Adriana Pinto
Helen Santos Luz
Santos Luz
Karen Gustavo
Silvia Gustavo
Erika DeSouza
4 Adriana Pinto 169-G-78 Faenza Italy
5 Helen Santos Luz 176-G-72 Hondar.-Irun Spain
6 Karen Gustavo 177-G-84 Colchoes Brazil
7 Franciele Nascimento 190-C-87 Burgos Spain
8 Iziane Castro Marques 183-G/F-82 Atlanta D. USA
9 Damiris Dantas do Amaral 192-C-92 Asturias y Galicia Spain
10 Silvia Gustavo 182-F-82 Acucar Brazil
11 Fernanda Beling 186-F-82 Acucar Brazil
12 Palmira Marcal 178-G-84 Acucar Brazil
13 Alessandra Oliveira 200-C-73 Botas Turkey
14 Erika DeSouza 197-C-82 Perfumerias Spain
15 Kelly Santos 192-C-79 Besiktas Turkey

Carlos Colinas Head Coach Real C.Vigo Spain All-South American Championships Awards 2010 - Aug 26, 2010
All-Tournament 1st Team
Paola Ferrari
Helen Santos Luz
Santos Luz
Yaneth Arias
Erica Sanchez
Tatiana Gomez

MVP: Paola Ferrari (178-G/F-85)
Best Guard: Paola Ferrari (178-G/F-85)
Best Forward: Yaneth Arias (188-F-82) Colombia
Best Center: Tatiana Gomez (193-C-81)
Best Defensive Player: Helen Santos Luz Brazil
Best Coach: Carlos Colinas Brazil

1st Team
G/F: Paola Ferrari (178-85)
G: Helen Santos Luz (176-72) Brazil
F: Yaneth Arias (188-82) Colombia
F/C: Erica Sanchez (182-76) Argentina
C: Tatiana Gomez (193-81)

2nd Team
G: Erika Valek (168-82) Colombia
G: Palmira Marcal (178-84) Brazil
F: Valentina Aragonese (173-79)
F: Silvia Gustavo (182-82) Brazil
C: Ziomara Morrison (193-89)

Honorable Mention
Damiris Dantas (192-C-92) Brazil
Nadia Gomes (193-C-89) Brazil
Claudia Aponte (170-G-91) Paraguay
Tathiana Mosquera (195-C-89) Colombia

 Brazil wins the Gold in Santiago  - Aug. 14, 2010 
Argentina - Brazil 68-94
Brazil won the Gold in Santiago. They blasted Argentina 68-94 in the Big Final to finish 2010 South American Championship with the perfect 5-0 record. Of course, the Silver belongs to Argentina. Silvia Gustavo (182-F-82) top-scored for Brazil in this game with 14 points. Kelly Silva Santos (192-C-79) had 13, while Helen Santos Luz (176-G-72) helped with 11 pts and 5 rebounds. In the loosing squad, Paula Reggiardo (84) collected 19 points. Florencia Fernandez (190-C-86) had three les than her. Except of the first quarter, Brazil was way better team in this game. Argentina was the team who shined at the beginning and they created nice 25-17 lead in the first ten minutes. Brazil didn't panic and they slowly started to take control on this meeting. Silvia Gustavo and her teammates made 17-23 in the second frame and it was just beginning of their great play. After the breather, Brazil intensified defense and at the same time stayed productive on the other side of the court. They finished Q3 with 13-23 entering to the final quarter with decent lead. Very soon Brazil jumped to plus 15 and it was clear that this final is already over for Argentina. Brazil continued in the same rhythm until the end finishing Q4 with 13-31 for the final 68-94 victory and the Gold medal in Santiago.
Places 3-4
Colombia - Paraguay 85-70
Colombia is the Bronze medal winner in Santiago. They handed 85-70 loss to Paraguay to take this spot. It is important to mention that with this victory Colombia booked a ticket for the 2011 FIBA-Americas Championship (Pre-Olympic) and the Pan-American Games. Yaneth Arias (188-F-82) exploded in Colombia with 34 points and 14 rebounds. She reached valuation 33 and was named the MVP of this meeting. Leidy Sanchez had 15 points and 6 rebs, while Erika Valek (168-G-82, college: Purdue) helped with 12 points, 7 boards and 7 assists. In the loosing squad, Paola Ferrari (178-G/F-85) shined with 30 points, 5 boards and 7 assists. Claudia Aponte (170-G-91) scored 18 pts and pulled down 5 rebs. Everything started good for Paraguay, who made 17-20 lead at the beginning. However, Yaneth Arias and her teammates exploded for the next ten minutes scoring 29 points, while they limited Paraguay to 17. It was enough for 9-point lead at the half time and Colombia continued in the same rhythm after that. Q3 was another high-productive for them as they drained 25 pts. Paraguay was stopped to 11 and this game was already over for them. Last ten minutes were just the formality, despite Paraguay cut the margin for 8 points, 14-22. At the end it was totally deserved 85-70 win by Colombia for third place in Santiago.
Places 5-6u
Chile - Venezuela 86-71
Chile finished as the fifth ranked team in Santiago. The host of 2010 South American Championship outplayed Venezuela in the last day of the competition to win this place. Their leading player was Ziomara Morrison (193-C-89) with double-double of 20 points and 16 rebounds. Valentina Aragonese (173-F-79) scored 17 and Javiera Novion (168-G-87, college: Eckerd) added one point less. In the loosing squad, Ofelia Villarroel (174-G-78, college: Oklahoma) collected 25 points and 5 rebs. Cleyder Blanco (C-90) had 14 pts and 11 boards. Their Venezuela finished as No.6 in Santiago. Chile took control on their rivals from the early beginning. They exploded offensively in the first ten minutes scoring 30 points. On the other side, Venezuela was limited to 18. Venezuela improved after that, but was not able to come closer until the halftime (42-30). Chile was better in Q3 jumping to 15-point lead with 10:00 remaining. At that time it was already clear who the winner of this meeting will be. The hosts had no troubles to keep the safe distance in Q4 and to win the fifth place in Santiago. Both teams failed to qualify directly to the 2011 FIBA-Americas Championship (Pre-Olympic) and the Pan-American Games

Argentina and Brazil to fight for the Gold  - Aug. 14, 2010 


Argentina - Colombia 83-74
Argentina advanced to Big Final of South American Championship 2010. They outplayed Colombia in the Semis and will fight for the Gold against Brazil. Colombia will meet Paraguay for third place. Erica Sanchez (182-F/C-76) shined for the winners with 20 points and 8 rebounds. Florencia Fernandez (190-C-86) had 17 and Sandra Pavon (175-F-85) added 12 points, plus 9 rebounds for Argentina. In Colombia, Yaneth Arias (188-F-82) shined with 23 points and 11 boards. Tathiana Mosquera (195-C-89) had 16 pts. Third quarter was the crucial one in this game. Before that, Colombia shined in the first ten minutes creating nice 16-24 lead. Argentina replied with 18-14 in the second frame closing the gap to four points until the halftime. Than, Erica Sanchez and her teammates took full control on their rivals. They exploded offensively scoring 31 points, while limiting Colombia to 17 on the other side. It was enough for comfortable lead and Argentina never looked back after that. Saturday is the last day of the competition in Santiago.

Brazil - Paraguay 114-61
Brazil was great once again registering fourth straight win in Santiago. This time it was the Semifinals game against Paraguay and Brazil registered impressive 114-61 victory. They will take on Argentina in battle for Gold. On the other side, Paraguay will meet Colombia for third place. Nadia Gomes (193-C-89) was the leading player in victory with 23 points and 9 rebounds. She reached valuation 26 grabbing the MVP title for this meeting. Kelly Silva Santos (192-C-79) scored 16 and Alessandra Santos (200-C-73) (5 rebs) added two points less than her. In Paraguay, Paola Ferrari (178-G/F-85) was good with 23 points. Claudia Aponte (170-G-91) stopped on 11 points. Brazil demonstrated its power at the very beginning. Nadia Gomes and her teammates opened the game with impressive 32-14 in the first ten minutes and they continued with 28-21 in the second frame. It means that Brazil was already 25-points up at the halftime and was looking great. Paraguay was not able to resist and they faced with fiasco in the second half. Brazil destroyed them in Q3 with 29-14 and they had no mercy in Q4 as well 25-12 for the final 114-61 blowout. Saturday will be the last day of the championship in Santiago.
Places 5-7
Chile - Uruguay 96-63
Chile grabbed the first win in Santiago. The hosts of the 2010 South American Championship blasted Uruguay 96-63 and will meet Venezuela in the battle for fifth place at this event. Uruguay finished this championship winless on position No.7. Tatiana Gomez (193-C-81) exploded for the hosts with 23 points and 13 rebounds. She reached amazing valuation 40 and of course was the MVP of this meeting. Ziomara Morrison (193-C-89) also was great adding 18 pts and 13 rebounds, while Valentina Aragonese (173-F-79) added 17 pts. In the loosing squad, Maria Lucia Guadalupe had 17 points and 5 rebs. Daniela Tovagliari stopped on 15 pts. Chile had impressive first and last quarter of this game. They drained 30 points in the first ten minutes, while on other side they stopped Uruguay to just 13. Second frame was totally leveled 16-16 meaning that the hosts kept 17-point lead until the half time. Third frame was pretty leveled as well, but still Chile finished it with 18-17. Last ten minutes were just the formality and Uruguay gave up on this game. Chile had no mercy for them ending Q4 with 32-17 for 96-63 victory at the end. Chile will meet Venezuela today and the winner will finish as No.5.

Preliminary Round is over in Santiago (Day Three)  - Aug. 13, 2010 
Group A
Chile - Argentina 75-82
Argentina ended Preliminary Round in Santiago with the perfect 2-0 record. After win against Paraguay in Day One, Argentina outplayed the hosts Chile for the first place in Group A. It means that Argentina will meet Colombia in the Semifinals. Chile (0-2) failed to reach the next stage and they will continue in Classification Games for 5th to 7th place. Erica Sanchez (182-F/C-76) stepped up for the winners with 28 points and 8 rebounds. With valuation 28 she was the MVP of this meeting. Florencia Fernandez (190-C-86) added 19 points and 5 rebs, while Paula Reggiardo (84) helped with 14 pts. For the hosts, Tatiana Gomez (193-C-81) collected 18 points and 6 rebounds. Ziomara Morrison (193-C-89) had 17 pts and 5 rebs. Argentina was better team at the beginning as they made 15-20 lead in the first ten minutes. Chile improved after that, but still was not able to come closer. Second quarter finished 21-21 meaning that Argentina was five points up at the halftime. Question about the winner is resolved in third period, when Argentina made 18-28. There was ten minutes left after that and Chile had no chance. Semifinals, as well as first classification games, will be played on Friday.
Group B
Brazil - Venezuela 107-37
Another great performance for Brazil in Santiago. This time they smashed Venezuela 107-37 ending the Preliminary Round as No.1 of Group B with perfect 3-0 record. It means that Brazil will meet Paraguay in the Semifinals. Venezuela failed to reach the next stage as they dropped to third place (1-2) after this defeat and they will play for position No.5 in Santiago. Nadia Gomes (193-C-89) top-scored in Brazil with 16, while Palmira Marcal (178-G-84) followed her with one point less. Damiris Dantas (192-C-92) (5 rebs) and Alessandra Santos (200-C-73) (5 rebs) helped with 11 points each. Venezuela didn't have anyone with double-digits in scoring. Their best player was Cleyder Blanco with 8 points. Brazil opened this meeting with 20-11 in the first quarter and they destroyed Venezuela for the next ten minutes. Nadia Gomes and her teammates drained 30 points in Q2, while limiting their rivals to 7. At that time it was already clear that Venezuela will not have a chance. Second half was just the formality and Brazil made 28-12, plus 29-7 to close this meeting. Semifinals are scheduled for Friday. Venezuela will continue on Saturday in the game for fifth place and their rival will be Uruguay or Chile.

Colombia - Uruguay 79-61
Colombia cruised past Uruguay 79-61 for the crucial win in Preliminary Round. With this victory, Colombia jumped to second place in Group B (2-1) and reached the Semifinals of South American Championship 2010. Their rival will be Argentina. On the other side, Uruguay finished this stage winless (0-3) and they will continue in Classification Games for 5th to 7th place. Yaneth Arias (188-F-82) shined for the winners with 26 points. Erika Valek (168-G-82, college: Purdue) scored 19 points and handed out 8 assists, while Mabel Martinez (176-F-86) added 13 pts and 5 boards. Daniela Tovagliari responded with 16 points in defeat, while Florencia Somma had 14 pts and 5 rebs. Except of third, all other quarters belonged to Colombia. They exploded offensively at the beginning for 28-20 in the first ten minutes. Yaneth Arias was on fire and she paced her team to 22-15 in the second frame, so Colombia was huge 50-35 up at the halftime. Uruguay improved after the breather (13-14), but they needed a way more in order to come closer. Colombia didn't let them to do that and finished this game with 16-12 in Q4. Semifinals and first Classification Games are scheduled for Friday afternoon.

Day Two in Santiago  - Aug. 12, 2010 
Group A
Chile - Paraguay 88-99
Paraguay grabbed the first win in Santiago. After defeat in Day One against Argentina, Paraguay managed to beat the host of this event 88-99. This could be enough for the Semifinals, in case that Argentina beats Chile in Round Three. Paola Ferrari (178-G/F-85) exploded in this game with 48 points and 9 assists. Of course, she was the MVP as she reached amazing valuation 42. Claudia Aponte (170-G-91) helped Paraguay with 21 points and 6 boards, while Heidy Closs (G/F) added 11 pts. For the home side, Valentina Aragonese (173-F-79) delivered 23 points. Tatiana Gomez (193-C-81) shined with double-double of 21 points and 19 rebs. Paraguay did a great job in the first quarter and it could be the main reason of this victory. Paola Ferarri was on fire and she paced her team to 16-30 in the first ten minutes. The hosts improved after that, but still Q2 also belonged to Paraguay (14-15). Both teams were great offensively after the breather and the hosts won Q3 with 28-25, but they needed a way more. Paraguay was good in the last ten minutes keeping the safe distance until the end. In Day Three, Chile will meet Argentina and they will need a miracle in order to reach the next stage in Santiago. Paraguay finished Preliminary Round with 1-1.
Group B
Brazil - Colombia 94-53
Brazil shined once again in Santiago. They destroyed Uruguay in Day One, and on Wednesday afternoon registered another easy win. This time Colombia faced with strong Brazil suffering big 94-53 loss. It means that Brazil is currently the leading team of Group B with 2-0 record, while Colombia dropped to 1-1. Fernanda Neves Beling (186-F-82) paced the winners with 13 points. Silvia Gustavo (182-F-82) (7 rebs) and Damiris Dantas (192-C-92) (6 rebs) helped with 12 points each. In defeat, Tathiana Mosquera (195-C-89) delivered 16 points. Their second scorer was Mabel Martinez (176-F-86) with 7 pts. Brazil dominated during the entire game. They made impressive 28-10 in the first ten minutes and continued with 22-7 in Q2. At the halftime it was already clear that Colombia will face with huge loss. Fernanda Neves Beling didn't slow down after the breather and they created 24-17 in third quarter for 40-point lead with 10:00 to go. Last ten minutes were just the formality and Brazil celebrated another easy win. In Day Three, Brazil will meet Venezuela and the winner of this game will most probably finish as No.1. Colombia will play against Uruguay and they need a win in order to reach the next stage.

Uruguay - Venezuela 69-72
Venezuela escaped with 69-72 victory against Uruguay to stay alive in Santiago. It was the first win for Venezuela, who will have to beat Brazil in the last day of Preliminary Round in order to reach the next stage. That could be the mission impossible as Brazil has a powerful team and is in great shape at this event. Uruguay dropped to 0-2 and they have no chance to advance. Yosimar Corrales (G-90) stepped up for the winners with 21 points and 9 rebounds. Ofelia Villarroel (174-G-78, college: Oklahoma) had 20 points and 7 boards, while Cleyder Blanco (C-90) added 12 points and 9 rebs. In Uruguay, Maria Pereyra netted 19 points. Daniela Tovagliari had five less than her. Venezuela played great second and third quarter, so mostly owing to that they celebrated this victory. Uruguay opened the game better making 19-15 lead in the first ten minutes. Yosimar Corrales woke up after that replying with 13-25 in the second frame. It means that Venezuela was 32-40 up at the halftime and they were good in Q3 as well making plus 12. Uruguay desperately needed a run and they made it in the last quarter, but Venezuela players were strong enough to fend off those attempts and to keep plus 3-pts until the end. In Day Three, Venezuela will meet Brazil. Uruguay will play against Colombia.

Day One in Santiago  - Aug. 11, 2010 
Group A
Argentina - Paraguay 97-69
Argentina demonstrated great performance in Day One of the South American Championship for Women. They blasted Paraguay for 1-0 record in Group A. Beside these two teams, third participant of the same pool is Chile. Florencia Fernandez (190-C-86) and Mariana Cava (168-G-85) scored 20 points each for the winners. They pulled down 8 and 5 rebounds respectively. Erica Sanchez (182-F/C-76) was third scorer in victory with 15 points. On the other side, Paola Ferrari (178-G/F-85) shined with 33 points and 8 boards. Claudia Aponte (170-G-91) followed them with 15 pts. Argentina opened the game in style. They smashed Paraguay in the first ten minutes with 30-11. Second quarter belonged to Paraguay 16-19, but they needed a way more in order to get closer. Florencia Fernandez and her teammates exploded after the breather once again as they created 28-17 for plus 27. Question about the winner was resolved and last ten minutes were just the formality. Argentina will have a day-off on Wednesday. Paraguay will meet Chile.
Group B
Venezuela - Colombia 61-68
Colombia had to work very hard in order to beat Venezuela in Day One in Santiago. Tathiana Mosquera (195-C-89) was a key player in victory with 28 points and 6 rebounds. She reached valuation 21 and was the MVP of this meeting. The second scorer in victory was Yaneth Arias (188-F-82) with 16 pts, while Mabel Martinez (176-F-86) followed with 9 points and 6 boards. In the loosing squad, Roselis Silva (G-91) collected 19 points and 6 boards. Cleyder Blanco (C-90) (6 rebs) and Ofelia Villarroel (174-G-78, college: Oklahoma) (9 rebs) added 12 and 10 points respectively. Colombia 1-0, Venezuela 0-1 in Group B. Participants of the same pool are also Uruguay and Brazil. Colombia was way better team in the first quarter. Tathiana Mosquera was on fire and she helped her team to make 10-21 lead in the first ten minutes. Venezuela finished Q2 with 12-10 and third frame with 22-17, but still Colombia was 4-points up. They were pretty good in the last ten minutes (17-20), what was enough for 61-68 win in Day One. In Day Two in Santiago, Colombia will meet Brazil. Venezuela will take Uruguay.

Brazil - Uruguay 120-43
Brazil had a joyful day one in Santiago. They destroyed Uruguay with huge 120-43 for 1-0 record in Group B. Other participants of this pool are Venezuela and Colombia. Damiris Dantas (192-C-92) stepped up for Brazil with 18 points and 5 rebounds. Helen Santos Luz (176-G-72) and Palmira Marcal (178-G-84) netted 12 points each, while Natalia Mares Burian (163-G-84) added one less. Uruguay didn't have anyone with double-digits in scoring. Maria Pereyra was their best player with 9 points. Brazil dominated in all basketball segments against Uruguay. They started with 31-8 in the first ten minutes and it was already clear that Uruguay will not have a chance. Damiris Dantas and her teammates created 26-14 in the second frame for plus 35-point lead at the halftime. They continued in the same rhythm after the breather making 35-10 in Q3 and 28-11 in the last quarter for the final 120-43 blowout. In Day Two in Santiago, Brazil will meet Colombia. Uruguay will play against Venezuela. Two best teams from this group will advance to Semifinals.

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